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Naota Suzumi

"What's wrong with me? I don't know. Why do people like me? I don't know either."

0 · 333 views · located in Tokyo ; Japan

a character in “Kokoro”, as played by リンーちゃん


Naota Suzumi


Name: Naota Suzumi
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 166
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Nationality: Completely Japanese
Romantic Interest: Had none, has none.
Job: He's a professional singer, but during his free time, he works part time job at a bakery.
School: College


Personality: Naota is someone who shows little emotion, keeping it all bottled up inside, including his thoughts. He's not one to claim what he wants, or what he likes very often, and when he does, it's almost always with a straight face. But what he will declare without hesitation is what he doesn't like. Strange right? He calls it the truth, but it really pushes people away from him if they don't understand what the true intentions of his words were.
It's not that he doesn't care for people and things, it's just that he doesn't show it. He actually cares for a lot of things, and probably cares for them greatly but he has such trouble expressing himself that it's impossible for him to get out the right words, usually ending up with hurting a friend, or hurting someone else. You'll rarely see him smile as often as an average person would, but if he were to show any signs of emotion, it'd usually be embarrassment or surprise.
The only way Naota is able to express himself clearly is either when he's around someone he trusts over everyone else, working his part time job at the bakery, or singing a certain song he is able to relate to. Naota does have friends, yes, but he'd have trouble saying what he thinks to even his best friend if they don't pull the right cards on him. He's also very open at the bakery. They're mostly older people, around their adult years or early elder, but he enjoys being with them most besides his friends. Singing is something he does as a job, a professional job really, so he has to make up his own songs, and usually, if someone were to listen close enough, they'd easily hear what he was thinking or feeling at the time.

Oddities: Suicidal Thoughts - He doesn't know why he has them because his childhood and life is and was great (Kinda...). He likes his life, but at the same times, he's always wondered terrible things like 'What would happen if I was hit by a car...' or 'How would people react if I jumped off a building and died...' It's dark thoughts, that for sure, but he knows he'll never do it, just that he's always had his mind on it, almost 24/7.

~Cats "Nya."
~Music "It's my job and it helps me get things out that I would never be able to say..."
~The bakery "My part time job is somewhere where people don't recognize me as the popular singer... they see me as Naota, and only as Naota."
~Sleep "I don't get it very often from writing my music... so when I do, it's like a privilege, or luxury."
~His family "My sister... my father... my mother... I really do love them all... if they were still with me..."

~Loudness besides music "If it's not music, and it's loud, I don't think I'll like it."
~Arguing "I'll just go with what you say even though you're wrong..."
~Not being able to express himself "I really do want people to know what I'm thinking... but I guess only my music can speak for me."

~Monophobia "Being alone isn't something I like. I enjoy groups, even though many don't see that..."
~Phronemophobia "I can't help it. I'm afraid of what other people will think of me, and how they think of me."
~Achluophobia "Does being afraid of the dark sound childish?"

~Singing "It's my professional hobby and job. I have to be good at it if it's going to be what I make a living off of."
~Getting along with animals "I seem to attract them to me without me even trying...."
~Sleeping "Once I fall asleep, wait from 10-12 hours before waking me up again, because I won't if you wake me up earlier."

~Emotionless "I really do feel, and I'm being honest here for once. I just can't express myself like most people can."
~Sleepy "I'm tired. Tired. Tired. Tired. Just let me skip work for a day and sleep..."

~Music/Singing "How can I have a job that I have to practice for that isn't my hobby...?"
~Cooking "Baking is the right way to put it since I work part time in a bakery..."
~Working "I do it almost 24/7, without even knowing sometimes."


Bio: Naota grew up living with both his parents and his younger adoptive sister who was a foreign American. He, even as a child, was always quiet and barely spoke to anyone other than his family. He still showed little emotion, even around them, but he was more open and trusting to them than anyone else, especially his younger sister. She was six years younger than him, there being a gigantic age gap between the two, but they always got along rather than fighting like cats and dogs. He also looked up to his father who was in the military. He never came home as often, but Naota didn't mind because he knew his dad was working hard and that he had to do what he had to do. Naota finally respected his mother, who was a very stubborn and strict woman, but cared for her family more than her work which was dealing with precise business.
Life was great living with them, and Naota enjoyed it a lot. He had only a few friends at school, but they were trustworthy and cared for him just like his family did. Everything was going completely fine until his sister began to get bullied.
It was expected actually, because some foreigners weren't really accepted by all the people at school, but his sister was only in kindergarden and was getting picked on by older kids in his grade (elementary at the time). It was the first time Naota got into a fist fight, and it was violent, probably more than a high school one because he broke an arm, and gave the others kids serious injuries as well. Obviously, he was scolded for doing something so wrong, but he was forgiven in the end. His sister was constantly bullied, but he decided to stay back from then on because he knew he'd only get in more trouble with other people. It was kind of selfish, but his sister still forgave him in the end, and the two were very friendly with each other still.
Sadly, that all ended when his whole family, his mother and father and sister, got into a car crash to pick him up from his high school. He went into a stage of depression since then, for around a whole year. No matter what his friends said, no matter who talked to him, he couldn't get over it for a very long time. Yet that whole time, he didn't shed a single tear. This led to why he is so emotionless currently.
But after a little while of being alone and accepting what happened, he got over this wall and continued with his own life. He graduated from high school, leaving his friends behind, although it was a bit tough for him, and chose to go to a college to major in music since his family always enjoyed his singing most. A man liked his voice there, and offered to make him a professional singer, which he took and led to his current job.
Along the way though, he also chose to get a normal job at a bakery. There were only adults working there, no one his age or even close, but he was accepted and could smile and even laugh around them because they reminded him of his first family. No one understood that he was a professional singer, so he wasn't treated like a celebrity, which he liked most about them.
Naota had his first family, his mother, father, and sister, and then his second family, the workers at the bakery, and his final family which was his friends that he hadn't seen for such a long time because of his leaving for a different college, and the age differences between them all. When he heard about meeting up with them again, he actually felt really excited, even though the look on his face said otherwise.

Other: Naota has a cat of his own. He calls her Blanc because she's a white cat. He found Blanc one day when she was walking on his music during lunch hours which is when he decided to take her in. Naota also lives alone in a small apartment near his college.

Relationships: He thinks of mother and sister just about the same way. It's not because they're girls, but because they're quite similar. Although his mother was a hot headed woman, she shared one thing in common with his sister; a strong will. Naota looks up to his father as a role model. He doesn't know him too much because he's always working, but each time he visited home, he'd always pat his son on the head with a childish grin. If they were still alive, Naota would probably have opened up to them as well, but since they're gone, the only thing he does now is visit their grave on their birthday.

Character Thoughts On Others:

"How strange... They're all so... recognizable, as if we all met before... yet at the same time... they're like ghosts... people that never existed in my mind in the first place."

Akira Tanaka~ "She's a bit confusing in my opinion... but I can't say much. That'd be rude, and tiring, wouldn't it? She doesn't look like a bad girl though."

Mika Walker~ "...Hero...? Never heard of one... She's someone who I kind of want to be actually, to be able to be honest and state my thoughts that is."

Hana Keiko Yukimura~ "She's really violent... And I'm a bit afraid of her honestly, I don't want to get hurt, but whatever. I'll probably forget that she's violent over time."

Kisa Yamada~ "This girl looks quite bubbly to me, probably more than most people, especially for her age. I guess there's nothing wrong with that..."

Suki Nakamura~ "Stuttering... So much of it too.... She's really quiet and shy... She should open up some more to others..." (Says the loner)

Zane Aria Shinto~ "...I don't know what to say really... All I hear is swearing through my music."

Hotaru Quo~ "Quiet... he reminds himself of me actually... Huh... Though, I think I may have difficulties acting around him nevertheless... It's just my hunch..."

Hinata Izo Setsuna~ "An odd guy, from my point of view... I've seen him before, the shortie... right?"

Yuki Kioku~ "What... what am I supposed to say here...? He's cheerful one moment, then angry the other. I don't know what to think."

Mika Nitz~ "Smiles... smiles everywhere. He's a strange guy... and a foreigner too... Should I say anything else other than he smiles maybe a little too much?"

So begins...

Naota Suzumi's Story


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Mika Walker

"And stay out!" Mika yelled at the three older college students who were abusing the orphanage. Although it was only throwing rocks and staring at the children while teasing them on the side, she hated bullying over everything else in the world, and she loved the orphanage just as much as her friends and family, so she obviously wouldn't let that slide so easily.

The students backed off after getting a small lecture from Mika, and a small whip from the bamboo stick she used to protect others. Obviously she wouldn't hurt them, but it probably did sting quite a bit afterwards. She wasn't the type of person to hurt others unless completely necessary, and when it wasn't, just a pinch to get people back into order.

She let out a sigh once they scrambled away and walked back to the three children she always talked to and kneeled down to their height before asking, "Is everyone alright? They didn't hurt your or anything did you?"

"Uwah, Mika's such a cool hero!" The oldest boy, probably around the age or 7 or 8 said. His tone obviously told everyone he admired her.

"We're fine..." The girl in the center said with her head hanging low as she held onto her teddy bear tightly.

"You'll stop by again and protect us, right?" The younger boy asked who was beside the girl and across from his other friend.

"Of course!" Mika grinned, "Heros always come to the rescue, remember?" She asked before patting all three of them on the head, and standing up normally, beginning to walk away as she waved and said goodbye. In return, the three children also waved back before heading into the orphanage again for lunch.

"Hmm... what to do now..." She asked herself out loud, but then sighed a bit later, 'I wonder... where all my friends are right now... I don't think I've seen them in a while... and maybe a few others... Hopefully they're alright and living good lives...' She said, growing anxious that her friends from elementary and Jr. High were getting bullied or something.

Naota Suzumi

Naota sat at a bench, a bit close to a small stream that passed through the park he was near, but no one went to that park recently because there was a small crime around a few months ago. But Naota could care less about things like that. He always went to the park to find peace and quiet, and plus, it was a nice place to play some music.

In his hand was a guitar, and on his side was a pencil and a sheet of music with lyrics. He took the pencil into his hand and began to write a few things down, and crossed a few things off before setting it down again and taking a deep breath.

Naota stopped for a moment, looking around to see if anyone was in the area. Although he was a professional singer, he wasn't fond about holding live shows or anything because he wasn't exactly keen on singing in front of other people, so he liked to do it when he was alone, especially near the park.

"Alright..." He told himself, and took another deep breath before stroking the first chord on the guitar and starting.

(Heads up, this is a song taken from the internet name Imagination Forest because I was too lazy to make one up myself!)

"Hello," said summer breezing along
Through the window I let it on in
From somewhere outside along, those birds, were singing a song

A half-read book went down from my hand
With a smile, I asked, “From where do you come”
Already three, in the noon, my eyes, they were still in the dark.

The world’s not really all so strange.
There’s just me, the one that stands out.
Matters so grave that any who’d try, could never believe…

He stopped after slowing down, and paused before sighing, "Not good enough yet..." He grabbed the pencil again and continued to try and think of more lyrics and better chords, glancing here and there to make sure no one was in the area.


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#, as written by Mashotu
"Come on Mimi. Time to wake up" Mika called outside his younger sister's door.
"I'm sleeping!" She called back.
Mika rolled his eyes, "Oh really now. Then I guess you wont get those cinnamon rolls I made~"
Suddenly her door busted open, and out came a girl: blond poofy hair that had yet to be tamed, bags under sleepy yet determined eyes, and only in a tank top and boys boxer shorts.

"You stole my boxers again." Mika said, "I thought I told you I'd buy you PJ pants if you needed them.
"I only took them 'cause they're comfy and my clothes are in the wash." Mimi said, running her fingers through unruly hair, "Plus, we don't have the money to get new things. And don't you dare say you'll work more hours. You already work twice my hours, get no sleep, and still go to school! You're going to drop dead one day!"

"Whatever, just go eat." Mika said, pushing his way past her to his room, "And make sure you get dress this time before leaving the house!"
"Shut up!" She said as she went into the kitchen.

Mika smiled and walked into his bedroom so he could get ready for work.
He left the house thirty minutes later. He passed by the park that no one went to anymore and heard music being played. He looked at a bench and say a boy there with a guitar. "He's actually pretty good." Mika said out loud.


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#, as written by Xiiver
The sun shone through the window. Suki let out a slight grunt before rolling over to avoid the light. She's usually the type to get up once the sin shines but todday she had a day off and felt like sleeping in. Her peaceful moment did not last long, all of a sudden there the sound of her bedroom door opening and in came a very much awake dog named Junior. He's a great dane and the friendliest dog in the world. She was awoken by a tongue licking her cheek over and over until she finally sat up and patted his head and looked towards the door. Her brother was leaning against the door frame.
"It's your turn to take him out, sis." He casually said.
She rubbed her eye and simply nodded while let out a yawn at the same time. She signed to Junior to lie down and he obediently did as she put on her glasses and got herself ready.

After a quick shower and breakfast she was about to head out the door, Junior's leash in one hand and her skateboard in the other. She decided to take him to the park, despite the fact no one went there. Maybe it was for the better. Then she could ride her skateboard and Junior could run freely. She left the house and made her way towards the park.
As soon as they got there she removed the leash and got on her skateboard and made her way towards the biggest patch of grass with Junior happily running after her.
She came to an abrupt stop as she heard a guitar and singing. She saw someone sitting on a bench and she couldn't help but stare for a few seconds. His singing was amazing. 'Have I seen him before? I think i recognize him...'

She decided to play with Junior instead, maybe she'll figure out the name later.


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Kei woke up to the usual havoc, it seemed that one of the little ones had gone to the toilet on Akiko and she was having a screaming fit, this just woke up the other little ones and they were also bawling - for no reason what-so-ever.
Blinking away his sleepy haze, Kei sat up on his top bunk of three, they had just about managed to fit two three-bunk beds and one two-bunk bed in this small room, yawning Kei slides down the make-shift ladder he had thrown together (they got the two three-bunks second hand and they didn't come with ladders) and walked past his brother's and sister's. He had no idea how Cho nor Emi had managed to stay asleep but some how, they had.

Slipping into the bathroom, Kei eyes his bed-head reflection before crawling into the shower grinning as the warm water slid over his face, instantly waking him up from that sleep-ridden stupor he was in.
Exiting the shower, Kei then went and threw on a simple grey tee-shirt and black jeans.

Slipping on his socks down the hardwood floor, Kei shakes his wet hair out of his eyes and walks into the kitchen where both Aunts and most cousins are sitting.
Greeting them all, he grabs an apple and collapses on the sofa, flipping it over to a random channel and ignoring his little sister's (Izumi) complaints for changing it from her favourite show, 'adventure time'.

But before he can really get into the programme, Ken (his uncle) calls him over asking him: "Can you take out Mio, Kyo and Mei? They're getting extremely restless."
Reluctantly agreeing, Kei straps the three youngest into their joint buggy and opens the door, sighing when he realises he probably looks so weird - A teenage boy pushing three small children in a buggy with wet hair all over his face, oh yeah, that was the best way to pick up girls...(sarcasm)

Shrugging to himself, Kei pushes them quickly to the play-park and lets Mio and Kyo romp around together, while playing in the sandpit with Mei - there was a girl in the play-park as well, with (what appeared to be) her dog and Kei gave her a brief smile before turning back to Mei.
He could also hear faint singing coming from a little further up the park and takes in the voice.
"Nice," he whispers to himself and grins as Mio and Kyo come to join them.

(post for Hana coming soon..)


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Yuki Uta Kioku

Two boys lay on the couch, backs at opposite ends. Their legs were tangled and a book lay open on the face of the on with black hair, his head hanging backwards. The other, however, had an animal on his head instead. A ferret, to be precise, and it was the ferret who woke up first. It lay where it was for a while before scarpering down to it's owner's shoulders. And then it jumped to the floor, running away to the kitchen. He was possibly wishing for the cupboards to magically unlock themselves so he could have a feast before his owner woke up and scolded him. But no, the cupboards were always closed. Poor thing.

It was the younger brother who opened his eyes second, a flash of brownish crimson, unlacing his legs gracefully as if it were a game of Jenga. He stood and stretched his arms towards the ceiling in a calm, quiet way. His eyes scanned the room, first falling on his brother. Unlike usual, his long hair was out and his face covered by the book. Yuki lifted the book softly, closing and putting it on the table. Too many times had he seen his brother wake and sit up too quickly, sending the book flying onto the floor. Well, sure, it was hilarious to watch. But today was not one of the days where he would find that funny. Yuki could tell.

His eyes landed on his ferret, who turned his nose up and ran off into his older brother's room. "Good morning, Jacques." he smiled, raising an eyebrow. Yuki tapped his brother a few times on the nose and he woke quickly, before looking up at the white-haired boy. "Good morning, Haru!" Yuki said, slipping into his room for a few minutes. He received a grumble in response. He showered, slipped on some clothes and stepped into his shoes. "Well, I'm off."

"Wait, wait, wait. Where are you going?" Haru stood up, walking to the kitchen area. "Have you had breakfast? Did you greet Jacques? Where is he?"

"Um, er... N-no, yes and in your room." Yuki smiled softly. "Well, I'm going!"

Haru walked towards him. "Yuki-"

"Bye!" Yuki grabbed his jacket and shut the front door.

"Buy some breakfast while you're out, at least!" he heard. Chuckling, he walked down the stairs quickly. Outside, he began to make his way to the park. For some weird reason which he cannot remember for the life of him, the park was practically deserted these days. Oh well, as long as he could just take a seat and read the small book in his pocket.

But when he got to the park, he heard singing. And music. And then it stopped. Well, he felt weird anyways. I mean, he never usually recognised things, but, no pun intended, it struck a chord. So he walked to where he thought the music was coming from, ending up in a random area. "Where am I? Am I lost? In a park? I can't be, I haven't had breakfast yet." he said to himself looking about for people. I mean, he saw a few, but what was he supposed to do? Go up and talk to them? He suddenly glared. "People." No way.

No. Way.


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Mika Walker

"How about you do me a favor and answer my question?"

Mika heard a voice behind her as she turned around, and saw a blonde haired young man in front of her. For a while, she just stared, probably seeming to be rude or strange, but it was because she had thoughts going through her head, 'He... looks like someone I used to know back then... Who was that again? But I do think I've seen him... somewhere before... haven't I?'

She snapped out of her dazing a moment later and immediately answering with her default smile, "Y-yes? What would that be?" She asked. Mika first began to think it was about the orphanage or something since she just came there and was still a bit close to the building, but apparently, that didn't seem to be the case.

"Who... are you?"

"Hmm?" She looked at the person standing in front of her with a confused, yet curious face. Mika saw that no one else was in the area, seeing how rarely anyone would visit an orphanage, and figured that he was talking to her. She wasn't the type of shrug off any questions, even to a strange, so she just answered, "A-ah, Mika, Mika Walker. Nice to meet you." She gave a slight bow of respect as she always did, but then after raising her head, she asked slowly, "Though... if you wouldn't mind me asking, why so curious all of a sudden? I don't recall us ever meeting before..."

Half of that was slightly a lie because she had a strange feeling about the stranger who she was talking to, but then again, the memory felt so hazy that it also felt as if it was just a hallucination or something she felt very uncertain of, and perhaps it was, but she couldn't shake off the unusual feeling, so she couldn't hesitate to ask.

Naota Suzumi

After writing down a few more notes into his music, he pulled up his guitar again, and took another deep breath, beginning to play a different chord and a different tone to it. Since he didn't feel the last song would do well, he decided to ignore it for now, and instead, brought up a new sheet he just began to scribble down lyrics.

(Again, another song name Kimi no Me wo)

One by one, I gathered
the sounds you liked to hear
though the sounds by themselves, really
hurt my ears so much it was unbearable

I’ll stop playing the guitar I started strumming yesterday for a while
I was just trying to copy the sounds of the CD I borrowed from you

So, just as I thought, to keep you from knowing
I can’t shut it away
From the chord that’s about to be flooded
Another’s smell leaks out

Ah, it’s become yet another song with the same ambience

It’s not anything else, it’s a song
Made to capture “your eyes” and your attention
That’s why this song seems so much
Like that artist that you like

“There’s no twist” “There’s no charm”
Go on, I don’t care, even if you speak ill of me
It’s alright. For now, all I want
Are your eyes looking right here, at me.

But right afterwards, he sighed and let his head hang before he thought to himself, 'What am I saying... People already stare at me enough in public... Ah... who was I singing about just then though...' He just had the person who he was singing about in his head, but after he stopped, the image just disappeared like a dream.

Then he felt as if eyes were watching him as he turned and looked around. Strangely, there were more people at the park than usual, since he saw a tall blonde man, a teenager with brown hair, another with white hair, and a girl playing with her dog, "So many people..." He murmured.


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Character Portrait: Mika Walker Character Portrait: Naota Suzumi Character Portrait: Suki Nakamura Character Portrait: Zane Aria Shinto
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Mika Walker

"That's because we.... haven't... met... before... I've... I've never seen you before... As to WHY I was curious.... I... I dunno I just was, random curiosity, nothing more, if you got a problem with that then take it up somewhere else 'cause I don't give a damn. Now if you'll excuse me..."

Mika saw her glare at him and felt a little shiver go down her back, even though she kept a smile on her face as she always did. But something wasn't right with what he said, 'Should I... say something? I mean... It'd sound a little creepy for a stranger to say they know another stranger... right? Y-yeah... maybe...'

She began to debate with herself if she really should say he seemed familiar in some way, thinking that if she didn't say it, she'd lose someone she used to know, but if she did, it'd sound really unusual. Yet while she debated, she knew she wouldn't let one thing go as she began to walk the same direction as him and gently tugged on his shirt before saying, "I know when someone's lying. L-listen... I know this might sound strange... but I do recall seeing you somewhere before. My memory has never been the best... so if we have met before, and I don't remember right now, I apologize." She said politely, like she would to an adult before doing a quick respectful bow.

When Mika raised her head, she looked at him again and said, "Besides, you asked for my name, didn't you? And didn't I answer? So now it's your turn to introduce yourself." She smiled, wanting, at the very least, to end the conversation on a good note rather than a bad one.

Mika then felt something around her as she saw a dog sniffing around her. She giggled a bit, patting the dog's head before seeing the owner apologize and run off to get him. She ran towards the orphanage too, which surprised Mika since she didn't know very many people who would visit, "It's nice to see people finally come..."

That made her think of something then as she turned back to the blonde teenager and asked, "Actually... I also have another question if you don't mind me asking... Why did you come here? Not many people care about this old orphanage anymore, so I'm a bit surprised that anyone would actually stop by."

Naota Suzumi

Naota leaned his head back on the bench he sat at, murmuring a song out loud, and actually falling asleep. He hadn't gotten it for two straight days, and he was really tired. This was all because of his career as a singer. He didn't just sing the song, he also played the instruments, or as many as possible, and wrote the music out. It was enjoyable, yes, but also very stressful, causing him to stay up late at night, or getting no sleep at all. It was only likely he'd be tired.

But his short nap, which didn't even last a minute, was interrupted when the alarm on his phone rang, making him jump from the bench and nearly drop the guitar on his lap. Once he caught it, he let out the greatest sigh of relief you'd ever hear. He sat back down, and pulled out his phone which had an alarm saying, 'Part Time Job.'

A small smile formed on his face, for once, as he stood up, and put the guitar back into its case. The bakery was probably the best thing he loved about life, besides his old friends, who had no idea where they were, and his family. It was just a part time job, and he was surrounded by adults and the elderly, but Naota was treated kindly, and he was able to laugh and smile without worries.

He grabbed his music sheets and stuffed them into his pocket before walking towards the direction of the bakery, still having a very small smile on his face. But as he passed the orphanage where there were three people, and he recognized them all, even though it was so hard to remember where he had seen them.

Naota saw that already two were talking, and obviously wouldn't interrupt people, so instead, he walked up to the girl with the dog and brown hair, and tapped her on the shoulder, "Excuse me miss..." He said in a low and quiet tone as he always did, also using polite speech since he was probably one of the most polite people you would ever see, "Correct me if I'm wrong... but I think I know you, but I can't remember very well, so I could also be incorrect about my statement. If so, I apologize." It was actually a little too polite, even when talking to a stranger, or anyone actually, but that's just the way he was.


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#, as written by Xiiver
Suki Nakamura

Suki was spacing out as she watched the orphanage. She remembered her life there, it was a good one and she had nothing but good memories. She smiled slightly before her train of thought was interrupted by a tap on her shoulder.
She was slightly startled and quickly turned around. It was the boy from the park, the one with the beautiful singing.
"Excuse me miss..." He said in a low voice.
She looked at him as he spoke and wondered what he could want with her.
"Correct me if I'm wrong... but I think I know you, but I can't remember very well, so I could also be incorrect about my statement. If so, I apologize."
She jaw dropped ever so slightly. She was not expecting him to say he recognized her aswell since she didn't really think that she had made any sort of inpact on anyone she'd met.
She looked him in the eyes for a few seconds before realizing she had to answer or she would appear rude, whic wouldn't do since he was being incredibly polite.
He was right though. She did recognize him aswell. She opened and closed her mouth a few times before she took a deep breath and finally managed to speak in a very low and stuttering voice.
"I t-think I know you a-aswell. I-I saw you in the park a-and I c-couldn't help but n-notice you as you were s-singing." She was blushing slightly and she was getting nervous because of her stuttering which had always made her feel so awkward. Yet he seemed nice and she decided this would be a good opportunity to work on her shyness. She started playing with the leash in her hands as she took another deep breath. "I-I'm Suki. Suki Nakamura." At this point she was struggling to kep eye contact but she really hoped she hadn't made a too bad of a first impression. Or second.


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Mika Walker

Mika saw that she almost made the 'stranger' in front of her trip and immediately let go. The glare she got at first kind of scared her a bit, making her shiver for a mere moment. Even more so when he began, "Hey watch it buddy or I'll pound your... oh... Mika..." Though, she calmed down after seeing how his tone of voice switched.

After asking for the stranger's name, he started, but suddenly cut himself off all of a sudden, "I'm Zane Ari-"

'Hmm?' Mika wondered to herself, only staring up at the person who introduced him self as Zane, but apparently didn't finish, 'Zane.... That name... Haven't I heard it from somewhere...?' It made her think even harder, causing her to tap her finger on her cheek as she did so. Without even realizing, she silently said, "Zane... Aria... Shinto... isn't that right?"

But a moment later, she didn't even know that she said something out loud, like it was a dream or something, obviously shown in the way she spoke, "A-ah? Did I say something? Hmm... Must have been nothing!" She shook her head to herself, probably looking really strange, but she always did in the end, so it didn't bother her too much.

Just as she finished asking her last question about why he was visiting the orphanage, he went red as he explained to her, "I was... donating some old toys... For my sister! You see... she didn't want them anymore and she made me lug this bag all the way down here and it was heavy and I was annoyed and..."

Mika laughed a bit at his reaction to such a basic question, but apologized for being rude a minute later and said with a smile, "That's good to hear, at least there are other people who would even care to donate such things when it could be thrown away which would be much easier to do... Still, Id have to thank you for going through the trouble of bringing them here for the children." She said happily since the kids rarely got anything new to play around with.

"Why do you ask so many questions... you never did that-... I mean I never DO that... and by that I mean answer questions..."

"You're quite the odd one, aren't you?" Mika giggled a second time before sighing, "Mm... Though, I can't really say that either since I am odd myself. I guess I have that random curiosity, isn't that right?" She copied the line he used from before then turned towards the orphanage, "But I suppose you could say it's because of the orphanage? I'm quite attached to it, so I just can't help myself when I see people visiting this old place."

Naota Suzumi

"I t-think I know you a-aswell. I-I saw you in the park a-and I c-couldn't help but n-notice you as you were s-singing."

'Eh... she's blushing. This girl's so shy she can't even talk to someone...?' Naota wondered to himself, only blinking at her a few times before finally saying something out loud, "Ah... I think I remember seeing you pass by..." He glanced at the dog, remembering seeing the dog distinctively over everything else for some reason, "That song then... I'm guessing you heard it? What do you think?" He asked, though his facial expression didn't change very much. It was his job, after all, to see if anyone favored the songs he wrote and if it was worth publishing.

"I-I'm Suki. Suki Nakamura."

'Suki... Nakamura?' It was just a sly moment, but Naota had a very, very surprised look on his face after hearing that name, 'As in... the one I knew in the past...? S-she does look sort of similar to the Suki from back then... but maybe it's just a coincidence... Though... having the first and last name may be more than just a coincidence...'

He glanced up at her again, checking to really see if it was the girl he knew from a while back, 'She doesn't seem to recognize me though... Maybe she is the wrong person... Or did she forget?' Naota's memory wasn't the greatest, or the worst, but he did remember all the memories of his past with his friends.

Nevertheless, he didn't want to bring it up. At least, not until he was certain or until she would bring it up, so he simply stood quiet and held out his hand, introducing himself as he would to most people, but only saying his first name in fear she'd realize his last name, and maybe ask him a bunch of questions like most of the girl's did after finding out that he was that professional singer and song writer, "Nice to meet you, Nakamura-san ; Naota." He said simply.

It probably would have sounded rude because most people would have to say their last name as well, but Naota really wasn't in the mood to be swarmed by another fan, so in the mean time, he'd rather just to have a regular conversation with a regular person than having a one-sided conversation with an insane fan.

Not to mention, he also had to get to his second and part time job at the bakery or he'd be late.


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#, as written by Xiiver
Suki Nakamura

Suki watched him as he heard her name. Maybe she would notice something in his reaction to if he remembered her or not. She saw something, if only for a brief second the thought she saw something in the style of surprise. She tilted her head lightly.
'I wonder if it rings a bell...'

As she thought this, a hand was offered. "Nice to meet you, Nakamura-san ; Naota."
This time she showed surprise. She recognised the name but from where she was not entirely sure. Her thoughts wandered for a few seconds and she remembered hearing his name on the radio but there were several Naotas and she didn't even know this one's last name, but that didn't seem like the right answer.

Maybe that's where she heard the name. She took his hand and as she did she remembered something. 'I remember now, Naota-san.' "It's n-nice to meet y-you too, N-naota-san. Your s-singing is a-amazing, by the way."
As she let go of his hand she smiled genuinely. "You know, I-I had a c-classmate once named Naota."
She looked at him. Yes, he looked very much like the Naota from when she was little. It made her smile wider. She started remembering her old friends and it would be great if she actually met them again some day, she thought.


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Mika Walker

After she seemed to have murmured something, perhaps it was a name, or a location, or a date, she didn't know, Zane became red all of a sudden and she wondered why, 'But... what did I say that struck a nerve? I can't remember though... Maybe I should ask? I'm blunt like that but- Ah! Mika, idiot, that'd sound weird! You're making yourself look stranger in front of people now!" She sighed at her miniature internal conflicts with herself, but brushed it off later.

"No... I don't think you said anything anyway..."

"Yeah, that's what I thought too!" She said, though she knew she said something, but couldn't lay her finger on it, sort of like a dream you had but didn't remember after waking up, 'How odd... my memory isn't the best, but it's never been this bad before... Strange... Ah well! Must be normal! Might as well just ignore it in the mean time!"

"Yeah well... it was what anybody would've done... or more what they should've done. I'm not heartless after all..."

Mika, after hearing that, let out a small sigh a second time as the smile on her face seemed to fade as she turned to glance at the orphanage children, "I really wish that was the case... But there are many people out there who are just too selfish or care for themselves... Sometimes they have a reason, but most times... they're just plain greedy. Still, that's why I'm here to save them from that sin!" It probably sounded really corny, the way she said it, but what she said was what she thought, and it was true because she even took pity on people like that because she believed that a 'hero' shouldn't hate on anyone and instead, try to save them from their conflicts to make them into a better person.

While she was staring at the orphanage, she also heard Zane say, "I suppose I shouldn't have been so surprised to meet you here of all people... stupid hero. Well then, a question for a question eh? Both of our curiosities sated. In that case, I think we're even and I'll take my leave. So long, Mika."

She was spacing out at that moment, not really paying attention to what he said until a minute later when he was already paces ahead of her. All her thoughts occurred in a mere moment as she began to wonder, 'Huh? Stupid... hero...? How did he know? We just met, didn't we? No one else calls me that but those few people I used to know in elementary and Jr. High... Though... the name Zane does ring a faint bell... B-but that's probably just a coincidence!'

Mika raised her hand to wave good bye as she would to anyone she met, even though it may have only been a mere minute or two until she recognized something, 'My part time job...' She thought before realizing something quite important and running to catch up with him, "H-Hey! I've got one more question to-"

And just as usual, she fell down from the weakness in her legs. It was nothing deadly, or at least to her, it wasn't, but it did affect her running abilities. But, just as usual as well, she got up, dusted the dirt off her legs and hands before saying loud enough to hear, "Neh! I have one more thing to ask!" She pointed to a piece of paper in her hands with what appeared to be directions, "Where is this place? It's an elementary school, and I have a job there, but I never came there beforehand. Do you recon knowing the location and just pointing out the way to me before we part?"

Naota Suzumi

After introducing himself, he noticed that Suki, the girl in front of him, also seemed to show a great amount of surprise as seen by her reaction to his first name, 'D-don't tell me she figured out that I was that singer they've been putting up everywhere...' He gulped, hoping that wasn't the case, at the very most since that'd be horrible. All he wanted was a normal day, nothing more, and this was exactly what he was looking for, if only it wouldn't fall apart just yet.

"It's n-nice to meet y-you too, N-naota-san. Your s-singing is a-amazing, by the way."

"Ah, you really think so...?" A slight expression appeared onto his face again, also a bit surprised. Yeah, he did hear it often from crazy fans or just people walking by, but she just said it short and simple, just like that. It made him a bit glad really, because he always felt that a short, straight to the point answer was always the best, no matter what the situation was, "Thanks... I suppose... But they're all just work in progress songs. I doubt they'll ever even be published. Feel lucky you hear it because you won't be hearing it again-" He judged noticed that he pointed out, almost literally, that he was the songwriter, and the singer that was on his rise to popularity in the city. Naota was just begging on the inside that she wouldn't find out or at least pay any attention to it.

"You know, I-I had a c-classmate once named Naota."

"You... Did...?" Naota asked, wondering if she was actually that one person he remembered in his class as well. It was such a long time ago, and that girl he knew who went by Suki, probably could have changed immensely, perhaps she wasn't even the same person from back then either and it was just a strange occurrence that the two had classmates with the same name as the both of them, but for some reason, Naota highly doubted that.

Since she began to bring it up, he scratched the back of his neck, his eyes darting around, but avoiding her as he was perhaps embarrassed to say, "O-odd... I had a classmate back in elementary who also had the exact name as you... Suki, Nakamura... And not to mention she looked completely like you and even had the same personality, and the problem with stuttering..."

He may have been a bit embarrassed because, well, if he got the wrong person, it'd be a little awkward, wouldn't it? And the normal conversation he was hoping to have suddenly, and most likely, would have just disappeared into the distance, but he had a strong feeling about this, and decided to take the high risk anyways.

Then, Naota noticed he didn't tell Suki his last name as she seemed to have been wondering about it. There was a reason why he didn't want her to know, two actually; One being that his last name sounded kinda girly, and he was made fun of it sometimes in childhood, and two, he could just mistake her for a fan he saw in a last live show he did, which was actually just the week before. But still, as put, Naota had his hopes that the girl standing in front of him was the one from his childhood and took the risk, "Susumi; my last name is Suzumi. Suzumi Naota."


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#, as written by Xiiver
Suki Nakamura

"You... Did...?"
Suki nodded. He said it in a way that gave Suki, well, hope. She pretty much knew who he was, she just needed a little bit more verification. Like his last name. What made her almost certain was the way he looked and behaved. He seemed to have remained the Naota she used to know which made her relieved, change sometimes scared her.

"O-odd... I had a classmate back in elementary who also had the exact name as you... Suki, Nakamura... And not to mention she looked completely like you and even had the same personality, and the problem with stuttering..."
She knew about her stuttering and him bringing it up as a resemblance was not surprising, but the stuttering in particular makes her very self conscious. This time she brought her hand to the back of her neck, blushing lightly.
"N-not alot of ppeople have this p-problem I g-guess..."

"Suzumi; my last name is Suzumi. Suzumi Naota."
There it was. The confirmation she needed. She looked back up at him with another look of surprise, but her face of surprise soon turned to a gentle smile. It was Naota she once knew. Everything fell into place.
"So it is you, N-naota-kun."
She suddenly felt more relaxed, she actually giggled as she said this.
"It s-sure has been a w-while."