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Jayce Vex'xe

We could live in such harmony...

0 · 234 views · located in Kylem

a character in “Kylem: The Seven Kingdoms”, as played by AngelicPride



~ King Jaycien "Jayce" Vex'xe
~ Very playful, he doesn't take much seriously, or at least he doesn't show it. He is always smiling, but he has sadness in his eyes. He is determined not to start a war and loves all races. He's caring and loving, but if someone hurts the ones he loves, he turns into a true beast.
View on the War:
~Completely rejects the idea of war
Who do you fight for:
~"My people. My beautiful people."
~Can put people into a trance with his flute playing
~"Fox Magic" Allows him to heal himself as well as others
~Has Fire control (Learned from the elemians)
~Extreme speed
Weapon of Choice:
~Dual blades made from demon bone (Stolen from High Shadia)
Brief History:
~Being one of the youngest kings in all of Kylem he was expected to grow up fast. Little has changed though, he is still impulsive and playful. He does take his kingdom very seriously and wants them to be safe, but he really doesn't enjoy ruling, all he wants to do is adventure.

So begins...

Jayce Vex'xe's Story