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Sebastian Michaelis

I am simply one hell of a butler.

0 · 1,745 views · located in Victorian England

a character in “Kuroshitsuji A New Beginning”, as played by AngelicPride



~Sebastian Michaelis
~Over 3,500 years old. (Appears as a Young Adult)
~There isn't much that rattles Sebastian Michaelis. Highly intelligent, resourceful, demonically strong and fast and with all the experience of his long life behind him, he faces nearly every situation with eerie calm. He has a rather dry, sly sense of humor and seems to enjoy poking fun at humanity in general and Earl Phantomhive in particular. In spite of this, he is very attentive to both the letter and spirit of the contract between himself and Ciel Phantomhive, carrying out the Earl's orders with speed and precision. He is highly meticulous and detail-oriented, and dislikes having the daily schedule disrupted.
Sebastian is shown to be extremely attractive to members of both sexes (most notably Madam Red, Grell and Beast), but seems to regard this pragmatically, and has no qualms about using his sex appeal to achieve his goals.
~Sebastian can be skilled at whatever his master needs him to be skilled at.
~As for powers:
~Healing Ability
~His blood is an aphrodisiac. (Among Others)
~Getting what he wants
~Being in control
~Being outsmarted
~Three years ago, he was summoned to Ciel Phantomhive after the latter was about to be sacrificed in a occult ritual. After forming the contract with Ciel and placing the seal of the contract on his eye, Ciel orders him to slay his abductors. It is implied that Sebastian will take the role of Ciel's butler until Ciel has completed his personal mission of revenge - that is the substance of their contract. Sebastian's job is to serve Ciel, doing everything from the mundane task of serving tea to protecting Ciel from certain death, until Ciel's goal is complete. In return, Sebastian will receive Ciel's soul when said goal is completed. Sebastian is then given the name "Sebastian" by Ciel for the duration of his duties as Ciel's butler.

So begins...

Sebastian Michaelis's Story