Kali is a special Zombie

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a character in “L4D: A Zombie Apocolypse”, as played by Hailey13


Name: Kali Henderson
Age: 15
Appearance: Brunette hair in a ponytail, blue eyes, jogging suit.
Personality: Kali was once a happy, childish girl who loved track and vault. Now that she's a zombie, she mainly is quiet and is very helpful.
Bio/abilities: Kali is very flexible, so her ability she gained was to twist her body into amazing shapes, like a circus performer. Her other ability is that she can regenerate lost limbs.
Weapons: She uses her hair as a whip.
History: She was from New York, but her mother wanted her to become intune with nature, so she sent her to her dad's. She was bit by her own dad after the quarantine was initiated.
Quirks: She hates dirt, so she showers after every battle and loves shiny things. She gets distracted easily.

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Kali's Story