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Lady Luck and the Soldier of Misfortune

Lady Luck and the Soldier of Misfortune


A private roleplay with myself and Alliqua_Dark. Involves things and stuff and events. C:

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Swyndon, the capital of Aelston

With an abundance of rich farmlands and natural resources like iron, the people of Aelston were always isolated, never venturing too far from their own territory out of a lack of need. They expanded within their immediate area to encompass a large section of land which gave birth to numerous, thriving cities of their own, eventually overtaking an entire continent. In the center of this kingdom lies the capital, Swyndon, separated from the surrounding land by its own isolated 'sea' named, "Estersea". Rarely in its time had Aelston ever worried about war, invasion, or even trade, though there were a few small conflicts with neighboring countries which were resolved quickly. Unfortunately for them, Aelston was not allowed to remain separate from the rest of the world forever. With the discovery of a new, stronger metal came war, and that very war stretched to all ends of Allyia, even Aelston.

Mithril is a lightweight, yet very durable metal that resembles silver, but is much more durable than steel which makes it a very good metal to use for creating weapons and armor. By the time it was discovered it was immediately put to use by the largest of the nations of the known world, Valwald, to aggressively expand and conquer nearby territories by utilizing elite groups. It was not until the swift consumption of a number of minor nations did the rest of the world's big powers (Aelston included) realize that Valwald had a means to locating more of this Mithril, and was making its move to monopolize it in order to secure victory against all that would try to oppose them. This prompted those very same major powers to ally themselves in a coalition against the hostile Valwald, though Valwald had allies of its own that then rose to protect it, sparking a huge war between the majority of the world.

Aelston had little interest in this war so long as it did not directly affect them or their ways. The people had decided to remain neutral instead of joining either party, and returned to their mining, farming, and daily lives and continued so for about 7 years. Yet they inadvertently discover another valuable metal, Orihalcum, which brought with it durability and a special resistance to magics, as well as foreign hostility. The other countries were worried they would not only try to monopolize it, but also abuse it like Valwald had done so with Mirthril. Thus began a series of political dealings in which the King of Aelston was forced to travel abroad to negotiate peace before conflict reached his own home land. And, after a while, he had grown weary and sickly, unable to continue. The only person with authority to run in his place was....

...his daughter. A selfish, independent girl with combat experience and an attitude. Her escort? The most expensive and experienced mercenary money can buy. Now all that is left is to hope they can negotiate peace successfully. But will it be so easy?

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This is one of those private RPs so you can guess what will happen to submitted OCs who come from anybody besides Alliqua_Dark. However, I am fine with you reading this in the event that this strikes your fancy, and I couldn't prevent you from doing so even if I had wanted, so read on!

If enough people are interested in a separate, public RP involving this world, then perhaps I may make it into one. People who have an interest in this can certainly PM me and maybe it will happen.

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"You would think a noble wouldn't take her time. It isn't like she would have much to do."

Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #04731A || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #d6a71c

When your occupation is of a paid sword it is unlikely you will have too much chance to meet or otherwise interact with those in the higher echelon of society. This was mostly true to the mercenary who now stood at the front doors of the Aelston's beautiful and grand castle. As far as buildings go it was a bit intimidating. It had doors that were prettied up and decorated to look more expensive than a small house, and every speck of the immediate area surrounding it was as clean as could be. Even the guards escorting the man into the castle wore armor seemed to be more for aesthetic pleasure than for practicality. The most troubling thing to Aleph was that this was merely the outside of the castle.

The guards pushed open the heavy doors to the castle and revealed an interior much more overwhelming than the exterior. It is unfortunate to say that Aleph did not have the proper knowledge to use fanciful words, so his only description could be 'expensive'. Expensive chandeliers, expensive carpet, expensive drapes, expensive... well, everything. He thought of how much all this must have cost and realized that he might not even be able to afford one item from this building had he combined the total profits from every job he ever took during his life. If anything this reinforced his dislike for nobles. There were people who could not even afford to fend for themselves, yet these kinds of people bought the most pointless of items for no reason more than that they had wished to be able to claim that they had owned the item. Very greedy, they were. But maybe a mercenary was not really in a position to say such things.

"Right this way, Master Devlin. Empress Yama will be with you shortly so allow me to escort you to the proper area." came the voice of what appeared to be one of many servants within the premises. Aleph followed the man to the throne room, complete with two very elaborate chairs, raised steps, and a canopy.

....and then they moved on to a simpler room. 'Simple' of course was relative. There were luxury items such as (probably) famous paintings and vases and jars and a whole bunch of stuff Aleph couldn't really appreciate, but it was slightly less overwhelming. The room was mostly empty besides a couple of chairs stuffed into the corner it appeared to serve no specific purpose. Perhaps a place to sit down a read, maybe? As they entered the room, the man leading Devlin turned to face him and politely asked him to remain in the room while he fetched the empress. A respectful bow marked the man's hasty departure as he scurried up a flight of stairs, presumably to go retrieve the aforementioned empress.

Hoping to kill some time, Aleph surveyed the room. One glance left and the another right. The mercenary felt very uncomfortable out of his element. He was always used to sleeping off the land or at an inn, but never did he have the opportunity to even visit the house of someone with actual coin. Except when in the few instances where he was part of a company laying assault to a town for whatever reason, and the who fighting aspect of it, as well as perhaps blood everywhere had made it impossible to simply admire the scenery. But here he was, personally called in by the late emperor to escort a princess to a foreign country for.... reasons. He was not actually given the specifics but he was aware it likely had to have something to do with Aelston's discovery. Some special metal or something. Countries could fight for the most mundane of reason, couldn't they? Well, as long as they did he would have a job and that was fine by him. He could not see himself settling down for a miner or a farmer's work. Or anything, really.

"This had better be worth it." he complained to himself.

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Character Portrait: Aleph Devlin


Character Portrait: Aleph Devlin
Aleph Devlin

"You're a princess? No, you're a bag of gold with an attitude that I don't necessarily care for. Get a move on."


Character Portrait: Aleph Devlin
Aleph Devlin

"You're a princess? No, you're a bag of gold with an attitude that I don't necessarily care for. Get a move on."

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Character Portrait: Aleph Devlin
Aleph Devlin

"You're a princess? No, you're a bag of gold with an attitude that I don't necessarily care for. Get a move on."

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