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Kadence "Kade" Riddell

I've got my eyes on the horizon and I'm never looking back.

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a character in “Labyrinth: A Pokemon Roleplay”, as played by akai-pyon


Kadence Riddell

Nickname: Kade
Age: 17
Gender: Female


Resonance, Arcanine ♂, level 80, Charcoal
Adagio, Raichu ♂, level 79, Magnet
Duet, Pidgeot ♀, level 78, Sharp Beak
Harmony, Vaporeon ♀, level 77, Mystic Water
Crescendo, Nidoking ♂, level 76, EXP Share
Symphony, Salamence ♂, level 78, Dragon Fang

Appearance: Kade stands at about 5'6". She is slender, because she doesn't eat particularly much, as picky as she is. Kade's pink hair has been dyed, and cut by her own hand, which means that one side is longer than the other. In fact, everything about Kade seems to be asymmetrical. From her hair to the one glove on her right hand, to the different designs on her red sweatshirt. Kade is in very good shape from all the traveling she has done in Kanto.

She has pale skin and carries around this pair of black headphones. Usually, she wears them around her neck. They're connected to an MP3 player, but Kade doesn't really listen to her MP3 player since she has her Pokemon for company. She also carries around a brown messenger bag that she decorated by hand.

Her eyes are dark green, and her features almost delicate. But a sort of hidden strength lies underneath her small smile and angelic face. Her Pokeballs are all attached to her bag, which she never lets out of her sight.


Theme Song: "Love like Woe" - by The Ready Set

Personality: Kade is a rather interesting person. Never one to be out-spoken, she voices her opinion anytime her opinion changes or wishes to be known. She has a hard time keeping her mouth shut and is a sucker for secrets. She loves being in the know. She hates being on the outside of something and hates it even more when people keep stuff from here.

Kade has a strange attraction to the unique, the different...the dark. Although she doesn't look like it, Kade is an artist, of both the auditory and the visual. A songwriter and a painter, to be precise. Her songs are always melancholic, dark, written about a young maiden and a forbidden attraction to something from the shadows. Her paintings, mysterious, using various shades of gray and black and white, with a few bright patches of color for emphasis.

She is in her element when freaking others out. Kade knows exactly how to freak anybody out and she gets a kick out of it. During the day, as one might say, Kade is usually quite happy, content with her lot. But come nightfall, Kade seems to change. A bolder, rather more sadistic Kadence appears...............

Nonetheless, Kade is very protective of her friends and her Pokemon. She hardly ever thinks about herself, putting the situation of others before her. She needs to be persuaded to take some time off, step back and look at the canvas that is her own, the one that is just begging to be painted on, a song, begging to be written.

Pokemon personalities:
Resonance is a very loyal Pokemon. Determined to protect Kade, he refuses to go into his Pokeball. He was the second Pokemon she ever caught, but when Kade almost lost her starter to Team Rocket and she got paranoid and practically never took her starter out again, he became her lead Pokemon. He's very loving and sometimes overreacts.

Adagio was a Pikachu when he first met Kade. He had been captured by Team Rocket and Kade, having sneaked into the base to rescue her Charmander, Prelude, and she saw him. She figured out how to release him and Raichu stuck with her ever since. He has a strong temper and more often than not is the cause of her troubles.

Duet is one of those arrogant ones. Although she might act like she doesn't want to listen to Kade, she does anyway proven by the way she eagerly brings Kade anywhere the trainer wants to go in Kanto. Duet can't stand being insulted by anybody or anything, or having any of her companions insulted. She likes battles and it's there that she usually listens to Kade.

Harmony is a gentle heart and soul. An Eevee given to Kade by her childhood best friend Bill, she accidentally came into contact with a Water Stone while they were travelling. She puts her heart into everything she does and while she doesn't necessarily like battling all the time, she has a very motherly instinct and will protect at any cost.

Crescendo is a regal spirit. High strung and proud, he doesn't react too well to orders from anybody but Kade. Also very gluttonous, he eats the most when they stop for a break and is often the only reason why they stop for a break. He's strong and powerful, and he knows it.

Symphony was one of the later Pokemon that Kade caught. She caught him when he was around level 52 and as such, he's still having a little bit of trouble adjusting to life as a trainer's Pokemon instead of a wild one. But he likes being Kade's Pokemon, simply because he finally has a purpose in life.


Resonance - Pokeball. He's never in it. Kade drew triplet notes on it.
Adagio - Ultra Ball. He came with it. Kade drew whole notes on it.
Duet - Luxury Ball. Kade composed a little song - it's actually playable.
Harmony - Pokeball. She came with it. Kade covered it with stickers.
Crescendo - Luxury Ball. He was caught unawares. Kade drew eighth notes on it.
Symphony - Luxury Ball. He was caught after a long battle. Kade stuck random stickers on it.

Pokemon moves:
- Fire Blast
- Dig
- Hyper Beam
- Flamethrower

- Toxic
- Thunder
- Volt Tackle
- Iron Tail

- Air Slash
- Fly
- Steel Wing
- Mirror Move

- Hydro Pump
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Rock Smash

- Megahorn
- Earth Power
- Poison Jab
- Dragon Pulse

- Dragon Claw
- Zen Headbutt
- Crunch
- Double Edge


Back story: Kade's journey began like any other. At age ten, she was presented a shiny Charmander from Professor Oak, because she had often helped him out around the lab when she was younger and she had told him she always wanted a shiny Pokemon. She nicknamed him Prelude. She loved music, even back then. And it was this trait that was very unique to her - every single one of her Pokemon has a nickname that is a music term.

She treasured the little creature, but it wasn't until age twelve that her parents actually let her go out into the world by herself. She kept Prelude by her side because the fire breathing lizard just never quite liked being in the Pokeball.

Team Rocket wanted her Prelude, her Charmander.

They got him.

They took Prelude when Kade was celebrating a major victory: her very first gym badge. Heartbroken, Kade didn't know what to do. She was afraid to go back to her home town - what would people say? She was irresponsible! She couldn't even hold onto her very first Pokemon! She didn't ask anybody for help, and went to face Team Rocket by herself. By then, Kade had already caught Resonance, who was a Growlithe back then. She rescued Prelude, but not after realizing just how dangerous it was to carry a shiny Pokemon around while Team Rocket still existed.

She leveled Prelude up to Charizard and then, made the heart wrenching decision to put him in the PC. She often takes him out to play and to talk to him, but she never brings him along when she's travelling. It's just far too dangerous.

Kade defeated the Kanto Elite Four when she was fifteen, three long years after she started her journey. She traveled to Johto and to Hoenn later on, but she didn't take the Pokemon gym challenges over there. Instead, she was content with seeing the new Pokemon and filling her Pokedex. She caught many Pokemon in her journeys, all of whom she loves almost equally.

There are a few that just get on her nerve, but she doesn't have the heart to abandon them, because despite how easily she finds she can annoy people and not really care what they think, there's just something different about Pokemon.

Kade had one encounter with love and that was on a trip to Sunnyshore City, where she met Volkner. The two met on accident, because of a rather hilarious situation in which Kade thought his Raichu was Adagio and he thought Adagio was his Raichu. Funny how things like that happened. Either way, the two of them became very good friends.

Kade was only there for a visit, and the two of them had only a few friendly duels. However, Kade always came back whenever she was in Sinnoh and it was in Sinnoh that she received her letter. In fact, oddly enough, it had been addressed to Volkner's home. He handed it to her when she came for a visit just a day later.

So begins...

Kadence "Kade" Riddell's Story