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Every drop of water is important to life.

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a character in “Kreandor: Secrets of the Psionic”, as played by Ikiros



Name: Atian Elesson

Age: 36

Description: Atian is young of body, appearing to be in his mid-twenties, even though he's actually closer to forty. He has brown hair and tanned skin, with piercingly pale blue eyes. He wears thick clothing, usually made of natural materials such as cotton or fur, due to his youth among the monks of his home on Earth. Also, thanks to that way of life, he has learned a strict code of martial arts that he has bent so that he can use it if he needs to. Although it is both lethal and efficient, and he hasn't used it in a fight for more than five years, he still practices and maintains his skill, choosing to fight with his hands and new-found abilities rather than with weapons.

Kinetic power: Hydrokinesis

Secondary Power: Youthfulness, Swimming

Equipment: A small dagger and 13 darts.

Experiment number: 03257

History: Originally a monk, Atian found that he he had a hidden desire to study science and the wonders that it held. He had enjoyed his time with the monks, having learned to be calm and reasonable, even in some of the most unbecoming of circumstances, but he'd never fully embraced their belief in non-violence, hence his leaving. He'd become frustrated during a heated argument with a peer and, despite his self-control, became violent when he realized he would lose the argument and his pride because of his foolishness. He didn't bother to think that the fight itself would cost him his home.

It came to pass that he was asked to leave the monastery, so he did and, out of spite and anger, he threw himself at the scientific community, asking to either be taught, to to be of use to them. It so happened that he could be of use, though the procedures seemed almost opposite to what he was taught about the sanctity of the body. Still angered by what he considered a foolish group of monks, he accepted the tests and did as he was asked. It was painful, it was hard, but he pushed himself through, almost dieing several times in the process. And yet, he survived.

When he finally emerged from the testing, he no longer felt any anger towards the monks. It had all been washed from his mind by a new, and more profound, sense of peace than he'd ever felt before. Taking a small amount of time to himself, as he'd been allowed a few weeks to recuperate and to see if anything happened, he took up meditation once again. He didn't realize, however, that even then, he was being watched. While he was deeply in his trance, small orbs of liquid would form in the air beside him; spheres of pure water extracted from the very air itself. The scientists were ecstatic with the development and quickly brought him, this time having his move and manipulate water, a task that he found difficult at first. Within a month, he'd become fully aware of his abilities, though he knew he might still learn something new, and had settled into a smooth rhythm of practicing his power and meditating. Even when he was asked to chase the one experiment feared by his creators, he simply smiled and, with that peaceful look on his face, agreed. The time for peace was ending.

Other: Aitan has never known his parents, as he was abandoned on the steps of the monastery.

So begins...

Atian's Story


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#, as written by Ikiros
As they approached the door, Atian closed his eyes in annoyance at the noise of the klaxons wailing. He disliked the sound, as grating and painful as it was, but as it continued and the door opened, he couldn't help but open his eyes and smile. The idea that they were finally getting around to actually doing something thrilled him like nothing else. However, at the sight of the weapons pointed at them, he stepped back and brought his hands up, as if they might beat back the bolts such weapons could discharge.

As Xaos simply walked forward, Atian felt his mouth open. he'd never expected such a bold action, though he didn't know much more about the man aside from what information the Psicom had given him in briefing. Needless to say, such information was rather sparse and one-sided, in order to keep agents from doing exactly what he'd done. From his position, he watched as the cloud of dust flew upwards, the telekinetic rising into the air behind the shroud to get into better position.

"Yes, that's right. Focus on me while he gets above you, dimwits," he muttered to himself as the weapons were turned more fully on him. He prepared himself to fight back just as his partner spoke once more. Such drama, but it was worth it, he supposed. If nothing else, it was keeping him safe. Atian pulled the blood from the pouch behind him and formed it into a sleek helm with a pair of fins jutting back from each side, much like a pair of fans over his ears. The shimmering red liquid formed seamlessly as he pulled more liquid from his surroundings, this time creating several dozen fragile spines of ice in the air before him, each narrow tip aimed randomly at the Psicom infantry.

He held the shards there for a moment and yawned, taking just a second to gather himself before using such a large amount of his power. As he recovered from the rapid bout of tiredness, Atian waved his arms outwards from his torso, sending the icicles flying forward, though they turned out to be not as accurate as he'd planned, only a few embedding themselves deeply enough to kill, and even then they only managed to kill one person.


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Character Portrait: Atian
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#, as written by Ikiros
Atian yawned again, though he didn't try to cover the wince at the gruesome cracking of bones breaking against stone when the captain landed. He flexed his fingers absentmindedly, however, as Xaos thought of him becoming a hindrance.

"They're not too much...I'm just not entirely used to them yet. Especially not since I got here. Landing here on Kreandor...was like opening my eyes and seeing through the fog that had been around me the whole time." He shrugged and then let his mind begin to pick out the various bodies of water around them. He looked at the bodies of the ground, noting the liquid that was slowly thickening in their blood.

"Seems like a bit of a waste, honestly. I hope you don't mind, Xaos, but I'm going to keep some of this for future use." He knealt by the guard he'd slain, cut the man's neck open with a small shard of ice, and then drew the blood from his body and the water from his cells, taking it and storing it in the pouch at his waist, forcing it to bulge considerably. "There. Now I won't have to worry about not having anything to work with."