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Hinata Izo Setsuna


0 · 247 views · located in Tokyo ; Japan

a character in “Kokoro”, as played by Leej10100


Hinata Izo Setsuna


Hinata Izo Setsuna | "Yes, this is my given name. I was named Hinata, because when I was born the sun was shining brightly in the sky. Izo, because my Mother wanted me to have some sign that I am my Father's son, besides my features. Finally Setsuna, my Mother's maiden name, I changed it to this since I don't want any relation to my Father."

19 | "Go ahead. I dare you to say something."

โ™‚ | "...I'm not even going to say anything."

5'3'' | "Shut up! Don't call me shorty!"

115lbs | "Don't be fooled. I eat cake ten times a day."

Sexual Orientation:
Bisexual | "You have a complaint?"

Half German & Half Japanese | "My Mother is Japanese and my Father is German. It was my Mother who raised me, since my Father was always away on business trips. Once my Mother died, I was sent to live with my Father and his mistress. I now live on my own, the house was provided by my Father hoping it would prevent me and him from having any farther connection with each other."

Romantic Interest:
N/A | "What's the point of having someone to love, if you are unable to give them the love they desire?"

Professional Model & Clothes Designer | "Yes, I'm a Model and a Clothes Designer. I have an alternate identity for both, since I'm trying to keep both a secret from everyone especially my Friends and Family. I work at a local bar as a part-timer to cover up my tracks. Still I don't know how long this will last, till someone figures it out."

College | "Just because I have money doesn't mean I don't need an education."


"Why should I change for you?"

Hinata hates it when others refer to him as cute, adorable, or make fun of how short he is, compared to other man his age. He usually gives them a death glare,and silently cusses them out, but if you are a friend he gives you some freedom. Despite his small size ,Hinata is very feisty and short tempered, he doesn't forgive easily and takes things personally. He is an egocentric, but a very stylish person, it is proven he is tougher than the average man, from his past experiences as a gang leader.

Hinata has a very up-beat personality which usually causes others to run out of breath trying to keep up with him. Hinata enjoys being spoiled by others, even though he doesn't show it on the outside. He is very protective over the people he cares about, despite his egocentric qualities.

He carries a great deal of responsibility even though it doesn't seem that way, he constantly worries about the fact he might not be his Father's real son, even though that would be a good thing... Also because of his...condition. Since Hinata was born he's had a heart condition which whenever anything excites him or he over-exerts himself he has a chance of passing out or going into an attack, which could lead to sudden death on the spot. Because of that he's been stuck in a hospital bed for most of his childhood, these were the years Hinata had despised with a passion, even more than the years he lived with his Father and his Mistress. During the time in the hospital, he remembers the times he would lay in his bed and secretly cry, cursing himself about the state of his body. Though on the outside he insists he is fine and acts very energetic, you would never guess how messed up he is inside. His doctor tells Hinata he has only at the most one more year to live unless he gets a heart transplant, which Hinata refuses to get. Even with these set backs he still goes on with his life as a professional model by the name of Akiyo and a Fashion Designer by the name of Hana.

ยฐ Heart Disease | "Even though I'm going to die...I don't want to fix my heart...why is that?"
ยฐ Staring | "I don't think its weird to imagine what clothes would look good on a person."
ยฐ Eating | "I think its quite normal to eat ten cakes a day."

โœ” Cake | "I think we have fully established my abnormal slight obsession with cakes."
โœ” Fashion | "It ranges from simple clothing to accessories to hair and makeup...Don't worry I don't wear makeup...does nail polish count?"
โœ” Pictures | "So what? I like it when others take pictures of me."
โœ” Aoki | "My adorable little brother. We are really just half brothers, but I love him the same as if he was my full brother."
โœ” Mother | "I love her with all my heart, and no one can change that."
โœ” Nail Polish | "I love the different colors and multiple designs you can make with just a few colors."
โœ” Cute Things | "I don't know why, but whenever I see something cute I just want to hug it."

โœ˜ Father | "This man should just go and die in a pit."
โœ˜ Spicy Food | "I can't handle it, it's just to hot."
โœ˜ Crybabies | "I'm sorry,but I can't handle people who cry all the time. Get over yourselves!"
โœ˜ People Who Judge | "Sorry, but I don't like people who judge others just because they like something different than you."
โœ˜ Snow | "It reminds me of the day my Mother left."
โœ˜ My Heart | "I hate the fact that I'm not strong."
โœ˜ My Past | "Don't ask. Don't Talk about. Don't even try to figure it out."

Death | "I don't want to die,but..."
Blood | "Yes, I can't take blood. I'll pass out if I see it."

Making Clothing
Designing Clothes
Doing Makeup
Doing Hair
Taking care of Children
Making Drinks

Has a short Temper
His Heart
Very Loud
Can be rude

Designing and Making Clothes
Making and Creating Drinks
Dressing people up


Bio: (Go all out! Stress it insanely if you'd like!)

Very often his little brother comes over to his house, because he hates being at the man house.

Izo Tsubasa | Father | Alive
Aoki | Half Brother | Alive
Lena Tsubasa | Step-Mother | Alive
Sora Setsuna | Mother | Dead
Character Thoughts On Others:

So begins...

Hinata Izo Setsuna's Story