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Hana Keiko Yukimura

"Mock me and we'll see who's laughing when you're coughing up a lung."

0 · 742 views · located in Tokyo ; Japan

a character in “Kokoro”, as played by MissBrightside_




Name: Hana Keiko Yukimura
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 118lbs
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: Half Japanese || Half American
Romantic Interest: None, at the moment.
Job: 'Amako's chokorato' || It was the only part-time job she could get last minute, if anyone laughs at her for working there, she promptly punches them in the throat.
School: High school


Hana's a tough girl, to say the least. She's an excellent fighter and if she feels people are being too annoying or ignorant will give them a firm thump to dissuade them from saying anything else stupid/offensive.
Many people find it hard to approach her in fear that she'll hurt them but if they are brave enough, they'll find she's actually extremely loyal and would do anything for a friend, within reason.
Growing up with only males resulted in her taking on their general demeanor (that being said, not all boys act this way).

Her anger is something that she finds difficult to control because of the many years she suppressed it but Hana also refuses to admit she has anger management issues, referring to what she has as the person she's hitting's fault, "If they're going to be a moron, I'm going to have to hurt them."

★Anger issues: Many people say that Hana has anger problems, those people also end up being punched in the gut - What a coincidence.

✔Being in charge

✘Gullible people
✘People laughing at her

☠Coulrophobia (fear of clowns): "I don't see how people aren't be scared of clowns. They're terrifying."
☠Acrophobia (fear of heights): "D-Don't look down."
☠Aviophobia or Aviatophobia (fear of flying): "Even worse than heights because not only are you a zillion kilometers in the air, but you're also trapped in a metal box with a bunch of strangers."

❤Boxing (but also sports in general): "Let's play, but this is a warning - I'm going to kick your butt."
❤Academics: "I do what I can to make my dad proud."
❤Playing the bass: "I started learning the bass to make my dad proud but actually, I love it."

☹Brutal honesty: "Look, if you're going to ask me a question, don't get all annoyed when I answer honestly."
☹Violence: "I know I'm violent and then tends to draw people away."

✿Playing the bass


Hana's mother died giving birth to her and so she grew up in a house dominated by men.
Because she had no one else to look after her, her brother's would take her along to all their sport practices with them, one being boxing.
Liking the look of the sport so much, Hana decided to join with them and soon was able to overpower her brothers without much difficulty.
Her strength surprised her father but nevertheless he booked her more intense training lessons, so that she could develop her skill even faster than she already was.
Many people thought her weird, a girl into boxing? It just wasn't common where she lived.

Growing up wasn't the easiest, she could see how her father was trying but she could also see how he was devastated and Hana only wishes that she had died rather than her mother.
She would do anything she could to make her father proud, excelling at all subjects in school while learning the bass and continuing with her boxing practice.
She would bring home many medals and he would put on a happy face, joining in with the congratulations her brothers gave her but Hana could tell he was still hurting, it wasn't an easy thing to go through.
At least if she had died, it wouldn't have been so bad, sure they would be sad but they would have hardly known her, just an un-named baby. That's nothing compared to a beautiful, kind woman whom had a family that loved her.
She just couldn't handle it, but instead of going suicidal, Hana handled her grief differently. She became tougher and put up a guard against the world, never once telling anyone of her past.
If they ever asked her, she would immediately hit them on the head and tell them off for being so nosy.

Her strength was the only thing that kept her from the rest of the world.

Other: Hana has two snakes (slasher and ripper) and a dog named spike whom isn't nearly as tough as she wanted him to be, in fact he's a complete softy.
Many people find the names of her pets worrying.

Mother - Miranda (deceased) - Hana never got to know her mother as she died giving birth to her.

Father - Taichi (alive) - Hana is very close to her father and usually tells him anything, around him she is much softer than she usually is and would be devastated if anything happened to him. Although, she also feels guilty when around him, like it were her fault her mother died.

Brothers - Kouki & Minoru (alive) - Hana loves her brothers incredibly but they definitely get on her nerves a lot of the time. She uses the fact that they are twins to annoy them and purposely call them the wrong names.

Character Thoughts On Others:

So begins...

Hana Keiko Yukimura's Story