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Solar Darkness

Solar,(Or who's human name is Cathy)Is a Fire-Dark Dragon who can also be a human but her English is not fluent.

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a character in “Kothar: A Journey with Beasts”, as played by Raven Bravehero


*Physical Description-When a human,Cathy has short brown hair with hazel eye's.Cathy is very tall.(Might be the tallest human)Her skin is pale as she was cute,But her beauty does not matter to her.As her dragon form she is mostly red with black designs into her scales.Because of Cathy's tall figure,Solar is very big and can't live in tight places but, she is still fast.

*Personality- YOUR GONNA HAVE TO FIND OUT! >:) xD

*Equipment & Abilities-Solar Darkness (Or just Solar)Has a fire and darkness ability which makes her fires green that could light nearly everything on fire.And can eat through flesh faster than a normal dark dragon.Cathy has a dagger and a scythe as her weapons, she is fast. (Both Cathy and Solar)

*Historical Background-NOPE ONLY GET TO HAVE PD AND EA xD

So begins...

Solar Darkness's Story


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#, as written by Arxi
Alice waded through the thick smoke of unconsciousness, family images swirled around her like teasing specters. Non-existent tears rolled down her face. So cruel was the universe she was born in, become one of Earth's last hopes and then, just when they find a possible solution, it's swiped away leaving a 13 year old girl, who didn't even want to go on the trip, alone and a middle aged man who didn't even know how he got there. What were they going to do now? They couldn't contact Earth and they were surrounded by potentially dangerous creatures. Alice had read enough to know what they were, but she wondered if they acted and could do what her books had said. Light slashed through the smoke Alice was waking up. She was going to live, she would seek out a species here willing to take care of her. She couldn't live on her own. She didn't know enough about the creatures here.

Alice opened her eyes, she was being carried by the werewolf into the treeline of a forest, "Thank you." she whispered before relaxing into silence, she would be okay soon.