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Marium Wellington

"L-leave me alone!"

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a character in “Kolbs Academy For The 'Unique' 2.0”, as played by ShatteredWings22



''L-leave me alone!"


Appearance and Personal Info:

Mary, Mari.

Mage (Water, ice)




Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Skin Tone:




-Biting her lip
-Holding her breath when nervous
-Talking to herself

-When around water is stronger
-She isn't effected by insults

-Being alone
-Small spaces
-Quiet people
-Classical music

-Loud music
-Loud people
-Rock music
-Noisy people
-Nosy people
-Bright Places

-She gets tired if she uses water too much

-Water Manipulation


RP and see :3

| Quiet | Shy | Introverted | Mellow | Thoughtful |

(Anything else you want to add?)


So begins...

Marium Wellington's Story

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Milly jumped up and down. She was so excited! She'd never been to a school before...With all the big kids...Oh, well, that could be a little scary. And what if she got bullied? Or worse? They have powers, too!
She shook her head.
Stop thinking like that! It'll be fun!
Milly thought.
She shouted, jumping again.
She glanced around, and started to walk towards the entrance of the school.
The school is so big...It's amazing! There must be one million rooms!
She thought, continuing to glance around. She took a deep breath, and started to walk towards the school. Her hopes were that there would be someone her age. There probably weren't a lot of eight year old kids going to an academy. But maybe she would be able to be with the big kids!! Ooh, what if she got a piggy back ride? That would be fun! She smiled, It can't be that bad!!! Can it? No, it can't!
Milly picked up her pace.


Marium sighed heavily. She couldn't believe her Mother talked her into this. Now she got stuck attending. This was her fourth year. She didn't know why she kept attending, even though her Mother died two years back. Maybe it was because it was the only memory she had left of her parents...Yeah, that was the reason. Not to mention only reason. She sighed again, and trudged towards the school, dragging her luggage behind her. She hated her life...Why couldn't she just disappear?!
Marium frowned, and took out a crumbled up piece of paper out of her pocket.
She read aloud.
"I see no reason not to head there now..."
She trailed off.

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#, as written by Rari
Shinjii Okihara


Shiiro drove up to the school, parking his motorcycle in the students parking lot. He removed his helmet, and looked up at the school he was so familiar with. "Exactly the same as when i left it..." He sighed, knowing that there were supposed to be updated to the windows or doors over the brief summer season. He looked around, the same familiar yet oh so distant faces he saw every year. He walked through the confused people who were looking left and right for their classes and dorms. He was stopped by a few incredibly confused new kids. He pointed out where they needed to go and went on his way. On his way he passed to seemingly grumpy found girls, and another who was rather cheery. It was unusual for there to be younger individuals at the school.

Shiiro wandered around the school for a while before arriving at his wandering to the secretaries office to get his schedule. From there he walked to the boys dorms, reading the number he was given. "Room 153 huh?" He said and searched for the room number, upon finding it he used the key he had been provided and unlocked the door, entering the surprisingly roomy space. He plopped his things down by one of the beds then began to put everything away. The beds were on two separate sides of the room so he picked the left side as his own. Shinjii then awaited the arrival of his apparent room mates.

The setting changes from Kolbs Academy For The Unique to Dorm Room


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Milly finally got to her dorm. It was pretty plain, only with a door leading to a bathroom, some dressers, and three beds...The first instinct Milly got, was to jump. Jump, has in, jump on the bed of course. What little kid could resist such a thing? She sure couldn't. Milly sprinted for the bed, grinning widely. Soon, she was doing flips, and ext, her short, light brown hair bouncing as she jumped back in forth.
She stopped jumping for a second or two, right before glancing at her plush toy, which she was hiding pretty well when she first walked in...She planned for no one to know about... EVER. It was basically a big, green, stuffed...sphere, with dark green eyes (Like in the GIF).
Milly smiled, jumping off the bed, and picking it up, accompanying it with a hug.
Sure hope no one walks in on me hugging this...
She suddenly thought, her eyes like plates.


Marium scowled, as she saw everyone arrive, some all giddily, some obnoxious. One that seemed to stand out, was a girl, with tan hair, and brown eyes, who seemingly purposely slammed the door to the car, and seemed to be a positive magnet, in the middle of a whole bunch of other positives. Marium, on the other hand, seemed more like a negative. These kinds of people only made her laugh, well, in her mind. She probably just had some weird problem, like she was born both a girl and a boy, maybe family troubles. It had to be something.
Sighing, Marium watched as the girl confidentially strolled to her dorm.
"It'd be pretty fun if I had a dorm with her,"
She muttered, smirking, as she made her way to her dorm. She got there, and sighed, not seeing that girl from earlier. It was always fun to tease those people...She smiled again.
Marium then sat down on a bed, waiting for her other roommates...Well, usually she only got one, since her last name started with W.