The Childlike Empress

The Ageless Commander of Wishes

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The Child like Empress is the Monarch of the world of Fantasia. A place said to exist in the dream space of our imaginations.

The Empress herself, appears to be but a child. Yet even Queen Mad will admit she is perhaps one of the most ancient beings to ever exist. Suggestively predating Mab, herself.

Yet for all her timelessness, the Empress rarely speaks and even more rarely makes appearances outside of the Ivory Tower which acts as both her refuge and, some would say, her self imposed prison. The people and creatures of Fantasia glorify her and will also anything to protect her seeing as without the Empress the fabric of their world would weaken and be overcome by the Nothing which ever lurks in their mists.

Despite being the monarch of her world, the empress does not rule fantasia, nor does she make any laws. Her sole purpose seems to revolve around keeping her world alive. She is a living embodiment of the world of fantasia. Her life force making the world's existence possible.

Fantasia is also ever changing, reshaping itself, and manifesting new and unpredictable elements. Only a select few have the ability to travel there.

The childlike Empress is characterized by a sullen, sad, and lonely demeanor. She is always seen in white and there seems to be a perpetual glow about her that fluctuates depending on her mood. Some say she is without will, and when faced with violence or aggression she will not defend herself or react at all. Despite her eternal spirit, the Empress has a decidedly weak constitution. Tiring easily when she is outside her domain. Her power, though very great, is also very sensitive and in order to remain and to keep Fantasia alive she must regularly be given a new name.

Its unclear how often, or what causes this form of regeneration. What is known is that only a child has the power to name her and time and again save Fantasia from destruction and the empress from fading out of existence.

Her names are often secret and few outside of the children who name her know the name she is given. The last known name was "Moon Child" and was given to the empress by a human boy by the name of Bastian.


The Childlike Empress holds a permanent, if often absent, position on the high council.

In her world and beyond it she is known as the Commander of Wishes and, using the mystical power of the AURYN, she has the ability to build her world and grant the deepest wishes of those she entrusts her secrets to. Typically she only appears at key functions throughout the many worlds.

The empress is very sentimental and cries often. she also has a deep appreciation and respect for Jareth perhaps because their abilities and present destinies are similar. And the magic associated with them dates back to the beginning of all existence. Despite this special connection to him, she will neither protect or condemn him in any way. Her role is to simply pass fair and quiet judgement when it is called upon her to do so.

Her Emissary is a tribal youth known as Atryu who is often sent out in the empresses place on adventures and quests. he is also the protector of the AURYN.

So begins...

The Childlike Empress's Story


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The crowd all slowly turned to the great vast doors at the far end of the hall moving back a bit to make room more out of a sense of collective respect than necessity. All parted the was as well between the long walkway and Jareth's enthroning area where his party all stood in their raised box.

Zade who had been standing near Sayer originally moved away from him slowly towards the closed doors and the room filled with pregnant anticipation and heavy magic. Slowly Zade made her way to the side of one grand door. Her white robs dripping in gold bangles and accents native to her home land. In her good time she turned to the amassed crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen. The High Council thanks you greatly for your willingness to be with us on this day. The Centennial Ball is a time of communion between all people and beings. All of our destinies entwine along a single great tapestry of existence. In this place and time we come together, lost children in a vast wilderness of life, myth, and magic. All of you are beloved to us and in this time and place we are all equal, all united as one force. We are the children of legend, myth, and legacy. May our stories never be forgotten, may we come together in unity and peace always. In Queen Mab's eyes were are all her children and as such, she has come here this night, out of love and devotion to us all." At the end of her speech Zade bowed deeply to the crowd as the doors swung gently open and unseen trumpets sounded announcing the entrance of the other lesser Council members.

The procession was lead by the Childlike empress who was presently laying upon a great silk pillow twice her size. She was clearly still in full repose. Curled like a cat upon the pillow looking sickly but presently at peace. The pillow was being carried by willowy faes who moved so seamlessly that they were hardly noticeable.

Next, a few feet behind was the tall and broad Glinda of Oz. Her hair was a dark auburn and fell practically to her waist in wild ringlets curls against her white and gold dress. Her look was regal and honorable as she waited for Zade to join them in the procession, her middle aged beauty was stunning and full of wisdom and strength.

Finally, came Mab herself.

Broad and womanly as if she'd given birth a thousand times over and knew both the pain and joy of it. Though she was beyond middle aged in appearance her beauty was timeless and familar. Stoic yet warm. Inflexible yet accommodating. Her expression was mysterious and her presence weird and otherworldly. Her skirts were layered thick and long flowing and her dress was adorned with flowers, seeds, and and nuts. Her power and majesty was palpable and not a single person in the room felt as if they could hide from her knowing and all seeing gaze as she both scrutinized and accepted all that was around her. Escorting the high Fairy into the room was Mr. Tumnus, a jovial sort of fawn and only male council member who had long been in the services of the Pevensies. Of the lot of them, Mr. Tumnus looked the happiest to be there as he waved and nodded to the crowd.

The procession walked a quarter of the way into the hall when Mab put up her hand and in a voice that filled the entire room without forcing her to raise her voice, she said. "We come in Friendship, Fidelity, and Peace; to right what has been left broken and undone as well as to celebrate what is still good and whole. Our world is a fragile thing that many of us are compelled to take for granted. May you all be grateful for what you have achieved, for who and what you are, and for why you are all here. Your presence among us goes beyond unity and gracious joy, you are the embodiment of our greatest hopes and our most compelling wishes. Not everything we do in this place will be happy, but we must all try to see the wisdom and more importantly the opportunity of it. Who comes to take my hand?"

"I do." Jareth approached the procession slowly and with great purpose. His eyes were narrowed as he locked his gaze on Queen Mab who was both rival and mother to him. Both is redeemer and his judge. how he loved and was oppressed by her.

"Come onward, O' King of the Goblins and make thy self known." Mab's own words were articulated carefully and in a calculated fashion as she watched him approach showing no fear or superiority about it.

We have come to test you.

The other lesser Council Members moved aside so that Jareth could approach. The tension in the room was high and fine. For a moment Jareth stood before Queen Mab's direct presence. A presence that would have made a lesser person quiver where they stood at that range.

Jareth held steady though and when Mab extended her hand to him Jareth sunk down before her on both knees and hung his head in tribute to her, not in submission but tribute. "I am your faithful servant, welcome to my home, Aunt."

"Jareth, I do think you mean your lair. Don't confuse the two ideas. Now rise and by all means introduce me to you're party. I dare say, I think I see some interesting faces." Mab remarked as she implored him to rise and take her arm.

All of this was clearly heard by everyone in the space.