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Yuki Kioku

"Eh? Oops. I forgot~?"

0 · 332 views · located in Tokyo ; Japan

a character in “Kokoro”, as played by Monochrome


Yuki Uta Kioku
"Yeah, my name means Winter Song Memory. Ironic, eh?"


Name: "Names. Another thing I forget often."
Yuki Uta Kioku
Age: "W-What age am I now?"
Gender: "Male as a ladybug. Ladybugs can be male, y'know."
Height: "Oh, leave me alone."
Weight: "I-I'm supposed to know these things off by heart?"
Sexual Orientation: "That's for you to know and for me to find out. Wait. No. Other way around."
Nationality: "Marchons, marchons, quelle sans impure~"
Half French, half Japanese.
Romantic Interest: "Wow, romance? What? I can't even remember who I am sometimes, so no romance."
Job: "Look, you laugh and I'll stab you with my 'umbrella'."
This is actually rather fun. In all honesty, Yuki's an assistant teacher for his brother. Though he's rather young for the job, he took it since it was good pay and the kids treat him like an older brother. However, they never listen to him as he's not strict enough with them, which often leaves him in a depressed state after work. It's more of a weekend daycare for children whose parents work on the weekends and after school hours. He used to be a host, which is what he's embarrassed of, but he got fired for lying about his age.
School: "School; oh the joy..."
High School


Personality: "Ah. Personality... I..."
Well. It's hard to describe Yuki. He sort of... smiles his way through everything. He acts like this so as to make people think he's okay, but his annoyed side gets the better of him sometimes. Yuki can actually be an angry little sod, he just doesn't want to be that person. He wants to be the one who can just sit in his room doing whatever he wants without the risk of being hurt. He wants to be the one who can smile through everything, and be strong no matter what happens. Because, let's face it, Yuki is a very broken person.

His emotions are a total mess. Sometimes he's angry, sometimes he's ecstatic, and sometimes he's both. He toys with his feelings in his mind, making everything bigger than it is through a weird, twisted form of paranoia, a nagging voice at the back of his mind, warning him that people hate him, that he's annoying, that he should just stop.

The boy takes one step closer to being a nervous wreck every time something traumatic or horrific happens, but once again, just stuffs it in an imaginary bottle and acts like the same, boisterous person he usually is. Beneath all his defences, he's sad, but happy. Nostalgic about the past. Right now, he doesn't even try to remember things from his life. His memories; they're all there, crammed into his brain, and the refers to them like they were tutorials to his current life. He believes that's how it's been all along, so why change. Above the surface, however, he is actually kind. It's really not a ruse. But it really all depends on what's going on in his head. He does have his quiet moments and actually thinks a lot when he has some time to himself and his violin.

One thing you do not want to come across is a drunk Yuki. He's like a more hyped up version of himself, even more prone to strange mood swings, and often ends up in tears about something. He also has the incredible power which only a few people have, which is to look cute when he cries. Instead of coming off as effeminate or a crybaby, he comes off as downright adorable, even huggable, but he's clingy as hell. Yes, okay, he shouldn't be drunk at all at 17, but he has a very immature brother.

He also lowers his defences when he's tired. He's overall sweeter, kinder and says affectionate things without even thinking about how embarrassing it is to say something like that to someone's face. However, if he's hungry and tired, he'll be the complete opposite; a grump in the corner who yells everything and is just generally annoyed at the world, like most grumps are.

And even though it may seem like he's pretending to be a complete airhead, he really is. And he's dense as hell too.
Oddities: "Eh? Me? Mood swings~? . . . . Shut up."
Well, he's prone to mood swings. Anger him and his mind won't be able to differentiate between happy and annoyed.
Also, he's an amnesiac. He doesn't remember anything before he was thirteen and while the memories can be triggered, it often pains or upsets him when they are found.
And last but not least, fire intrigues him. He's no pyromaniac, but he likes looking at it.
Likes: "Should I sing that song from the Sound of Music? How does it go...?"
Cats, tea, the cold and family, jokes, finding things out, fantasy characters, sweets, counting things, coffee (the smell), his job. Oh, and Jacques.
Dislikes: "Well, just don't bring these up in an actual conversation. I. Will. Kick. You."
Anything exercise-ish, having to order things, over sleeping, getting lower pay, coffee (the taste), not knowing something, people dying, anything bitter, stairs
Fears: "Jeepers Creepers? W-what's that? A film?"
-Arachnophobia, fear of spiders.
-Maniaphobia, fear of insanity.
-Iatrophobia, fear of doctors.
-Pneumatiphobia, fear of spirits.
Talents: "Ahaha! 'Talents' makes it sound so... professional, affordable."
Painting - More specifically, traditional painting. God, Yuki can draw trees to perfection. Not that it does him too well in life.
Playing the violin - He can play like an expert, but claims it's just a childhood hobby. Even Yuki isn't sure if that's true.
Singing - He usually only sings when he's alone, but he has that soft kind of voice.
Flaws: "Flaws is such an odd word."
Once again, I'm going to bring up the mood swings and how they can make him a total jerk.
And plus, if he finds someone uninteresting and boring, he will literally just ignore them until they interest him again.
Hobbies: "So is hobbies, actually..."


Bio: "I... It's... There is literally nothing to say here, haha."
Well, when Yuki was a child, he lived with his parents. Just his parents, him, and the dog. And it all happened quite simply. The house was on fire, his parents died and his hair went white with shock. But he moved on. After all, he'd been taken in by his older brother, who love him dearly but hadn't been able to see him for five years, due to his parents disowning him. Yuki was nine by this point. And so, he lived with his brother. It wasn't until four years later when he got amnesia. He was talking to his brother on the phone, arguing about how he's never home and always eating out even though he cooks for him. And then he slipped, falling headfirst down the stairs.

And that's where his memory starts. Some random person he doesn't know is sitting at the side of his bed and the look in his eyes suggest that they know each other. But Yuki can't remember him. And then Yuki realises; he can't remember a thing.

Since then, his memory went to the pots and he's literally forgetting small things all the time.

Other: "Let me tell you about Jacques."
Jacques. Well, Jacques is a ferret. Yes, Yuki has a ferret. As I said earlier, his brother is immature.
Relationships: Haru Kioku - His older brother. He's turning 27 this yeah, so they are ten years apart. He once told Yuki they had a sister, but she died before he was born.
Character Thoughts On Others:
Akira Tanaka
"She's nice, and protective. But mysterious. I like her though. She seems to like music."
Mika Walker
"Red. That's what I think when I hear that name. She seems sweet though, but I don't think I've talked to her?
Hana Keiko Yukimura
"She seems- Her hair is pink. Pink hair. Pink. I want... to touch it." (As I said, he's a total airhead.)
Naota Suzumi
"Naota is quiet. I think. I've never spoken to him so for all know, he's a loudmouth. I don't know. But I think he's quiet, which is nice and peaceful, I guess."
Kisa Yamada
"She's the same height as me. But she seems more... childish somehow? Eh, maybe I should talk to her or something."
Suki Nakamura
"She's overly shy. I want to ask why, but I don't want to bring it up out of nowhere, but she'll never bring it up either because she's shy. Paradox, paradooox!"
Zane Aria Shinto
"He reminds me of my brother. So on one hand, I want to punch him in the face. On the other hand, I want to pat him on the head and tell him to shut up."
Hotaru Quo
"He confuses me. People say he doesn't like people, or he's shy, but it doesn't seem that way. Somehow, he looks... not bothered...?"][Hinata Izo Setsuna
"Ah, Mr Model. There's a lot of rumours about Hinata, but... Well, people call him cute, but being around the same height kind of eliminates that factor."

"Do I know these people or something?


So begins...

Yuki Kioku's Story


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Yuki Uta Kioku

Two boys lay on the couch, backs at opposite ends. Their legs were tangled and a book lay open on the face of the on with black hair, his head hanging backwards. The other, however, had an animal on his head instead. A ferret, to be precise, and it was the ferret who woke up first. It lay where it was for a while before scarpering down to it's owner's shoulders. And then it jumped to the floor, running away to the kitchen. He was possibly wishing for the cupboards to magically unlock themselves so he could have a feast before his owner woke up and scolded him. But no, the cupboards were always closed. Poor thing.

It was the younger brother who opened his eyes second, a flash of brownish crimson, unlacing his legs gracefully as if it were a game of Jenga. He stood and stretched his arms towards the ceiling in a calm, quiet way. His eyes scanned the room, first falling on his brother. Unlike usual, his long hair was out and his face covered by the book. Yuki lifted the book softly, closing and putting it on the table. Too many times had he seen his brother wake and sit up too quickly, sending the book flying onto the floor. Well, sure, it was hilarious to watch. But today was not one of the days where he would find that funny. Yuki could tell.

His eyes landed on his ferret, who turned his nose up and ran off into his older brother's room. "Good morning, Jacques." he smiled, raising an eyebrow. Yuki tapped his brother a few times on the nose and he woke quickly, before looking up at the white-haired boy. "Good morning, Haru!" Yuki said, slipping into his room for a few minutes. He received a grumble in response. He showered, slipped on some clothes and stepped into his shoes. "Well, I'm off."

"Wait, wait, wait. Where are you going?" Haru stood up, walking to the kitchen area. "Have you had breakfast? Did you greet Jacques? Where is he?"

"Um, er... N-no, yes and in your room." Yuki smiled softly. "Well, I'm going!"

Haru walked towards him. "Yuki-"

"Bye!" Yuki grabbed his jacket and shut the front door.

"Buy some breakfast while you're out, at least!" he heard. Chuckling, he walked down the stairs quickly. Outside, he began to make his way to the park. For some weird reason which he cannot remember for the life of him, the park was practically deserted these days. Oh well, as long as he could just take a seat and read the small book in his pocket.

But when he got to the park, he heard singing. And music. And then it stopped. Well, he felt weird anyways. I mean, he never usually recognised things, but, no pun intended, it struck a chord. So he walked to where he thought the music was coming from, ending up in a random area. "Where am I? Am I lost? In a park? I can't be, I haven't had breakfast yet." he said to himself looking about for people. I mean, he saw a few, but what was he supposed to do? Go up and talk to them? He suddenly glared. "People." No way.

No. Way.


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Mika Walker

"How about you do me a favor and answer my question?"

Mika heard a voice behind her as she turned around, and saw a blonde haired young man in front of her. For a while, she just stared, probably seeming to be rude or strange, but it was because she had thoughts going through her head, 'He... looks like someone I used to know back then... Who was that again? But I do think I've seen him... somewhere before... haven't I?'

She snapped out of her dazing a moment later and immediately answering with her default smile, "Y-yes? What would that be?" She asked. Mika first began to think it was about the orphanage or something since she just came there and was still a bit close to the building, but apparently, that didn't seem to be the case.

"Who... are you?"

"Hmm?" She looked at the person standing in front of her with a confused, yet curious face. Mika saw that no one else was in the area, seeing how rarely anyone would visit an orphanage, and figured that he was talking to her. She wasn't the type of shrug off any questions, even to a strange, so she just answered, "A-ah, Mika, Mika Walker. Nice to meet you." She gave a slight bow of respect as she always did, but then after raising her head, she asked slowly, "Though... if you wouldn't mind me asking, why so curious all of a sudden? I don't recall us ever meeting before..."

Half of that was slightly a lie because she had a strange feeling about the stranger who she was talking to, but then again, the memory felt so hazy that it also felt as if it was just a hallucination or something she felt very uncertain of, and perhaps it was, but she couldn't shake off the unusual feeling, so she couldn't hesitate to ask.

Naota Suzumi

After writing down a few more notes into his music, he pulled up his guitar again, and took another deep breath, beginning to play a different chord and a different tone to it. Since he didn't feel the last song would do well, he decided to ignore it for now, and instead, brought up a new sheet he just began to scribble down lyrics.

(Again, another song name Kimi no Me wo)

One by one, I gathered
the sounds you liked to hear
though the sounds by themselves, really
hurt my ears so much it was unbearable

I’ll stop playing the guitar I started strumming yesterday for a while
I was just trying to copy the sounds of the CD I borrowed from you

So, just as I thought, to keep you from knowing
I can’t shut it away
From the chord that’s about to be flooded
Another’s smell leaks out

Ah, it’s become yet another song with the same ambience

It’s not anything else, it’s a song
Made to capture “your eyes” and your attention
That’s why this song seems so much
Like that artist that you like

“There’s no twist” “There’s no charm”
Go on, I don’t care, even if you speak ill of me
It’s alright. For now, all I want
Are your eyes looking right here, at me.

But right afterwards, he sighed and let his head hang before he thought to himself, 'What am I saying... People already stare at me enough in public... Ah... who was I singing about just then though...' He just had the person who he was singing about in his head, but after he stopped, the image just disappeared like a dream.

Then he felt as if eyes were watching him as he turned and looked around. Strangely, there were more people at the park than usual, since he saw a tall blonde man, a teenager with brown hair, another with white hair, and a girl playing with her dog, "So many people..." He murmured.