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"So you wish for my key....?"

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a character in “Labyrinth Of Memories”, as played by KairiGotoKuji


Name: Jukii
Age 35
Role: Keeper/Father
-the followers
-Daughters love life
Status- was married
Jukii and wife on wedding day:

So begins...

Jukii's Story


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Kairi walked through the gate from her fathers main chamber in the labyrinth. As she walked through the maze, she had a feeling today was going to be a very good day. She usually never got this feeling but today was diffrent not like any other days. This made her happy. As she made her way to the starting gate she sensed as though some may already be in the labyrinth butshe just brushed it off. She often felt as though that were true but it never was. Once she got to the gate she saw the gates were open, this was unusally they should have been closed. She thinks...hmmm, who could have been here? Maybe father...I'd better close it As she was closing the gate she felt an unusally breeze. It was oddly warm. Which couldnt be good. Her father had always said if you ever feel a warm unusally breeze run.... So as soon as the gate was closed she ran as fast as she could possibly go back to her father. Once she had got to the doors that lead inside, they were locked which only meant one thing.....People had already started to make their trip to enter the i have to wait...oh well at least i'll be able to mess with the followers With that she got up and started to walk slowly through the Labyrinth, it may take a while for followers to get here.


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As Kairi was sitting, there she couldnt help but feel she might enconter that warm air again, she pushed that feeling aside knowing that couldnt happen again anytime soon. She really hope the followers stay long and not find their way out quickly, she she just loves to mess with them. Its mainly her hobbie when people come in. She closed her eyes thinking about, or even if she'll ever find that one guy. To be with her forever. "One day that will come." She said to herself, she kept her eyes closed just so she could day dream about her fantasy. She sat their most of her days, when ever there isnt anyone here yet, even though there was people here she was waiting for them and this kills time.

He knows people have entered the labyrinth because of the light that so often came through the far side of one end of the labyrinth. She smirked at the thought knowing they made a mistake coming through here. He swore to his wife if anyone tried to hurt, Kairi or himself. He'd stop them in a blink of an eye if he knew or was about to witness the act of violence. Other than that, nothing really happened in that matter before and he hopes never will. He'd be very pissed at whom ever did try to harm any of them.