Cecelia Raven Nightray

I Don't Believe In Violence, But You Are Pissing Me Off!

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a character in “Kokon High School Academy of SA”, as played by Bani


"I Don't Believe In Violence, But You Are Pissing Me Off!"

Full Name: Cecelia Raven Nightray

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Cecelia is kind, offering help for anything and everything, but she's distant at the same time, preferring to avoid people and stay immersed within books, paintings, music and her other hobbies, which include, but are not limited to, embroidery, origami, cooking, rock collecting and gardening. The real reason behind this is that she can be extremely shy around new people.
She's a very spirited girl, living in the moment, but doesn't like to bring too much attention to herself, as that tends to bring responsibilities with it, and she hates being tied down by anything, including others' expectations from her. She's determined, curious and absorbs every experience she comes upon.
She's also very frank, but her understanding nature usually ensures that she doesn't say a truth that would hurt someone if it can be avoided. She hates it when people tell her what to do or call her a 'puppet' and tends to be sarcastic to them. She also hates violence, but will use it readily if she feels it to be necessary.
She has severe mood swings that often reverse her personality completely.

Voice Intonation: Low, but clear voice that carries. Neither too shrill nor too husky.

Hair Colour: Black (though it appears brown in the picture, that's because of the lighting)

Eye Colour: Lilac

● She has lots of hobbies.
●She knows a lot of languages and loves to learn new ones, plus she loves soft things to the point of obsession.
● She hates eating anything except spiced fruits and skips dinner for days on end till she collapses.
● Despite her apparent bookworm-ness, she is quite enthusiastic about outdoor sports as well.
● Cecelia follows the rules that are reasonable according to her, but thinks nothing of breaking the ones she dims are unreasonable.

What Stands Out about You?: Her long hair that's tied in two pigtails, her sudden mood swings.

Appearance Description: Long raven hair almost always tied into pigtails, lilac eyes. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall and of petite build.

"I don't believe in violence, but you piss me off!"
"Cuuuute!" or "Soft!"
" .... and I should care because...?"
"...too loud..."
"Just call me Ellie."

Favorite Genre of Music: She listens to anything that catches her attention, but she especially loves music that has a haunting rhythm to it.

Favorite Food: Spiced Fruits.


●Being looked down upon
●Being patronised

Powers: ●She can 'contact' the spirit world and borrow their power for a while. The most common form she uses them in is kamaitachi (inflicting wounds without any apparent physical contact.) Another way to use their power is she can sense the 'ambiance of a place' and affect it if she produces emotions powerful enough - but this is rare since the kind of emotions needed to influence it is exhaustive to fake.
●If she breathes a little of her own life force into an origami she made, it comes alive. But since it requires a little bit of her own blood as well, she rarely ever uses this.

Species: Human-Demon hybrid.

Crush: Eh? N-no!


What you Do for Fun?
●Go to the library
●Go for a walk
●Curl up in my room with a good book, headphones, spiced fruits and a super-soft blanket!
●Indulge in one of my several hobbies.

History: TBU.

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