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Labyrinthium: Captain Bloodbayne's Fortune.

Labyrinthium: Captain Bloodbayne's Fortune.


An adventure like no other. Navigate traps, hostile natives and a variety of other looming threats and race to find a retired pirate Captain's grand fortune!

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Image“Be there a knave out there worth his salt? The name’s Cap’n Bloodboyle and I ‘av somethin’ ta say. I’d open me ears if I were ye, because it may be of great interest and I’m only gonna’ say it the once. Ye’all know me and those who don’t ‘av been sheltered their ‘ole lives. Sad ta say, I ‘aint gonna’ be around much longer, soon I shalls be sailing the stars in the great beyond. Though I bet ya’ don’t care much ‘bout this, fact is there be many happys to sees me go. In me long years, I ‘av built a glorious fortune, one so bountiful that I ‘ad to take great measures to protect it. You sees, I ‘ad plenty a wench in my time, but did’na make a wife of any lass, so no whelps of my own I have. It pains me ‘ol heart ta think that me fortune could ne’er be discovered, only ta waste away ‘long with my legacy. I ‘av a proposition for yous all. Me booty be hidden underground on the teeny tiny planet Labyrinthium. The only thing on the surface, ‘mists all the weeds, be a tall tree which has no place bein’ there, one ye surely canne miss. This be the entrance to the place where my treasure be hidden. I be telling ye all this, ye picaroon, ‘cos I wants someones to find me treasure, to continue me legacy. Ye thinks this will be a simple task, ho-ho-ho, I laugh heartily at ye, for ya see the heart of Labyrinthium lay beneath the mild surface. This be a maze of great peril an’ danger. I ‘av made sure that only the worthy will be ables to claim me bounty. I challenge all ye men an’ lasses, if ye think ye are made of somethin’ stronger than the rest, to comes an’ prove it. If ya’ll don’t die in the unforgivin’ depths of the relentless planet, then yous could be filthy rich beyonds yer wildest dreams. A clue yous say? I only be sayin’ this, it be marked with an “x”, can’ee miss it. Dis quest be not for the faint o’ heart, thinks long an’ good before ye’s come searchin’.

This be where I says goodbye, so long, tills we meet again in the grand beyond.”

The message spread far and wide, reaching even the most isolated locations in the galaxy. The notorious Captain Bloodboyle, who had lived and ruled the skies longer than any pirate before him, had willingly revealed the whereabouts of his copious riches. Claiming the treasure, however, would not be an easy feat. Labyrinthium seemed as though a docile little planet, however, under the surface lay a secret world. It was here that the Captain had chosen to hide his treasure. Each gathered to the planet for their own reasons. Some wanted to prove themselves to be the greatest pirates in the galaxy, some were drawn simply at the promise of wealth and others gathered for the prospect of an adventure like no other.

Underneath the planet’s green exterior beats the heart of a bustling empire. There is brimming cities, majestic scenery, seemingly endless seas, quaint towns and much more besides to see. As you navigate through the vast planet, make sure to beware the traps, the bloodthirsty predators and some hostile locals, not particularly fond of outsiders. The Captain was extremely vague as to the whereabouts of his treasure. He stated only that “x” marked the location.


Image I did not want to go into too much detail about the planet, as it is going to be new to all of the characters involved in this RP. Rather than lay anything out in stone, I thought we could share ideas and create the environments and the residents together. Also every character’s experience will be different. The planet could have transport, so each player could go to a separate region. I love the idea of sculpting brand new environments. This RP will be focussed around not only this, but the development of your characters as they deal with unfamiliar situations.





Your character can be completely individual. Hell, if you want to make up your own race that is perfectly fine, just so long as they are not somehow invincible. Your character is desperate to get their hands on Captain Bloodboyle’s treasure, I would like you to keep the reasons for this out of your character bios and reveal it during the course of the roleplay.

This roleplay will have steampunk, futuristic and fantasy elements to it. Be creative with your characters and with their equipment/ weaponary.

You will not be able to take any form of transport with you down to Labyrinthium, though this doesn’t mean that there will not be transport available whilst down there.

If there are any ideas that you may have, that you would like me to write into this roleplay, don’t be afraid to ask.

You do not have to be a bad guy! You could just be an adventurer, seeking the treasure for thrills!

None of the pictures above are my own. I sourced them off of Google, and credit goes to the real creators.

Any questions? Ask me, I do not bite!


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[b]Equipment/ weaponary: [/b]

[b]Brief Bio[/b]

Toggle Rules

There is NO character approval, however, it would be lovely if everybody could introduce their characters in the OOC in about four sentences (from the point of view of their character preferably, as though they are introducing themselves).

No godmodding please, you are not invincible. If you are going to fight with another character at some point make sure to discuss it with them first.

This roleplay is open to writers of all levels. If you feel that you need help, I am only a message away.

Post at your own pace. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity.

This roleplay will begin as soon as I have a suitable amount of characters.

I think that wraps everything up. Thank you for reading and make sure to have fun!

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