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Akira Tanaka

"Why is it that many feel as if being perfect is what's most important?"

0 · 360 views · located in Tokyo ; Japan

a character in “Kokoro”, originally authored by ShadowedxLove, as played by RolePlayGateway


Akira Tanaka


Name: Akira Tanaka

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3

Weight: 103lbs

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Nationality: Japanese and Italian

Romantic Interest: SHe liked Yuki Kioku before his amnesia but now she's not sure what to feel about him anymore.

Job: Waitress at a cafe

School: High School


Personality: She is strong-willed but also secretive. Akira has issues with the way she looks but despite this hates putting on too much make-up. She is kind-hearted to her friends and even some acquaintances but if angered she can do a whole change and become defensive and violent very quick. Akira cares about her friends and is protective of them but still keeps them in the dark about her past and current home life.

Oddities: Akira has issues with her apperance and self-esteem so she is easily hurt about that topic and about many things particularly her past and home life and may become suddenly cold and distant when it comes to speaking about that.

Music (A lot)
Composing music
Writing lyrics
Kind-hearted people
Helping others

Cruelty to people
Too much violence
Bringing up her past too much
Snobby people
Cruel people

Too many people finding out about the things that happened to her and how she lives now

playing the piano

She tends to have insecurities about herself but also finds it hard to open up completely to people. Akira is her worst critic but also purposely distant at times for fear of being hurt.

Playing piano
Writing lyrics


Bio: Akira was born to a Japanese father and an Italian woman. Her father was happily married but had an affair with another woman. He got the other woman pregnant and was forced to pay for what Akira needed but truly her mother used the money for herself. Akira saw her father a few times but he'd insult her and spitefully say how he hated her and that he'd never love her. Akira's mother had several boyfriends come around but none stayed for long and each time a new one came around Akira would be neglected more than usual. Akira's step-mother began abusing her verbally and physically, insulting her and smacking her around while her father watched and did nothing. Her step-mother hated her as did her father and had told her often how she deserved the abuse and that it was her fault and she has begun believing in that.

Akira's mother had abandoned her a few times as she got older to go elsewhere with one of her boyfriends. Her mother cared more about her social life than her and therfore barely spoke to her when she was home. Akira grew used to being alone and also to the environment in her dad's house. Akira still lives with her mother who is now an alcoholic and would rather have a drink than greet her daughter she also is frequently forced to visit her father and endure her step-mother's abuse. Akira is good at hiding the bruises and lying about them if they're visible. She has also grown to have a hatred towards her parents and doesn't talk about them much. Both of her parents have called her things like "an ugly slut" or "a worthless excuse for a human" and she had developed self-esteem issues. Despite her troubles she still tries to be strong and has even made friends but hasn't ever told anyone about her troubles at home.

Other: Akira gets into fights at school and has a reputation at school and around town for that.

Relationships: n/a

Character Thoughts On Others:
Mika Walker: "Sweet and doesn't seem afraid to tell it like it is. I think she's a good friend."

Hana Keiko Yukimura: "Violent, energenic but a good friend and that I like."

Naoto Suzumi: "I think he's more nonchalant than anthing but I think theres more to him than that."

Kisa Yamada: "To others she may seem childish but I think she's a sweet girl who others misunderstand as nothing but childish but as a friend of hers I don't mind at all how she is."

Suki Nakamura: "Kind girl that seems more calm than anything but from the time of me being her friend she has surprised me a few times. SHe doesn't seem like the type of person to blatantly hurt someone at all and I like that in a friend."

Zane Aria Shinto:"A sweet guy trying to be a badass but he just seems like he's trying too hard to guard himself. He's a coward in my eyes and from what I once knew him as once before he's changed into someone distasteful. Its as if he's trying so hard to put on this charade for his own reasons and puts others down to make himself feel bigger. Classic bully only done worse. I honestly think he's sure one to talk about someone''s flaws when we all have skeletons in the closet and I don't bother to listen to a word he says."

Hotaru Quo:"Someone who may seem confusing but I for some reason don't feel that way. I think others misunderstand him as being anti-social but really I think he's a good friend either way."

Hinata Izo Setsuna:"A guy with a short fuse but I don't think he's always that way. Very stylish but also won't take crap from anyone which is a good thing."

Yuki Kioku: "He reminds me of myself in some ways and thats why I think I can relate to him on some level as a friend."

So begins...

Akira Tanaka's Story


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Akira woke up with a jolt when the sudden sound of shattering glass was heard throughout the house. She rolled her eye and sighed as got out of bed. She had soon showered, brushed her teeth and did her hair up in in long ponytail before getting dressed. Once heading downstairs she was greeted with the sight of her mother passed out. Akira shook her head slightly before heading outside. To her anything was better than being home with that wretched woman. Akira decided to head for the park it'd be a way to clear her head for right now andprovide an outlet for her for the time being at least. On her way she passed someone that genuninely shocked her. 'Its been a long time since I've seen Zane.' she thought. Akira was tempted to spark up a conversation with him but decided against it as now may not have been a good time.