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Kazuko Toyotomi

'' Make fun of my name and I swear I'll kill you.''

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a character in “Kolbs Academy For The 'Unique' 2.0”, originally authored by Wolf's Bane109, as played by RolePlayGateway


Kazuko Toyotomi

" Make fun of my name and I swear I'll kill you."


Appearance and Personal Info:

Kazu or it's just Kazuko

Were Wolf/Fire Mage Hybrid

One hundred and forty eight pounds

Six foot one


Eye Color:

Hair Color:
Dark brown

Skin Tone:
Fair/lightly sun tanned




Tapping his fingers I Growling when angry I

A full moon I His fire ability I His wolf powers I Hand to hand combat I Martial Arts I
And several other forms of hand to hand combat I

Any kind of meat I Candy I Mint I His guitar I The color red I
His Skate board I Training I His wolf powers I His Fire ability I Heat I Fire

Wolf's Bane I Silver I Water I Not using his Fire ability I Bullying I

Wolf's Bane I Silver I Girl's I Water I Full moon I

He is able to make and use his own or already available fire due to being part Fire Mage I
Enhanced Sight, Smell, speed, and strength I And the power to turn into a full wolf for his strength and brawn
or a small, regular wolf when he wants to be sneaky.
And he can also read people's minds. But it takes much concentration to do so.



Kazuko was born into a good family. It was him, his mom and dad, and his little sister.
He found out he was a wolf/fire mage hybrid by the age of twelve.
His sister was a were wolf, just like their father, they were both taught in secret, at the age of thirteen and twelve.

When they were walking home one night, they were mugged, the man killed their parents right in front of them.
Kazuko was going to kill the man, but his father's last words were,
'' Kazuko. Don't kill him......yet.''
Kazuko and his sister were orphaned, but Kazuko took his sister and left. They lived on their own until three years ago.
They found the academy, and this will be their third year attending, together.



Kazuko is very quiet and barely ever talks to anyone but his sister. He loves her dearly and will protect her with his life.
She's the only family he has left, and he will not let anything happen to her. While they do have a good relationship, his sister is far
more out going and talkative. While he'll just stand and be silent. Unless he know's you, then he'll talk, but not much. He's a very caring
and sweet guy when you get to know him, but he's just very suspicious of almost everyone. And his sister is very crazy and violent towards
him and him only. She'll randomly head butt him or slam his head into a table. But he loves her any way.

He's training every day so he can track down and kill the man that took his and his sister's parent's lives.


So begins...

Kazuko Toyotomi's Story

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Milly jumped up and down. She was so excited! She'd never been to a school before...With all the big kids...Oh, well, that could be a little scary. And what if she got bullied? Or worse? They have powers, too!
She shook her head.
Stop thinking like that! It'll be fun!
Milly thought.
She shouted, jumping again.
She glanced around, and started to walk towards the entrance of the school.
The school is so big...It's amazing! There must be one million rooms!
She thought, continuing to glance around. She took a deep breath, and started to walk towards the school. Her hopes were that there would be someone her age. There probably weren't a lot of eight year old kids going to an academy. But maybe she would be able to be with the big kids!! Ooh, what if she got a piggy back ride? That would be fun! She smiled, It can't be that bad!!! Can it? No, it can't!
Milly picked up her pace.


Marium sighed heavily. She couldn't believe her Mother talked her into this. Now she got stuck attending. This was her fourth year. She didn't know why she kept attending, even though her Mother died two years back. Maybe it was because it was the only memory she had left of her parents...Yeah, that was the reason. Not to mention only reason. She sighed again, and trudged towards the school, dragging her luggage behind her. She hated her life...Why couldn't she just disappear?!
Marium frowned, and took out a crumbled up piece of paper out of her pocket.
She read aloud.
"I see no reason not to head there now..."
She trailed off.