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Hannah Leighton

"Pew, pew, pew-- Arrows, everywhere." Elven | Arcane Archer

0 · 365 views · located in Kreon

a character in “Kreon - Rebuilt”, as played by Homesick Angel




❝Mhm, now bare with me for a second... Have you tried turning it off and on again?❞

Bom Bom | Sam and the Womp
We Come Together | Goldfish
Compass | Lady Antebellum

❝The Player❞

Image∞ Full Name ∞ "Hannah, Hannah, bo-bannah, banana-fana fofannah. Any questions?"
| Hannah Rae Leighton |

∞ Nickname ∞ "Pew, pew, pew."
|| Hanners | Raygun ||

∞ Username ∞ "It's clever because it's got Rae in it."
| Ezrael |

∞ Age ∞ "The term is young adult."
| 23 |

∞ Gender ∞ "Ouch, I think you might have hurt my feelings with that one."
| Female |

∞ Sexuality ∞ "So, how 'bout them men, huh?"
| Heterosexual |

∞ Nationality ∞ "BANG BANG! 'Murica."
| American |

∞ Face Claim ∞ "They tell me I look familiar..."
|| Michiko Toyoda & Hana | dCTb ||

❝Whatever you do... Do not cross the streams. Hue.❞

∞ Height & Weight ∞ "Hey, don't look at me like that. I work out. Sometimes... Occasionally. I'm lying."
5'11" | 145 lbs

∞ Hair color/Length/Quality ∞ "Dude, isn't it magnificent?"
Hannah's been blessed with a waterfall of dirty blonde hair that goes past her shoulders and stops somewhere at her mid-back. It tends to bounce when she walks, a fact that she's acutely aware of.

∞ Eye color ∞ "Look me in the eye and ask me that again. Heh, see what I did there?"

∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞ "Bitch, I'm flawless!"
Hannah's in possession of perhaps the roundest and widest hazel eyes in the world. She also has a natural reddish blush eternally gracing her cheeks and her nose.

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞ "Well... What momma don't know..."
Hannah has these two discolored splotches on her right eyebrow-- one above, one below the brow itself thanks to an incident involving a rebellious phase, a homemade eyebrow piercing, and a particularly nasty infection. Then there's the tattoo. Oh yes, the tattoo. A pair of angel wings spread wide across her back and shoulders. Personally, she's in love with it. Her parents... Don't know about it. But hey, they don't need to know, so let's keep this little secret between ourselves, hmm? Other than that, she has the ear piercings that all young ladies have.

∞ Physical Description ∞ "Am I just the most stunning creature you've ever laid eyes on?"
Hanners is unmistakably and one-hundred percent American. She stands rather tale for a woman of her age, sitting somewhere just below six feet. Her hair is a dirty hue of blonde, with a matching set of hazelnut irises. Depending on the mood she'll wear her hair up in a bun or let it flow naturally like the wild waterfall that it is. Her eyes are wide saucer-like things, like she's constantly a deer in headlights. Somehow they only manage to get wider if she's surprised, frightened, anxious, or worried-- which is unfortunate. She doesn't have enough face for them to get any larger. Speaking of her face, much like her eyes there's a rounded quality there. The edges of her cheeks and jaw manage to form a pleasant little oval shape. Her cheeks have a natural blush to them, the same blush that sits on her smallish nose. It also tends to be an incredibly expressive face.

Her skin has a sun-kissed quality, and woman who isn't afraid of little bit of sun every now and again. Hannah has also been blessed with the genetics of a decent body type. Now, she's not a starving supermodel or anything near, she's far too... natural for that. Not that she notices. Sure she likes to pretend she's the hottest thing to ever come out of America, but in the end she doesn't tend to make a huge deal out of it. It's all thanks to the genes of her father and her mother and a little bit of luck that she manages to have the body she does. Though it doesn't stop her from stopping in front of a mirror and approvingly nod on occasion.

Much unlike her manner of speaking, she's actually pretty reserved in her gait. There's no pop to her hips, no sway to her stride, she simply walks forward more often than not with her hands jammed in her pockets. She likes to wear whatever she has in her closet. This includes, but not limited to turtlenecks, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, coats, jackets, skirts, and pants. Basically Hanners is your average American girl, who's not in Kansas any more Toto.


❝To receive everything, one must open one’s hands and give -- TaΓ―sen Deshimaru.❞

∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦ Talks with her hands. A lot.
✦ She yawns. A lot. Especially when she's nervous or anxious. Basically it's a reflex.
✦ She does these exaggerated movements when she thinks no one's looking, and occasionally does them when they are. She can't explain it.
✦ Hannah does this thing where she's trying to explain something and utterly fails at it. She knows what she's doing, she just can't tell you.
✦ Tends to talk to herself and to inanimate objects

Image∞ Likes ∞
β™₯ Computers
β™₯ Coding
β™₯ A touch of alcohol every now and then
β™₯ Video Games
β™₯ Technology
β™₯ Using her gourd to solve complex problems
β™₯ The Internet
β™₯ Memes
β™₯ Purple
β™₯ Dancing like a fool

∞ Dislikes ∞
βœ– Internet outages
βœ– Slow computers
βœ– Problems so complex she can't solve them
βœ– Personal Problems
βœ– Self-doubt
βœ– Internet fights
βœ– Sugar-free foods
βœ– Losing
βœ– Math
βœ– Brown

∞ Talents ∞
βœ” Technology | Despite the blonde hair and American background, Hannah's no ditz. She's basically a techno-wizard. She's well versed in a number of programming languages, and managed to build her own PC rig when she was a teen. Give her a screwdriver and some PC parts and she'll have it working before the day's out.
βœ” Video Games | Basically the hugest nerd you can imagine. She's in love with Video Games, and has a number of titles completed under her belt. Particularly she loves the RPGs, there's just something about stats, skills, and quests that drives her wild. She's the type of person who becomes a master mathematician when it comes to skill points and levels.

Image∞ Hobbies ∞
βœ” Gaming
βœ” Coding programs
βœ” Understand technology through taking it apart and putting it back together
βœ” Reading the newest advances in her interest field
βœ” Going outside and taking long walks in the park
βœ” Creating memes on the internet

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Deep water. Not swimming pool deep, but Ocean deep.
✘ Claustrophobia. She completely freaks out when she feels like there's no escape.
✘ Standing in the middle of a crowded room and feeling utterly and completely alone

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ Crippling Self-doubt
✘ Talks way too much and way too fast.
✘ Touchy-feely, she has a hard time acknowledging personal space
✘ Hannah's clingy, and tends to hold on to friends with her whole heart, for better or for worse.

∞ Secrets ∞
βŒ› She harbors deep seated self-doubt, something she has to push past every day. She tries to hide it with her rather large mouth and a bit of false bravado. In spite of her words, she's never sure if every thing will work out, and she's afraid of trying new things for fear of an epic failure. It's better visible when she's extremely stressed, and when important matters land in her lap.
βŒ› Thanks to the self-doubt, she's never truly loved and never had a meaningful relationship. In fact, she's never had a real relationship at all. Only close friends and distant crushes. However, any friends she makes she holds on to dearly and tightly.
βŒ› Didn't do too well in her first year college, managing to pull out a GPA below 2.0. It was so bad that at the very end she actually collapsed into tears and almost didn't go back. She'd since raised the GPA and ended up doing very well in school, but it's still an embarrassing footnote.

❝Look! I don't know how I'm doing it, all I know is that I am!❞

∞ Techniques ∞ "What? You saw a magic arrow? Pfffft, don't be crazy you... big... crazy."
Mark | The archer marks the target with a special magical arrow that allows other non-special arrows to automatically home in on the target provided that the target is physically reachable. Requires that the initial arrow makes contact with the target

Smoke Arrow | A defensive arrow meant to be fired at the ground. Upon impact the arrow releases a cloud of smoke obscuring vision and breaking line of sight.

Fire Arrow | An arrow imbued with the element of fire. The arrow glows red when traveling through the air and ignites upon impact, creating a fireball in it's place.


∞ Personality ∞ "I'm telling you, if I wasn't a massive nerd, I'd be perfect"
Hannah, Hannah, dear Hannah, whatever will we do with you sweatheart? By no means is she a timid soul, she talks loud, laughs hard, and throws herself into the next adventure with eyes closed and breath bated. She likes to talk a lot about nothing in particular, but if asked about something specific will fumble over her words and give a faint explanation containing a lot of nondescriptive words like "stuff", "things", and "sorta like that, but not really." It's a futile attempt to draw a decent explanation out of her, and it always ends in her becoming adorably frustrated. In spite of her particular inability to explain things, at her very core Hanners is an intelligent person. She's a woman of her time, enveloped and enraptured by anything and everything technological.

Place a bit of technology in front of her and her eyes light up like a Christmas tree. She loves nothing more than cracking something open and understanding what makes it work like it does. There's a curious streak in her a mile wide, with her eyes always turned toward the future, waiting on pins and needles to see what the next innovation may be. Following her curiosity is a habit of talking herself through whatever she's doing. If given a sufficiently difficult puzzle she'll try her best to coach herself through it aloud, rhetorical questions and all-- sometimes going so far as to even answer herself. This of course makes her a bit of nerd. She's spent an embarrassing amount of time on the internet, wasting her time doing exactly nothing. Unless you want to count watching funny cat videos, a touch of anime, "loling" at memes as something productive.

ImageThis does not mean that she's a basement dweller. She loves nothing more than to interact with other fleshies-- uh, humans. She loves social interaction, and she loves the outside. From taking a walk to nowhere in particular, to taking a seat at a local park to read the news on her phone, she's never cooped up in her room for too long. For good reason too, she absolutely abhors feeling confined. She has a case of Claustrophobia so bad that she can't even take a breath in her own apartment unless a window is cracked and the curtains are drawn back. She hates the feeling of being boxed in, of spinning her wheels and getting nowhere fast.

Hanners is also a driven individual. She will sit down and work at a problem until she either A) conquers it utterly and completely, or B) Fails so hard that she rage-quits. Chalk it up to the part of hating just spinning her wheels, if a problem proves too difficult to solve, she just gets pissed and just stops working at it. It doesn't help her self-confidence problem. What? Didn't expect that one did you? Hannah has a pretty bad case of self-doubt. If she wasn't in possession of a strong heart, it'd be a challenge for her to get out of bed every day. She pushes past it with sheer force of will, through grit teeth and clenched fists. She hides with with big talk, false bravado, and a facade of confidence. She believes that maybe if she pretends hard enough, then maybe one day she wouldn't have to pretend anymore.

It still affects her though. Big issues wear her down. It nearly caused her to flunk out of college, almost caused her to never travel to Japan to pursue her career, and it has made finding love nearly impossible because she's too afraid of taking the leap. If her bubble of pretend confidence collapses, then she becomes an utter absolute wreck. She's afraid, totally afraid that she'll grow old one day and find out that she's completely alone. It fills her with a sense of dread and the mere thought alone is enough to make her eyes mist. It makes her cherish the friends she does have, love the family she's blessed with, and makes her hold on to them with every fiber of her very being.

Hannah is who she is. A woman, a geek, a nerd with an aegis of conjured confidence protecting her nervous and frightened heart. A driven individual with a penchant of talking to herself-- and answering-- with the mind of a bright young innovator who looks to the future with wide eyes and shaky hands. She acts like the person she wants to be in hopes of becoming that person. A fighter, a thinker, a restless soul who wants nothing more out of her life but the best.

In the end, Hannah's simply... Raediculous.

❝I always believed that... If I, like, acted confident, if I act brave then maybe... Just maybe, one day I wouldn't have to act anymore.❞


∞ Romantic Interest ∞ "No one in particular, however I do know this one hot mother... board."
Unfortunately not

∞ Most Precious Person ∞ "It's... hard to just pick one. ."
Between her father, her mother, and her sister, it has to be her sister. She loves them all equally and immensely, but she's Hailey always had that fire that Hannah lacked, and she's envious of it.

∞ Family ∞ "They're mine and I'm theirs, bless their hearts."
Jonathon Ray Leighton | Father | 48 | Still lives in the USA
Bethany Selene-Leighton | Mother | 51 | Still lives in the USA
Hailey Jo Leighton | Younger Sister | |19 | Still lives in the USA
Hannah still keeps in close contact and calls them every week religiously.

Hailey and Hannah, respectively
∞ History ∞ "So you want yo know more about me? Well sit right there and hold on to your butt."
Hannah didn't take the easiest of roads to get to where she's at now. There were a lot of twists and turns, a few shifts in her demeanor, and a whole lot of crazy thrown in for good measure. Contrary to popular belief, she didn't enter the world kicking and screaming, lungs burning with roaring cries. In fact, it was more of a whimper and a small forced cry. Her parents of course were worried, but what parents wouldn't be if their newborn child didn't cry as strong as it should. She stayed in a hospital longer than usual, hooked up to machines to ensure that she'd be able to get the chance to live her life to the fullest. And she fought for that right to live, even as a baby. In the end, everything turned out alright and the Leighton's brought home their first child. A southern home. She was born and raised in the Southern part of the States.

It did manage to foreshadow the rest of her life. As a kid, Hannah wasn't the most, shall we say social of children. She always kept to herself, never speaking above a whisper, never doing anything new or uncomfortable. When out in public, she always clung to her parents legs or neck, afraid of the world around her. Her family were the only ones she was really herself around, a bubbly. cheerful child with a mouth that never stopped, hands that never quit working, and a mind that never grew bored. Her dad was a mechanic, and she often watched him work on the innards of the car, and like the good little daughter she was, she liked to help. His little assistant as he called her.

Hanners was about four when their family grew by one more. Her little sister entered into their lives, and much unlike her older sister, Hailey Joe was stong child. She was everything Hannah was not. She was far braver, more impulsive, stronger willed, and Hannah loved her. In fact, Hannah envied her little sister, being everything she wished she was. Hailey had many friends, while Hannah had only a few, but she never despised her for it. Hailey always said she looked up to her older sister, for being so smart, so pretty, so funny, just the general older sister things. But, Hannah looked up to her younger sister as well, for having the fearless heart she lacked.

Being the shy introvert she was, all of the energy that could have been spent on friends, were instead spent on her school work. Hanners was a straight A student, and a prodigal genius, while her sister was decidedly... not. Her shell also manifested in dealing more with technology than people. She got her first computer when she a teenager, and the internet soon after and she was instantly hooked. She spent more time on the little box than anything else, learning random bits of nonsensical trivia, working with the computer to do exactly what she wanted to do. And the video games-- she loved them vidya games. She loved leaving the world and entering her own, where she could be the hero to save the world, she could be the strong viking warrior, where she could be brave.

About the same time, she was also given perhaps the most important piece of advice in her life-- from her mother. She was depressed because she was never able to do the things that Hailey was able to. She didn't go out with friends or take any risks of any kind, and mother's can always tell these things about their children. Mother and daughter had a long talk about Hannah's self-doubt, and she said, "It doesn't matter if you're brave or not. What matters is that you act like it." And she took it to heart. Perhaps a with a bit too much vigor to begin with. This kicked off a rebellious phase just for the sake of rebellion. A rebel without a cause, if you will. She went the whole nine yards, black hair, black clothes, black make-up and nail polish, and one ill-advised eyebrow piercing.

The day before Hannah left for Japan
While admittedly it took some courage to do, perhaps it was a bit much, and her parents told her as much. Even Hailey disapproved, and Hannah views it as an embarrassing time in her life. Hailey still teases her about the scar. But, it was a step in the right direction. After she calmed down, she did it right and eased into it. "Ten seconds of insane stupid courage," her father called it. It started off simple. Every time she hesitated about something, she clenched her fists and forced herself to say yes. She woke up every morning and donned an air of boisterous courage and confidence and met the day head on. In time, it became easier to fake, and she grew out of her shell, even if there's one still hidden deep down.

Life went on, as it does, and she graduated high school and went into college for Computer Science. Not bad for a southern girl, hmm? However, things didn't go all that smoothly to begin with. Everything was so easy in high school, and she expected much of the same in college. To put it politely, she was wrong. Her first semester she completely crashed and burned. She failed nearly all of her tests, and when she returned home from she broke down a balled right there in the living room. The loving family that she had though, they cheered her up, put their faith in her, and pushed her to give it a second chance. And she did, this time knowing what to expect. She ended up doing very well in college, passing and actually landing an internship right out of the gate.

There was one thing though. The internship was in Japan, for a hardware company. The fact that she had to move out of America terrified her, and it was only at the insistence of her family-- especially her sister, that she found the courage to put her head down and do it. And so, a plane ride and a few tear soaked hours later she was in Japan. She'd spent much of her initial time there learning the language and customs. She'd since managed to settle in and pull out a comfortable living for herself.

She bought Kreon-Rebuilt because of the simple fact of how advanced it was. Virtual Reality was the holy grail of technology, like hell she was going to miss it. Whatever she was expecting though, it wasn't this.

∞ Other ∞ "... What else do you need to know? I mean really."
Seriously, what else?

So begins...

Hannah Leighton's Story


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Claustrophobia clawed at her from the inside, her chest rising and falling in rapid tempo as she hyperventilated. Nimble fingers assaulted her menu, desperately searching for a way out. She looked for a quit button, an exit, log out, anything that would rip her out of the game and back into the real world. She'd seen the same options many time before, hoping that just maybe this time she'd find it. She was never that lucky-- unfortunately, and the escape eluded her. By now she knew the attempt was futile, but she couldn't except that, Hannah had to find a way out.

"Dammit! Just let me out!" She yelled at her menu. Her eyes were red and puffy from the tears that stained her face. She wasn't aware of when she started to cry, only that she couldn't stop the tears now that they were flowing. "Just! ... Just let me out. Please," She pleaded, her fingers slowing to a halt and it dawned on her. There was no way out. As the thought finally solidified in her mind, her hands trembled and her she drew her knees up close to her body, and she hugged herself as the tears came more forcefully

She was stuck. "Dammit..." She muttered to herself, cursing herself, and cursing this artificial world that kept her trapped. She pressed her back up against the building she sat against, trying to make herself so much smaller. She'd escaped down a lonely allyway once everyone else was beginning to realize their plight. She was and felt utterly and totally alone. She sobbed by herself. She knew she should've taken a look at the VRH, rooted around the code and the circuits. Maybe then she would have realized she'd be stuck had she entered it. But she was so excited, so eager to jack herself into the game.

And for good reason. The game was nothing like she imagined it-- it was better. A real, live, living breathing virtual reality, from the trees to the NPCs, everything felt so real. It was like a dream, it was really amazing how fast everything turned into a nightmare. What once felt like freedom now felt like a prison, and her claustrophobia struck again as she thought about it. She was stuck and her heart beat faster and faster threatening to stop all together. Fear and dread took a hold and she slid down the building and to her side where she refused to move, more than happy to wallow in her own despair.

Would she ever see her family again? The images of her mother, her father, and her sister danced in her head. What was worse, they didn't know she was trap, and it'd be a week before they realized something was wrong. At the least. But even then, what could they do? Her body was half the world around, and her mind stuck in a computer. It only caused her to sob louder and harder. "I just wanna go home..." she whimpered.

She stayed like for a time, emotionally, physically a wreck. Though with that time, the tears slowed their flow, and the ragged hitches in her breath halted. Instead she found herself quietly staring at the building in front of her. What would her sister say if she saw Hannah like this? Shake her head in disappointment? Reassure her, tell her everything's going to be alright-- even if it was a lie? Probably.

Hannah closed her eyes and forced herself to a sitting position, letting her head loll back and stare up into the sky. Her hands were still trembling, she could feel the bones rattling beneath her skin. She clenched her fist tight and forced them to stop. She wasn't going to get anywhere, just sitting there, wallowing in her self-pity, giving in to her despair and doubt. She had to fight. She had to escape, even if it had to be by tooth and nail. No one was simply going to come and save them all, she had to do it herself. She shut tight her eyes, grit her teeth, and began to pound the wall beside her with the bottoms of her fists.

"If I can't be brave, then I'll act like it," She said, repeating the mantra that governed her adult life. "Just thirty seconds of insane courage. Then thirty more. Then thirty more. I can do this," She said, psyching herself up. She couldn't afford to be weak, not now. She had to find the strength, or at least pretend like she had it to to fight her way out.

She'd have to fight enemies, grow stronger, level up, she'd have to get better, and she'd have to brave if she was ever going to escape this virtual prison. So it was through clenched teeth Hannah stood up and pushed off of the wall, dropping into a dead sprint toward the nearest exit of the city. "I can do this," She reminded herself, "I am going to get out of here."

As she left through the gates of the city, her wide eyes were red, her bow was in her hand, and a magical arrow was at the ready.