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Kouhaku no Regios

Kouhaku no Regios


In the distant future, a polluted world has been overtaken by havoc-wreaking creatures called filth monsters. Humanity, having been forced to relocate itself, must live in isolated mobile cities called Regios.

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Background Story

In a not too distant future, human kind has barely survived an apocalyptic disaster caused by too much pollution and destruction of the natural environment. The sun’s rays can burn through skin, air is a silent killer capable of suffocating one to death in mere minutes. The only things that can live in this hell on Earth are creatures called Contamanoids, also known as Filth Monsters. Capable of adapting to any environment, with ability to regenerate and mass reproduce, these filth monsters have become the dominant creature of Earth.

Unable to live on land, the humans created travelling cities called Regios. Controlled by a mysterious spirit avatars called “Electronic Faeries,” these Regios have a consciousness of their own that makes them incapable of being controlled by will of the humans. Due to the unpredictable movements of Regios, humans have developed what is known as “Military Arts” to fight against Filth Monsters. By controlling their inner energy called Kei, and specially developed alchemic weapons called D-ITES, mankind fights a never ending war against the Filth Bugs.

More Info:


The setting takes place in Academic City Leviathan. As the name states, Leviathan is a school city for students to grow and develop their skills. Specializing in Military Arts, Leviathan is known amongst the Academic Cities as the “Unstoppable Tsunami.” Unlike Zelleuni, Leviathan hires adult instructors and trainers to educate their students. The tuition for the school is very expensive and very little scholarships are provided for the students, therefore the students are usually split between rich elites and the hardworking middle class students who earn their tuition by doing various part time jobs available in Leviathan.

The student body is constructed very much like Zelleuni with the student body president as the head who governs the city and each platoons with their respective leaders. The platoons are given their ranks by participating in inter-platoon matches which determines their position and the amount of authority they get in inter-city matches. Chosen from the best of the best, the captains of each platoons are said to be near invincible, a level that can even match the legendary Heaven’s Blade receivers of Lance Shelled Grendan.

The alarm is ringing, those filthy bugs are on the move again, can you stand up and fight against them or will you crawl up and wait in fear until you die?

City Outline


Leviathan is a simple Academic City with a rather simple but sufficient design to it here are some key components to the city:

School: where most of the lessons and teachings will take place. Students are expected to attend all classes during the school hours

Dorms: Male and Female dorms are located in opposite directions of each other. Male dorm is situated in the West Wing and the Female dorm in the East Wing

Training Grounds: Each platoon can perform their team training in their respective training grounds

Coliseum: A sacred ground where the platoons face off against each other for honour and glory

Shopping District: A popular location for students to hang out in during their free time shopping district is full of shops, restaurants, and cafes. Popular stores include:

Loca Moca: A popular hang out amongst student, this café is often very crowded. Famous for their pastries and their delicious latte, many students will line up for hours just to get a bite.

Joe’s Weaponry: DITEs and customization can be bought here. Joe likes frequent customers, he might give you a discount if you become familiar with him!

Maya’s Skillz: Need a new skill to take down your opponent? New move to trick your opponents? Maya has everything you need to help you become number one!

Recreation area: a location for team and personal training. Loaded with the highest tech equipment, pools, and recently added amusement park, recreation is not just an area for training but dates too!

Library: Private tutoring area, book lending, or just a place to chill indoors. If you need extra help ask for the Librarian Ryan, a graduate student from the Information City Trinity.

City Outskirts: Need a place to be alone, a quiet desolate place where you can think over something? Perhaps you want to get a good look at the sunset to set the mood. Then take a ride on a streetcar to the outskirts of the city.

DITEs & Abilities

Dites are the weapons used by Kei users. Dites are small transformable devices when unused that turn into a weapon which the user activates it by saying "Restoration". Many types of weapons can transform from Dites including crushing swords, spears, rifles, staves, katanas, and many more. Some Dites are capable to switch to many different types of weapons. The color of the Dite is not random; different colors give different properties to the weapon. For example, Nina's iron whips uses black dite, which has good density with a decreasing conductive rate. Green and white dite is used for speed-based weapons, which was suggested for Layfon to use. DITEs need not always be weapons--for example, in "Spa Resort Kalian", Nina Antalk used a water gun DITE on Sharnid Elipton.
The Heaven's Blade: The most powerful Dites wielded by the "Heaven's Blade Receivers" all serving under the Royal Family of Grendan. There are twelve in existence.

  • 紅玉錬金鋼(Ruby DITE)-Suitable for Skillful users to utilize Kei (Gorneo, Shante)
  • 重晶錬金鋼(Bright DITE)-Suitable for Nen-i users
  • 鋼鉄錬金鋼(Iron DITE)-Suitable for Sword users (Layfon, Haia and Derek)
  • 黒鋼錬金鋼(Chrome DITE)-Suitable for Strong Density Kei & Low Conductivity users (Nina, Sharnid)
  • 碧石錬金鋼(Emerald DITE)-Suitable for Superior Kei Conversion Rate users
  • 青石錬金鋼(Sapphire DITE)-Suitable for High Conductivity Kei users (Layfon)
  • 軽金錬金鋼 (Lithium DITE) -Suitable for High Conductivity Kei guns (Sharnid)
  • 白金錬金鋼(Platinum DITE)-Suitable for "High Conductivity Kei and strength safeguard", bad for resistance, durability and regeneration. (Dalshena)
  • 複合錬金鋼 (Adamant DITE) -a synthesis of different and various DITEs (Layfon)


The source of power for Martial Artists. Kei users are special since they have an organ within their bodies that produces this energy and use it in many ways. There are different types of Kei, each with its own qualities. In the Anime, it is said that the "Heaven's Blade Receivers" have "monstrous" amount of Kei that makes even the strongest Kei users look weak (e.g. Layfon beat Haia and Gahard easily).

  • External Type Kei: Used for attack.
    This Kei is used in the form of a blast to affect surrounding materials.
  • Internal Type Kei: Used for defense and regeneration.
  • This Kei is used to strengthen parts of the body during battle or to speed up regeneration. Layfon claim that it's bread and butter for Heaven Blade's Receivers to fight continuously for a period of days without getting tired or unfit for battle.
  • Psychokinetic Kei: Users of this Kei (who are also called Nen-I users) are able to communicate telepathically as well as move objects around telekinetically.
    The downside of this, is that those who are able to use it cannot use External Type Kei or Internal Type Kei because their psychokinesis is a fusion of both Internal and External types. A person must be born with a special physical constitution to use this Kei, while the other two can be utilized by anyone with training and a certain level of Kei.

Contamanoids(Filth Monsters)

From time to time, filth monsters will appear and attack the city. It is your job as part of the Military Arts Department to defeat these nasty pests. By fighting them and defeat them, your platoon or you individually could receive medals, promotions, scholarship, etc that will raise your rank and fame in Leviathan.

Calculating Damage when battling Filth Monsters
Unlike PVP, Filth Monster cannot in fact harm you when you are fighting with your platoon (if you go fight a mature stage bug by yourself consider yourself dead though). You on the other hand can damage the filth monsters, and here is how you would calculate it:

1) subtract the monster's defense point by you strength point
2) divide your accuracy by the bug's speed point
3) multiply the two together


Your Stat: Bug's Stat
Str: 15 Str: 10
Accuracy 10 Speed: 5

Total damage = (10-15) - (10/5)
= (-5) X (2)
= (-10)

the bug would then receive -10 damage. This, however also means that if your strength does not exceed the monster's then your attack will be void.

Everyday Jobs & Education

Students who wish to learn new techniques must not only train themselves physically, also mentally. Attending school and participating in jobs will allow students to buy new techniques and DITES customization. For every 5 paragraphs that takes place at school, students are given 1 intelligence point. For every 5 paragraphs in a private tutoring session will award you 2 points. (Increasing intelligence is required to get different techniques).
Every 5 paragraphs for a job will earn you $100.00 which you can use in anyway you want, whether it is too pay for a private tutoring, customizing your DITE, or learning new techniques.

Character Sheet

Age: (Between 16 and 21)
Appearance: (image optional. Height, weight eye colour, just be descriptive)
Platoon Number: ( 1st ,2nd or 3rd)
Battle Position: (Captain, Striker, Sharpshooter, Vanguard, Psychier)
Signature Technique:


(45 points to start with, for physical stats ONLY, Intelligence is not part of this)
Intelligence: 5 (everyone starts off with 5. Intelligence points can only be earned through attending schools or private tutoring)

Classes and Ranks


Captain- The leader of a platoon, they usually posses well rounded skills and can function in multiple roles if necessary. Commands the other platoon members.

Striker- The main attacker(s) of the group, excelling in strength and agility, it is Striker’s duty to remove any hindrance on the battlefield and be on a relentless offensive. Average defence and consumes lots of Kei.

Vanguard-The final defensive wall, the final trump card that is able to withstand their ground no matter what attacks hit them. They excel in Strength, Defence and Stamina but lack Speed and agility though there are some exceptions to the rule.

Pyschicher- Scouting, analyzing, and detecting Psychiers have wide arrange of jobs that they are responsible for. They have the least amount of Strength, Defence, Stamina, Speed and Agility, but have extremely high Kei and Accuracy. They are crucial part of any team, capable of finding the location of hidden flags, traps, and enemies.


Cadet Ranks: (Non-Command)
➨ Private – Pvt

MP Ranks:
Enlisted - Green Scarf: (Low-Command)
➨ Private First Class - PFC
➨ Lance Corporal - L/Cpl
➨ Corporal - Cpl
➨ Sergeant - Sgt
➨ Staff Sergeant - S/Sgt
➨ Sergeant Major - Sgt Maj

Command Enlisted - Blue Scarf: (Mid-Command)
➨ 2nd Lieutenant - 2Lt
➨ 1st Lieutenant - 1Lt
➨ Captain - Cpt
➨ Major – Maj

Senior Listed: (High Command)
➨ Lieutenant Colonel - Lt.Col
➨ Colonel - Col
➨ Brigadier General - B.Gen
➨ Major General - Maj.Gen
➨ Lieutenant General - Lt.Gen
➨ General – Gen


Joe - Owner of a weapon's store
Maya - Owner of a skills store
Ryan - the local librarian and a tutor for hire
Sir Ignis - head instructor of military arts
Rogen Haruhara: Striker instructor
Canti Haruhara: Personal trainer for Striker

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Character Portrait: Caesar Highwind


Character Portrait: Caesar Highwind
Caesar Highwind

"3rd Platoon Vanguard Caesar Highwind reporting for duty sir!"


Character Portrait: Caesar Highwind
Caesar Highwind

"3rd Platoon Vanguard Caesar Highwind reporting for duty sir!"

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Character Portrait: Caesar Highwind
Caesar Highwind

"3rd Platoon Vanguard Caesar Highwind reporting for duty sir!"

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