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Kolbs Academy For The 'Unique' 2.0

The Front Of The School


a part of Kolbs Academy For The 'Unique' 2.0, by ShatteredWings22.


ShatteredWings22 holds sovereignty over The Front Of The School, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Front Of The School is a part of Kolbs Academy For The Unique.

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Kaede Smith [2] "Stay away from my twin sister!"
Yoshiko Toyotomi [1] '' Make fun of my brother, and I'll tear you to shreds. And oh, by the way, nice to meet you.''
Kazuko Toyotomi [1] '' Make fun of my name and I swear I'll kill you.''

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Milly jumped up and down. She was so excited! She'd never been to a school before...With all the big kids...Oh, well, that could be a little scary. And what if she got bullied? Or worse? They have powers, too!
She shook her head.
Stop thinking like that! It'll be fun!
Milly thought.
She shouted, jumping again.
She glanced around, and started to walk towards the entrance of the school.
The school is so big...It's amazing! There must be one million rooms!
She thought, continuing to glance around. She took a deep breath, and started to walk towards the school. Her hopes were that there would be someone her age. There probably weren't a lot of eight year old kids going to an academy. But maybe she would be able to be with the big kids!! Ooh, what if she got a piggy back ride? That would be fun! She smiled, It can't be that bad!!! Can it? No, it can't!
Milly picked up her pace.


Marium sighed heavily. She couldn't believe her Mother talked her into this. Now she got stuck attending. This was her fourth year. She didn't know why she kept attending, even though her Mother died two years back. Maybe it was because it was the only memory she had left of her parents...Yeah, that was the reason. Not to mention only reason. She sighed again, and trudged towards the school, dragging her luggage behind her. She hated her life...Why couldn't she just disappear?!
Marium frowned, and took out a crumbled up piece of paper out of her pocket.
She read aloud.
"I see no reason not to head there now..."
She trailed off.

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Reus gasped as he arrived in front of the school. “It is so big! I'm going to lose myself in there.” He looked back at Cameroon that followed him from behind, levitating as he was reading his book as well as listening to some kind of electronic music. “What do you think?” He said first, but he had no answer. He poked repeatedly the mage until the latter looked up at him, seeming a bit irritated and took his headphones away. “What do you think?” Reus said again, completely oblivious that he was probably not listening.

Cameroon looked up at the academy, staying silent for a moment. “I just hope the library is big enough.” He said, taking back his book in his backpack. He looked over to Reus, then sighed. “You know they assigned different dorms for us.”

“Dorms?” Reus asked, tilting his head.

“Yes. You'll be living with strangers in the academy, away from me.” Cameroon said calmly.

“Ah~ uh~,” the demon expressed as he put his hands behind his head. “So, we are in class together?” He asked. For once, Cameroon didn't know.

“Probably.” He said, closing his eyes. That would be nice if they weren't. Reus, on the other hand, smiled.

“Good, because people will probably pick on you.” Reus looked back at the academy. “I guess I should explore around, to get used to the place."

“Yeah. Do that. I'll be at the library. I'm pretty sure they'll have something to occupy me there. Oh, by the way,” Cameroon shuffled his hand around in his backpack, pulling out a map of the school, giving it to Reus. “This will be useful for you, I'm sure.”

Reus smiled as he picked it, opening it. “Thanks you very much. Where is my dorm?” He said, holding the map upside down compared from where they are faced. Cameroon pointed the room 153.

“Here,” the mage said, then pointing the room in front of it. “And this is where I'll be.” He saw Reus smiling.

“Well, that won't be far away,” Reus turned the map around, figuring that he was holding it the wrong way. He started his way in. Cameroon was about to say something, but he just profited of the moment to go back to listening to his music and reading his book, letting the flow of the wind carrying him to the library without thinking of his surrounding.

Reus, after walking around still trying to figure out the map, saw a little girl jumping around. He flickered his finger; a little black drop of got into her hair without her knowing it. He doesn't know what he'll do with it, maybe turn it into a roach. He smirked deviously a bit, turning back to find his dorm.

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Lucy and Kaede Smith

The twins arrived at the front of the school, with two different expressions on their faces. Lucy had a content look, while Kaede had a frown. Xavier said this would be good for them, so they could meet new people. Kaede begged to differ, but Lucy was happy for the change in scenery, and hopeful that she would find new friends. In the end, Lucy convinced Kaede with chocolate, and here they were.

Kaede led his sister out of the car and the car sped off after Kaede grabbed the two suitcases. Lucy hummed to herself a little, hopeful that this year would be a bully free year. However, soon Lucy noticed Kaede's expression.

"Hey, Kae? Why do you look so stressed?" Lucy piped up, a bit of concern on her face.

"You'll be in a dorm with complete strangers, and so will I. I can't look out for you as much." Kaede tensed up a little at the thought of his sister going through more teasing. He couldn't let that happen.

Kaede looked at the slip of paper he had received at the same time Lucy did. "Room 154" He sighed and handed Lucy her suitcase. Head to your dorm, OK? And stay safe. I don't want your face to end up like mine.

"Okay, I will. See you, Kae." Lucy read her paper again as Kaede walked away with his luggage. After keeping the number 201 in her mind, she walked off to the dorms.