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Mika Nitz


0 · 258 views · located in Tokyo ; Japan

a character in “Kokoro”, originally authored by Mashotu, as played by RolePlayGateway


Mika Nitz


Name: Mika Nitz
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 140lb
Sexual Orientation:Gay
Nationality: French
Romantic Interest: Hotaru Quo
Job: Waiter at a cafe
School: High school~ Senior


Personality: Mika will always be seen with a smile. He's always looking for the good in things and people. When someone's had a shitty day, he can find the most bizarre silver linings. He does necessarily like being the center of attention, but doesn't mind it if he is. He's actually attracted towards the weird/odd/different people/things. Like his pet bird doesn't like to talk. And it's a parrot.
Oddities: Ambidextrous, photographic memory
Likes: Having fun, smiling, cooking, baking
Dislikes: Being stuck inside all day, rain, and his mother
Fears: High places
Talents: Cooking~ He's an amazing chef
Flaws: Has a long scar running up his side
Hobbies: ~See talents~


Bio: Mika was born into a relatively wealthy family. But when his father died, his grandparents wanted nothing to do with them because they had never approved of their son's wife. So his mother moved them all away to the place they are now. It wasn't long before she was showing signs a craziness. They (His sister and him) ignored this because they still needed a mother. She was finally sent to a mental hospital after she attacked Mika with a knife, which ended with him have to get over 100 stitches and a long scar up his side. He works as a waiter to help pay for house bills alone with his sister who's only two years younger then him. But he at least twice her hours.
Other: N/A
Relationships: His little sister: Mimi: Alive
Father: Felix: deceased
Mother: Nana: Alive
Character Thoughts On Others:

So begins...

Mika Nitz's Story


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#, as written by Mashotu
"Come on Mimi. Time to wake up" Mika called outside his younger sister's door.
"I'm sleeping!" She called back.
Mika rolled his eyes, "Oh really now. Then I guess you wont get those cinnamon rolls I made~"
Suddenly her door busted open, and out came a girl: blond poofy hair that had yet to be tamed, bags under sleepy yet determined eyes, and only in a tank top and boys boxer shorts.

"You stole my boxers again." Mika said, "I thought I told you I'd buy you PJ pants if you needed them.
"I only took them 'cause they're comfy and my clothes are in the wash." Mimi said, running her fingers through unruly hair, "Plus, we don't have the money to get new things. And don't you dare say you'll work more hours. You already work twice my hours, get no sleep, and still go to school! You're going to drop dead one day!"

"Whatever, just go eat." Mika said, pushing his way past her to his room, "And make sure you get dress this time before leaving the house!"
"Shut up!" She said as she went into the kitchen.

Mika smiled and walked into his bedroom so he could get ready for work.
He left the house thirty minutes later. He passed by the park that no one went to anymore and heard music being played. He looked at a bench and say a boy there with a guitar. "He's actually pretty good." Mika said out loud.


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Mika Walker

"How about you do me a favor and answer my question?"

Mika heard a voice behind her as she turned around, and saw a blonde haired young man in front of her. For a while, she just stared, probably seeming to be rude or strange, but it was because she had thoughts going through her head, 'He... looks like someone I used to know back then... Who was that again? But I do think I've seen him... somewhere before... haven't I?'

She snapped out of her dazing a moment later and immediately answering with her default smile, "Y-yes? What would that be?" She asked. Mika first began to think it was about the orphanage or something since she just came there and was still a bit close to the building, but apparently, that didn't seem to be the case.

"Who... are you?"

"Hmm?" She looked at the person standing in front of her with a confused, yet curious face. Mika saw that no one else was in the area, seeing how rarely anyone would visit an orphanage, and figured that he was talking to her. She wasn't the type of shrug off any questions, even to a strange, so she just answered, "A-ah, Mika, Mika Walker. Nice to meet you." She gave a slight bow of respect as she always did, but then after raising her head, she asked slowly, "Though... if you wouldn't mind me asking, why so curious all of a sudden? I don't recall us ever meeting before..."

Half of that was slightly a lie because she had a strange feeling about the stranger who she was talking to, but then again, the memory felt so hazy that it also felt as if it was just a hallucination or something she felt very uncertain of, and perhaps it was, but she couldn't shake off the unusual feeling, so she couldn't hesitate to ask.

Naota Suzumi

After writing down a few more notes into his music, he pulled up his guitar again, and took another deep breath, beginning to play a different chord and a different tone to it. Since he didn't feel the last song would do well, he decided to ignore it for now, and instead, brought up a new sheet he just began to scribble down lyrics.

(Again, another song name Kimi no Me wo)

One by one, I gathered
the sounds you liked to hear
though the sounds by themselves, really
hurt my ears so much it was unbearable

I’ll stop playing the guitar I started strumming yesterday for a while
I was just trying to copy the sounds of the CD I borrowed from you

So, just as I thought, to keep you from knowing
I can’t shut it away
From the chord that’s about to be flooded
Another’s smell leaks out

Ah, it’s become yet another song with the same ambience

It’s not anything else, it’s a song
Made to capture “your eyes” and your attention
That’s why this song seems so much
Like that artist that you like

“There’s no twist” “There’s no charm”
Go on, I don’t care, even if you speak ill of me
It’s alright. For now, all I want
Are your eyes looking right here, at me.

But right afterwards, he sighed and let his head hang before he thought to himself, 'What am I saying... People already stare at me enough in public... Ah... who was I singing about just then though...' He just had the person who he was singing about in his head, but after he stopped, the image just disappeared like a dream.

Then he felt as if eyes were watching him as he turned and looked around. Strangely, there were more people at the park than usual, since he saw a tall blonde man, a teenager with brown hair, another with white hair, and a girl playing with her dog, "So many people..." He murmured.


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Character Portrait: Mika Nitz
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#, as written by Mashotu
Mika eventually made his way to work and put his apron on. It shockingly wasn't busy, but that didn't really matter as long as some people actually showed up.
He looked over at the baker who was doing a terrible job with the pastries but said nothing. Last time he did he was almost fired since he's Mika's boss.

As a few people wandered in he gracefully walked over to them and started his daily routine for the day.