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Yuzuki Hino

0 · 134 views · located in Lagshmivar's

a character in “Lagshmivar's School For Mystical Beings”, as played by strawberrygirl010


Name: Yuzuki Hino (Hino Yuzuki)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual



He tends to be tanner than this because he spends a lot of time outside, but during the winter months he pales a bit. He has pierced ears and scars from previous mishaps while using his powers. He may or may not get some tribal tattoos on his neck later on.

Magical ability: Shapeshifting. During shifting, Yuzuki's eyes change from purple to a light prawn:


+Easily changes appearance into physical form of mastered species
+Assumes abilities of mastered species (i.e. heightened night vision when shifted into a cat)
+Mastered over 30 different species

-Can be easily spotted if one recognizes his eyes
-Assumes weaknesses of mastered species
-Can be killed by predators of chosen species when shifted
-Mastered less than 50 species (considered very stunted for a shifter his age)


Personality: He likes to tease others by either setting up practical jokes or spying to get information and hates it when others try to order him to do something. From the way he acts and talks, many misunderstand him by thinking he’s a lot less innocent than he actually is. He prefers to be alone most of the time, usually through jogging or hiking to isolated places in nature, so he can finally feel free to be more like himself instead of how others expect or prefer. When something bothers him, he's much more likely to say something, but he also knows when to back off. He's one of those people willing to try out a new restaurant, but if he likes what he orders it will become the only thing he'll ever eat whenever he goes there on a different occasion. He doesn't initially like to get close to anyone, but when he does he is fiercely loyal. More tba


Bio: Not long after finding out about his powers, Yuto’s parents sent him away to a shrine deep in a forest where many Japanese families sent their “gifted” children to “make peace” with their powers. He, however, saw it as banishment and left the moment he was given the chance after years of suppression and purely physical training, making him rather agile and fit. He left and confronted his parents about why he was really sent there and left with the shrine being the only home to return to. That is when he encountered one of the elder’s granddaughters: Nariko. He found a new outlet for scheming and teasing in the shadows. He was later kicked out of the shrine after refusing and insulting the traditional customs and mannerisms. His powers turned to a darker side as a result of his strong emotions and added a condition to his powers when they’re in their normal state, causing him to never seek improvement, and therefore leaving him fairly weak in comparison to other shape -shifting users around his age. He transferred to the Academy after being bored with working and decided to make a deal with Nariko's grandfather to watch over her in his time there in exchange for his tuition.

So begins...

Yuzuki Hino's Story


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Nariko picked at her kimono. Black always seemed to attract the most random lint, and she refused to leave it alone. The landscape outside the moving car grew more and more familiar, almost nostalgic. Nariko-sama, how are you feeling today? One of her insect companions landed on her shoulder. The witch glanced at the human male sitting next to her, slightly whizzing air in and out for the duration of his nap. She kept her answer censored and within her thoughts.

I suppose I'm all right today. I am a little has been a while. Thank you for caring.

Are we there yet? I'm tired and hungry... an emperor butterfly nestled in her hair. The witch looked up at the familiar and added a smile to her little nod.

"Almost..." she whispered. She shifted back into her thoughts again when she noticed Hino-san's movement. I will likely need to plant some new bulbs in the garden and do some weeding before going to my room. I don't think any of you have seen it before, but it is a home away from home. I think you will all enjoy it-

"Yamashita-sama, we have arrived," the driver stopped both the car and Nariko's train of thought. She looked out the window, and sure enough, the grand stone building came into view. Creatures and human-like beings approached from all directions. It almost looked like a storybook.

"Arigatou-gozaimasu," she bowed her head a little and turned to her co-voyager. She hesitated at first, especially after learning how grumpy he became after being awakened, but she eventually reached a hand forward to tap him on the shoulder. "H-Hino-san...Hino-san, okiite...please wake up. We're here," she softly whispered. Her hand was quick to retreat when the man suddenly groaned and moved to stretch his arms and legs. By the time his eyes finally opened, Nariko was already stepping out of the car to fetch a few things from the trunk the driver helped remove. After another complaint from the hungry familiar, she nibbled her lip, but she asked Hino-san if he could take her bag to her room while she went to work on her garden.

He still looked half-asleep when he joined the pair, but he agreed.

With that, Nariko slung her gardening bag over her shoulder, took the two pots with budding lilies, and started making her way over to the forest. She looked for familiar faces along the way, and she thought she saw Riddle-san, but the fast-paced students left her head spinning. Everyone, keep close, she held the pots a little closer.



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"Don't you lie to me!"

Vahana was getting a bowl out of the cupboard in order to eat her cereal. She was listening and wincing at the shouting, the words thrown at her. War has begun in this humble abode. She set it down somewhat aggressively and poured the cereal into it, the milk after. It was a weird thing she did but she couldn't care less. Vahana then got her spoon before she decided to shout herself. "How am I lying?! Enlighten me Eric!" She then shouted back. Profanities went back and forth as if the two were playing volley ball. "Goddamit Vahana, please."

Eric and Vahana, they've been friends for a while, since Eric's mother, Evangeline found her and took her in. They were kin now, best friends and all. But this didn't show it. You'd think a day back at Lagshmivar's would be a nice day today, meeting up with friends and partners alike. Getting back into routine and having lives not stuck up each others backsides like they usually do.

But it was far from that today.

"Seriously, because of this, because of you, I am in trouble! It's your fault!" Eric had responded as he placed his fingers through his hair as if each finger was part of a comb. Then he groaned. Did this have to happen? With them, yes it did. This was from a few days ago, this feud. Eric took Vahana to meet friends of his just to hang out, the male demon's friends were obviously the troublesome, partying kind so things would happen there. This useless argument was all because Vahana stormed out of the bar and as she did that, a male was slumped on the floor, partially conscious and blaming the brunette mind-reader for what had happened. She never confessed to anything, explained what she wanted and denied hurting him. "Honestly, if you th-"

He raised his voice louder.

"If I think what? I know it was you? No one could push a six foot male into the wall and leave cracks in the walls. No one could break his ribs, or leave bruises on him. Except you." He proclaimed and leaned against a wall within the apartment. They were renting it out while they were away and the person taking it was sleeping. But Eric could not be bothered to deal with that right now. He focused on what had happened a few days before, only that.

As a result, Vahana rolled her eyes and started eating. "Are you even listening to me now?!" Eric then shouted and she walked to him, somewhat stomping on her way before stopping a few feet from him and nodded. "Yes, dad. Please, command me more. Shout at me." The female then spat as she mocked him, her blue orbs gleaming with rage and anger right now. "I didn't touch him, honestly. And even if I did, I would've been provoked." She added and sighed. "I don't even know who the guy is." Then, she sighed. This was pointless arguing, she stared at him, wondering what he was thinking as she promised not to read his thoughts anymore as it was creepy. Her brown eyebrows furrowed in frustration. She tried to calm down a bit, maybe if she stopped shouting, he would stop too. Just maybe.

She took a deep breath.

"Stop with this! Maybe you should apologise to him and I will has less debts to pay! You do remember him! You do! You do!"

You do!

That was it. She was interrupted a second time and this caused her hands to apply pressure on the bowl to such an extent that it cracked and the rest of the contents that she didn't have fell onto the floor. "Happy, Eric?" She then asked before walking around the mess, walking towards the door before her hand is grabbed, she turned and she snapped. "You can clean that up, hun." She snarled before snatching her hand from his grasp and walking out. So much for that... He thought to himself as he made his own way to Lags himself.

He hoped to see Christian, or someone else he could talk to. He didn't want to talk to Luna about it though. But Eric's mind was most definitely troubled. Walking to Lags was bothersome within itself as well, the heavy burden only made the journey worse. Eric then groaned again. He wanted to scream but kept it in.

A while later, Eric had entered the school. He made his way to the dorms with his gear, slouching as he made his way in order to unpack his things. His brown eyes looked dull, his eyes baggy. He didn't know what to do with himself but it was not him right now. He trudged along, one leg dragged behind the other before he stopped to brush his jeans. With his tiredness, everything seemed so foreign to him. Friends and the school alike. His hood on hid his face from them all, which was what he wanted. But he put it down once he got inside, when in the hallways, he saw a familiar face, with a name he forgot. But remembered he was a friend of Nariko, and was Japanese. "Hey! Dude!" He called out, he felt bad for not remembering his name but tried to get his attention nonetheless. Then it clicked.

"Yuzuki! Hey!"


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It felt odd to Nariko, falling back into the routine of visiting her garden again, but it wasn't unwelcome. The process itself felt really relaxing for the witch. She smiled at the butterflies approaching her as she drew closer and closer to the forest. She wondered if she would remove her sandals just to feel the grass beneath her feet again, but she noticed something amiss with these new familiars. "Is everything all right?" She straightened a finger for one of them to use as a perch.

You wish to go to the garden, right? A large beast slumbers there. Be careful!

"Eh?" She had to refrain from giggling. This was really starting to sound like a story book. "Thank you for warning me," she smiled at the familiar and let it fly off her finger. She walked with hint of caution, but her excitement threatened to spillover into her saunter as well. Either way, she eventually found herself confronting the garden and the beast of warning.

N-Nariko-sama, what's that?! Her immediate companions asked.

The witch tilted her head a little. The being was rather colorful and...scaly. She took comfort in knowing it wasn't a being that belonged in the lake like an alligator. The colors were too conspicuous. "I think..." she walked around a little and finally saw the being's face. Her eyes widened and her mouth hung agape. She quickly took a step back and held her potted lilies close. "A-...A dragon?" she whispered. Her familiars buzzed with the news.


The shapeshifter yawned again while dragging his bag and hoisting Nariko's effects over the shoulder. His head slightly bobbed except when the occasional supernatural element whizzed by. He might as well have been sleep walking if it weren't for the constant repetition of what he desired in mind. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

"Yuzuki! Hey!"

"Hmmm..." Yuzuki took in a sharp breath. Despite all the foreign-looking beings with human names, he doubted another Yuzuki walked these halls. He would've learned about it by now. It made him perk up a little. His mauve eyes ever-so-gradually moved around the inside of the building to find something familiar he could equate to...and he knew he heard that voice before, but in almost all of those instances he wasn't calling his name.

He blinked a couple of times when his eyes finally caught onto the blonde guy approaching him. Yuzuki felt too lazy to look back to check if anyone was behind him. Name call + direct approach= this looks like the guy.

This was probably the first time he ever spoke to him in human form without Nariko around. After spending a good minute trying to wake up enough to think about replying, Yuzuki looked at the other guy through his half-lidded eyes. "What's up...who are you, again?"


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As soon as those words came out, that question: Who are you again?

Eric wanted to crash against the ground, was he making a mistake? Honestly, it was too early, too soon to figure such things out. This was Yuzuki? Correct? Yamashita's companion. Maybe he got it wrong. "Um, I'm Eric." He said, wanting to mutter in sudden sadness. But all he did was chuckle sheepishly and scratch the back of his head. "We've met before. I'm friends with Narik- I mean, Yamashita-san." He remembered to use the respectful honorifics he had learnt from them last year, but was he using the correct type? He pondered.

Despite all that, he just shrugged. "The sky is up, is it not?" He then asked and chuckled again, now sounding a bit more confident than before in the least. "Just kidding, I've been good man, what about you?" He then asked, he actually wanted to look for Christian too, damn, he had missed his buddy as Christian was always the first to come here. Even on their last break, one day Eric vowed to be the first to arrive, but that day had yet to come. He messaged Christian suddenly to find out where he is.

To: The awesome one
Man where you at dude? Just got into school. Alone for once.

He then took a deep breath and looked back at the young Japanese male. He looked a bit different, or was it Eric's imagination? "Did you get a haircut?" He then asked, confused and intrigued somewhat. Then looked at the bags. "Heading to the dorms? May I accompany you? I need to place my stuff back too." He then asked in a somewhat polite tone. Then shrugged again, Eric loved shrugging seemingly. "Well, I could go on my own to my dorm, I don't mind aha." The brunette demon then added, he didn't even know why he was being sheepish, it was always on the first days where he's usually so silly. It was normal. Normal to him anyways.

Eric held his rucksack closer to him and took a deep breath, he wondered if others had arrived, Luna, Vahana, Nariko. He wanted to greet the first and the last on the list with a warm welcome.


The young woman's feet hadn't even touched the school ground yet, Vahana had walked a longer, more peaceful path. On this journey, she found solace, this sense of comfort she needed right now. The woman smiled on her journey but lacked eye contact when looking around. She was in her own little bubble. Away from the world and it's struggles, it was actually rather peaceful, she couldn't help it. It was most definitely a guilty pleasure.

Her blue orbs looked at the sky, her journey felt complimented. But she hated being here, all those voices, all the struggles. The memories would flood back to her like the seven devils. She wiped her eyes.


She missed Luna, every letter was nicely placed in this folder, organised in case she wanted to read a specific letter again. Her heart raced at the thought of seeing her loved one again actually. Vahana hated being stuck here, she spoke about that a lot. And how the only moment she truly enjoyed was seeing Eric's family. She couldn't help but feel that way, spending all her time with Eric was horrendous, staying out late, waking up late, partying, dancing, all the sorts. She could never forgive herself if she got so involved with such activities, she wanted to make sure that those nights didn't contribute to her losing her loved one.

I'll be dead before the day is done...

Vahana smirked, as if it was almost guaranteed really. She loathed and loved being back. She hated carrying her things but didn't want to drive here either, not that she had a car. But she was going to buy one soon enough, it was guaranteed. Vahana just needed to do more shifts at the supermarket in her free time and all should be good for her.

From the distance she saw the school, and various people going within it. The young lady took a deep breath and chuckled to herself before walking a little bit faster, getting closer to the place and from doing that, she saw a blonde within distance from the school gates. That blonde was hers, that would never leave her mind. It was something that made her so smug inside. The brunette crept up behind Luna and attempted to slyly hug her from behind. "I missed you." She whispered in Luna's ear as she kissed the blonde's cheek. Honestly, with what happened this morning, this day had better go better for her.


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Before she knew it, a tree became Nariko’s shield. If she thought about it later, she would either laugh or cry for choosing such a ridiculous hiding place from a fire-breathing dragon…at least…she figured it was fire breathing. Are there dragons that don’t breathe fire? she wondered. N-Nariko-sama… a few of her familiars sweat dropped.

She caught herself and literally shook the thought away with her head. The familiars who followed her in the car ride stayed by her side, but the newer friends were a little bolder. It was as if they gained a new burst of courage and curiosity. The witch watched as one of them was confident enough to land on the dragon’s nose. She gripped the tree tighter. N-Na-Nani- her breaths became shaky for the little creature. Nariko had to bite her lips shut to stop herself when the butterfly found itself coated with more moisture than it ever should have. She focused on the creature to catch its thoughts as it tried to move its wings.

Ewwww-eh? I-I can’t fly! No, no, no!
Nariko gulped, T-Try to stay calm…
Eh? Who’s talking to me?
Don’t be afraid. I want to help you. She took a deep breath. The butterfly’s tension made something akin to its kind flutter in the witch’s stomach.

Unfortunately, after the deep breath nothing followed. The beast’s large claws holding the delicate little creature scared her beyond belief. One little squish and it was a boatload of pain for her to endure-

Weeee! Thank you for not eating me Miss dragon!

Nariko placed a hand over her chest. The other held out a finger and called out to the butterfly to land. Her stomach instantly felt better. Relief rushed through her with the air that finally circulated through her arteries. Her breaths were still rapid though. The creature may have shown a gentle side, but she did not ignore the potential danger involved. She now knew of Nariko’s existence. Extra caution was needed. Nariko wouldn’t have survived this long if she trusted just one example too fully.

Huh? She moved back when the creature finally spoke. I thought you said the dragon was a female? She communicated to the insect.
I-I don’t know…I thought she…he was. The butterfly stirred.

There was no escaping this. Nariko was at this creature’s mercy. Running would be utterly unintelligent. She nibbled her bottom lip and stared at the ground. She didn’t leave the tree completely, but she did peek out to find the being looking straight at her. She jolted back behind the tree. A few familiars landed on her to coax her out as well. I think it’s all right for now, Nariko-sama.

She clutched her bag with her left arm and slowly pushed herself forward again to be seen. “G-…Gomenasa-I-I me-” she closed her eyes tightly and tried to find English words. When they came forth, they were expressed quickly, “I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to wake you!” One of her familiars landed on her face only to fly off quickly.

Ouchie! Hot! Hot! Hot!


It took Yuzuki more effort than he ever wanted to restrain another yawn. He had nothing against this guy despite the fact that he was talking to him, but it wasn’t enough to brush him off. “Hm…Yama-Right!” His eyes widened all of a sudden, “Urgh,” Yuzuki groaned and rubbed his eyes with a free hand to get a better look at the dude. Sure enough, the name fit perfectly in his memory. “I’m sorry man, the ride here wa-” a giant yawn took the opportunity to act as a blank space in conversation and a fill-in-the-blank. Two birds with one stone.

“A-Anyway, yeah, you could say that,” he took the opportunity to catch a chuckle from the guy and reciprocate. Technically they were inside, so if his wit wished to join him any moment, he would’ve been happy to say so and perhaps banter a little with the man, but the shapeshifter was running on limited fuel. “Nice, uhh…other than wanting to crash, can’t complain, good to be back. I missed the free food,” he tried to fit in at least one joke. He looked about the place when Eric took out his phone. I really just wanna get to this room and sleep…are…we done here? he inwardly griped. “Uh-” he wanted to excuse himself, but a question from the guy brought his attention back.

His purple eyes widened a little. “Oh, uh…sorta. It was more like…shaving it off to let it grow back without the yellow stripes,” He replied. Yuzuki didn’t think anyone but Nariko would notice…and she was at the shrine so she knew when it happened. Having someone else mention it actually felt kinda…


He glanced at his bag and Nariko’s gave a slight nod, “Yea, Yamashita went to check on her garden, you know how she is. I’m gonna stop by her place first,” Yuzuki paused and raised a brow at the guy…Figuring he was more tired than he thought, the shapeshifter decided to start walking. After taking a few steps, he finally registered exactly what the blonde was trying to convey. Yuzuki adjusted the grip on his bag and turned to look at Eric. He couldn’t help but tilt his head.

“You comin’?”


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Eric nodded. Finally feeling a bit better after he was recognised. "Right." He mumbled and then shrugged. "You seem down dude, what's up?" He then asked, an eyebrow raised, as Yuzuki claimed the ride was something, he wondered what. "Ah, no worries. I see." He then added and smiled a bit. He needed a bit of fresh air from earlier and this was definitely helping.

Eric couldn't help but nod again, he was somewhat agreeing of course as after that he hadn't much to say and continued chuckling. Then as the young shapeshifter talked about wanting to crash and said it was good to be back, he smiled. "I feel the same way, being here is always like home to me." He added before scratching the back of his head. Then he looked up as Yuzuki made a noise. "Hm?" He asked, then shook his head, dismissing it suddenly as it was in his nature to do so.

The brunette male had raised an eyebrow suddenly however when he found out the Japanese boy actually had a haircut. Well that's awkward. He thought to himself and scratched the back of his head some more. The fact it was a realisation made him feel uncomfortable as he'd never even acknowledged when Christian cut his own hair. He let out a hefty laugh and nodded. "It looks great dude. Speaking of which-" He stopped, then ran his fingers through his own hair and sighed. "I need to cut mine soon, but my family like it longer. The struggle is so real." The male then confessed and rolled his eyes.

"Ah, I see." He then responded. "That girl loves her flowers, doesn't she." He mentioned light heartedly and chuckled a bit more softly this time. Then nodded. "Alright." He added after that, wondering if Luna and Vaz had went to their own room yet, he doubted it. Same with Christian, they never went until they all met up. But he didn't want to, he didn't have to either. He wanted to break tradition and leave it all behind because of the argument, the struggles from a few nights before. Then saw that he started walking and decided to catch up before his phone vibrated again. It was Christian. The vampire was out front alone, Eric felt bad. But decided that if Yuzuki would rest later, Eric might as well leave now, catch up. Then if anything, talk to the male later. "Ah." He started off with. "My plans have changed man, going to meet someone up front. So I'll catch you later." The brunette male added and walked off, doing a salute. "Have a good nap, okay?"

He walked off and chucked his stuff into his room. Christian's was already there, well after all, he lived here. He then departed and jogged a bit until he was out of the door, then speed-walked to his best friend. "Christian man, how have you been doing?"


Vahana took a mental deep breath. In honesty, she was quite excited about being back, save for seeing Eric's face. She hated Eric right now, with all her heart. She didn't want to cause trouble however and decided to keep that to herself, unlike him, she'd rather her problems be dealt with herself. Not with anyone else with all honesty, but she needed someone to lean on, and it was Luna. "My morning was crap, I'm glad I saw you when I did." She then murmured and smiled to herself, resting her head on Luna's shoulder for a while. "How have you been?" She then asked before lifting her head up and watching as Luna turned.

The feeling was most definitely pleasant. The blonde's lips against her own. She found herself to suddenly be in a world of her own because of it. But then something happened.

Their moment was ruined as they were separated by a force that pushed them apart. Vahana turned her head to look at where that was coming from. She followed the voice to a woman who was shorter than herself. Her eyebrow raised. "No PDA my ass." She muttered to herself and rolled her eyes. This was nothing new to her. People always spoiling the fun. She hadn't even seen this woman before in her year and a bit at lags(Maybe it was a bit longer, she wasn't sure.) But someone else, no- something else came along. It was a dragon. Honestly, that was amazing. She had never met or seen a dragon before. This was strange. It was beautiful however, she couldn't take her eyes off it for a second. They seemed to be talking, but she didn't truly listen to what they were saying as she focused on going back to her partner.

But once she got to Luna and held her hand, she looked to the dragon and the teacher again, watching as the dragon licked her. Vahana couldn't help but laugh. In all honesty, it was hilarious. "Luna, look!" She brushed one hand with Luna's own as she pointed at the incident, which caused the new teacher to storm off. Her blue eyes glimmered with a sense of relief as the teacher stormed off after, she would hate it if this day got worse. Then the other girl, formed back from her dragon form had jogged to them. Vahana couldn't help but laugh again. "That was brilliant." She expressed and sighed contently. Then nodded as she apologised to the two. "No worries, thanks for what you did though." The brunette then added. "That was a bit odd though." And again. Vahana watched the girl chuckle and let slip one herself before the girl decided to introduce herself to them.

As the blonde apologised again, Vahana sheepishly smiled. "No worries, I was like that when I started too. Danny, hm? I heard Diana from your sister, but both names are pretty." She then said politely before smiling properly now, not knowing that she didn't hear the girls full name. "I'm Vahana, and this is Luna." She then said, introducing the both of them in one go. Then one thought came to her mind. "Did you both come here together? I couldn't help but realise you were both fresh faces, yet you seemed to already know each other. It's just curiosity." She then added and shrugged, her fingers continued to brush against Luna's softly yet her eyes stayed looking at Daniella for a bit. She seems nice.


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“I guess,” Yuzuki shrugged after Eric mentioned Nariko loving her flowers. Probably wants to make sure her familiars all eat too, he figured. The shape shifter refrained from moving any further until Eric looked up from his phone. Yuzuki’s countenance didn’t change, but he did find himself shrugging again. Should I have put more effort into asking him to come along? Meh… he shot down that question when Eric mentioned meeting someone outside. It was probably the same person he was texting earlier. Yuzuki wanted to sleep anyway.

“Sure,” he replied. He was fine with seeing the guy again. Once rejuvenated, Yuzuki might have to ask what happened just now later on, but maybe they could share a laugh about it, whatever. The kid was friendly enough. He liked him. Yuzuki’s steps deeper into the building commenced when Eric moved in a way while walking off as well that made the shape shifter chuckle.

“Much appreciated,” he smiled so lazily that it probably looked more like a smirk. Everything looked a little hazy, so he simply waved and returned to his original business. Hm…Yamashita, Yamashitaaaaa here! He slung his duffle bag over and pulled a key out of his pocket.

Her room was pretty much the same as she left it, save for a little dust. Yuzuki closed the door behind him and left Nariko’s bag to the side. Something else he was quick to notice was the futon spread out. His eyebrows raised, “Well…hello there~” he kicked off his shoes and yanked off his shirt. He bent down and crawled onto the fluffy material and sighed, “don’t mind me,” a big smile spread across his cheeks as he snuggled the pillow and tossed the blanket over him. He knew how Nariko spent most of her time in that garden. Surely she wouldn’t mind if he just rested his eyes for a moment…

Nariko nodded at the dragon as he took off. Bye bye dragon-san! a few of her immediate familiars shouted. The witch couldn’t contain her giggle. She took the opportunity to place the potted lilies on the ground and rest her arms. She raised and lowered them a few times to experience the emptiness again and wondered what caused that. The silence of the outer world gently caressed the witch’s ears. Her breaths deepened and she took out her shovel. Her demeanor was rapidly recovered. “I love this garden,” she sighed and found a spot to sit on her ankles. The butterflies around her feasted on the nectar within the remaining flowers and called a few bees over to help. The flowers in the garden were planted in a circular pattern with little trails separating them so watering would be easier. The center of the garden where she found the sleeping dragon was empty. It surprised her how others could find solace in this place on their own, but it was a pleasant surprise. Usually she spent her time meditating in the center, so it was nice to share that.

Nariko-sama, are you feeling better? That dragon was scary looking earlier… her shoulder became an agrias’ perch.

“I think so,” she gently prodded the ground with her shovel and scooped up a bit of earth. “I-I was…a little scared. Back at the shrine, the stories I was told about dragons were both good and bad. They all were strongly depicted creatures.” She stuck her soiled hand into the ground to check its depth. She shook her head and dug a little deeper. “Demo, this school must have helped me a bit. If I was younger I would have run away for sure. Yush,” she dropped her shovel and slid the lily out of its pot to plant it. The familiar watched her focus on being firm and gentle at the same time.

The monarch from before landed on a nearby plant and spoke again, You really like this school? Nariko smiled and gave a little nod while moving some soil back around the planted lily and patted it. “I think…I can finally say I made some friends…other than you all, of course…w-without my powers. Like Luna-san, Vahana-san, Brickman-san…”

What about the vampire? it raised an antennae.

The witch’s hands stopped next to the planted lily. She stared at it…through it. Her shoulders inched down a bit as her lips drew inward to be caught by her teeth. “Bakaaa,” she whispered to herself and dropped her head downward.

G-Gomenasai! I didn’t mean to upset you Nariko-sama! The familiar flew over to the witch’s dirty hands and looked up at the girl. She shook her head at the butterfly. “Ieyah, it’s not your fault for being curious. I just…” she sighed and sat up. “I made a mistake. There were…so many things I could have done to prevent what happened, and I didn’t. I don’t know…what we are now. I’m almost certain I saw him earlier, but…I’m actually afraid to talk to him,” she leaned back and rested against the grass after the familiars perched on her flew off. Because he bit you… it wondered while landing on one of her bent knees.

She shook her head, “At first I was…especially after remembering my grandma, b-but back then he said he was my friend...I'm not sure why I did what I did...and it hurt Hino-san because you know he worries...I think I should try to talk to Riddle-san because…well…isn’t this what Lagshmivars was meant to do?”

Her familiar agreed.


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"Saaaaa-ma," Nariko leaned forward to emphasize the "a" to the butterfly. This is hard! the little insect moped. "It's okay, just take it slowly," the witch leaned back against her ankles before trying again. "Saaa"




Sam...a-d'ohhhhhh the familiar flapped its little wings and flew around in a swift circle. A few of the others laughed until they noticed the witch's raised brow. Her attention returned to the frustrated familiar after the others quieted. "It'll be all right. Just give it some time," she held out a finger for the butterfly to rest. So what did you do back at home...Yama-san, it asked. She paused.

"Well...I saw my parents. They seemed to be doing well, but..."


She sighed, "growing up sure does complicate things." For a moment her gaze was a bit unfocused. It looked through everything and at nothing. However, before her familiars could ask if something was the matter, she forced her attention back to the present. "I don't think I ever asked. Have you found a mate yet?"

The insect fiddled around on her finger. She leaned in and smiled at its response. "Will you tell me who it is?"

No way! it shouted and flew off. Her chuckle grew a bit nervous that time. The personalities of these insects astounded her. Some familiars were as kind as can be, others were incredibly rude, and then she met ones like this. They meant well, but their actions were very conflicting to her. She rose to her feet and stretched her arms and legs. A few pats of her clothing later, Nariko grabbed her satchel and invited any familiar who wished to accompany her to join her side as she left the forest. Nariko-sama, do you have a roommate this time? A couple of them asked at the same time. The witch's steps hesitated.

"W-Wakaranai...I haven't been to my room yet...if I do, oh dear..."

Some of the elder butterflies proceeded to enlighten the newcomers of a few instances in the past with roommates that caused Nariko's extra reluctance. The Japanese girl was silent. She kept the familiars especially close when different magical beings were close enough to touch them. She was easily lost within the students, and then she was lost within the corridors of the dorms. She pulled out a key from her satchel and lightly ran her finger along the ridges while looking at the names on the doors once she reached the dorms. The names caught her eye the moment she glanced at it.

"Vahana-san?!" She covered her gasp, but her smile leaked through her fingers. Da-re? Vahana? The familiars buzzed among themselves again. Nariko was too focused on fidgeting with the key to open the door as quick as she could.


The door slowly closed behind her. "Eh?" Nariko's head tilted a bit at the one sleeping in her futon. The shirtless one sleeping in her futon. "Eh-ha-hi-Hino-san?!"

Her face turned pink in

"N-Nani-?" incoherent Japanese words spilled out of the girl as she quickly covered her eyes. The shapeshifter rolled out of the futon in a split-second.

"Urusai-naaa-" he grumbled only to jolt back when he came to his senses. "Oh shi-" he cleared his throat and apologized while searching for his shirt. Whenever people come up with those stories of how things seem to just grow legs and walk away, Yuzuki just thought they were making excuses and were too lazy to look for them...until the case happened with his top. A couple of the butterflies dispersed throughout the room and after what felt like 3 agonizingly long minutes, one of them happened to land on something black. He snatched the fabric away from the bug and yanked it over his head. Not only was the shirt backwards, but it was also inside out. He could care less.


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Eric, like many others had enjoyed being back in the cafeteria. For him, anywhere with food was the best place to be. One time, his mother even thought about getting them a chef to be his councillor in order to give him food to help his mood occasionally. He wished it happened but well, one can dream still. "I doubt they'd be in here now." He suggested and shrugged. Trying to hide the fact that right now he didn't really care. It was horrible but true. Food was the best way to temporarily get rid of any negative emotions within.

As Christian said the food smelt good and he nodded. "It most definitely does." The brunette male added on. He wanted to know what the options were, but considering how he was, he couldn't care less. Though he didn't eat stuff he knew would make him sick, obviously. He chuckled after. "It feels like it's been too long, my man." Eric then said and folded his arms. Decisions when it came to what to eat were much harder than what to wear, or who to sleep with for that matter. The thought made him smirk with confused thoughts.

He then looked to his friend quickly, the brown orbs appearing quite inquisitive stared on. "What shall we do after? Walk about? Go to find our room? Drink?" Eric then asked, though he never drank in the morning, he wanted to though, be tipsy and walk into class. It'd be hilarious, the trouble would be worth it. He also wanted to party later as well. That would be awesome. He wondered who else was in now though, and he wanted to go and see how Yuzuki was doing somewhat too.


She wasn't sure why, but she felt her skin crawl. It wasn't the best of feelings, but she didn't want to let it bother her. She frowned. Names were something of a curse from her knowledge, certain names lead to certain futures was the superstition, she never believed it at first, when she was little but after what happened with her brother, Faust-

The man who sold his soul to the devil. Her thoughts whispered to her as her mind dwelled within the moment.

He ruined her life, and she ended his. So young and scared, why didn't she die? In all honesty she couldn't remember why but it haunted her. These were moments where she'd struggle to think straight. Then, she attempted to take a deep breath. You're in control, Eric said so. He taught you how to.

But, I hate him.

A huff instead escaped her lips. A sought of pout came from the result of torn emotions from earlier. But she turned as she felt her hand squeezed. She smiled as they went off. The three of them. Danny was really nice, she liked her. The brunette didn't let go of her girlfriend's hand and held it somewhat tightly. Then they went off at the dragon girl's word to the rooms. Though she stopped as she felt Luna's lips. She smiled afterwards and then went on. Things were awkward through their short journey but once they were there, she let Danny open the door and let Luna inside before looking at Danny as the girl went off, she nodded. "The room is nice." She jested before the other blonde came back. She turned her head as she was told her room was next door. "Is it? With who?" She then asked curiously before getting off the door, she stretched before shrugging. "I should probably check my room out." She suggested before looking to the girls. "See you both later, ladies."

She then walked off, closing the door slightly before walking off. She went to the room with her name on the plaque and opened the door. The sight of it... was not what she expected. An eyebrow raised at the sight of the young lady with the beautiful butterflies, and her feral shifter in the bed. "Um, hey guys." Vahana suddenly added as her jaw dropped in confusion. She wasn't even sure if she was in the right room right now.


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"E-" the Nariko's eyes widened further at the sound of the door opening again to reveal her actual roommate. The feelings of joy, shock, and horror danced within her. Even her familiars felt perplexed by the signals they received from the witch. A couple of them who recognized Vahana flew over to her. From the looks of things, they concluded that Nariko was in no state to communicate what exactly was happening. They also knew how important clarity was to Nariko for anyone else looking at the scene.

"U-ummm...eto-" Nariko's eyes darted back and forth between Hino-san and Vahana-san. The manifestations of her embarrassment were persistent. After a few familiars joined her roommate's side, Nariko looked at Hino-san once again. Not much seemed to stem from his mouth after his spat a few minutes ago. He kept his head down and yanked his things close before standing up at last. He mumbled a few final words in Japanese to her, and her only reply was a nod. She held a fist close and flinched back when he shuffled past Vahana-san with not even so much as a glance. He must be mad...I hope he'll get some decent rest back in his room...

The butterflies took the opportunity to speak to Vahana during that exchange. It's been so long! We missed you! a few of them nearly yelled with excitement. One of them took the liberty of landing on her shoulder to rest and explain. I...well...we think Hino Yuzuki was sleeping after bringing Nariko-sama's belongings up here while we went to the garden. It was a long journey here...and he gets grumpy when woken up by others...

The witch looked at the insects after hearing a few things from them. From what she gathered, they were explaining the situation to Vahana-san. She'd have to thank them later. She watched as the butterfly finished his explanation and mustered a sheepish smile when she had the chance to look at her new roommate, "H-Hi..."


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It was difficult to decide on what was a more efficient expression: To smile, or to just stand there, surprised like she just saw what she actually saw. She forced herself to be distracted by the butterflies, there were some familiar faces, some new. But she knew that the new ones would be fascinated with her communicating with them. She smiled at them, trying to concentrate on them only. While she didn't understand what was going on in front of her at hand, she wasn't sure she truly wanted to know. Inside, she wished she had waited just a little longer, then maybe things would've made a lot more sense.

Vahana then looked at Nariko, who wasn't too sure what to say herself by the looks of it. Vahana just let an awkward smile latch onto her face as her eyes never turned away for that moment of time. She loved the company of Nariko's familiars, wise and naive, bold and shy, all of them. The perfect company in her eyes, after Luna of course. She wanted to laugh but forced herself not too for it would be too rude. She watched the male, Yuzuki stand as he mumbled words, she didn't need to read his mind to know he wasn't too pleased. The brunette then frowned as he walked past her, without anything. She didn't even know how she should react. "Um..." She started, hoping she would get a phrase out at least to ease the situation, at least on her part.

As the butterflies spoke to her, she giggled. "Yes, it has hasn't it." She responded first before the girl suddenly grinned with delight. "I missed you all too." The girl then added before letting out another happy laughter. Then she stroked the one who landed on her shoulder gently, listening to what the little one had to say. As they explained the situation, she nodded and continued listening. Understanding that one never gets into his good books by waking him up, she nodded again. "Ah, that explains it. Thank you." She added gently. Things made more sense now to her really, she felt a bit more at ease. Vahana's eyes then looked to Nariko, she smiled back at the Japanese girl for a moment herself. "Hey." She said before she finally decided to enter the room properly, hoping the butterfly would remain on her shoulder while she moved. She decided she'd break the ice with Nariko as they have all just come back. "How have you been?"


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Umhm, the acquainted butterflies enacted the closest thing they could think to a nod. A few of the happily informed familiars, after finding out they were missed as well, enlightened the newbies about Nariko-sama’s roommate’s powers. A couple of them were surprised, and every now and then one of them tried to fly over and get a closer look at the woman. An emperor butterfly in the midst hesitated more than once, but there were just as many who leapt, if they could, at the opportunity to meet another species with the ability to communicate with them.

Some of them joined in her laughter almost in a copycat fashion when they stopped moments after she did. The butterfly resting on her shoulder remained still as Vahana-san stroked it. It took off from her shoulder when she moved, but it returned to that spot right when she stopped.

Sh-She’s at least smiling…I’m so sorry! “Gomenasa-s-sorry!” Nariko desperately wanted to bow. However, knowing the girl well enough to catch herself Nariko restrained it enough to only lowering her head. After a familiar or two’s worth of informing, she snapped her head up and tried to regain what little composure she could find. “I-I guess they explained things,” she paused and glanced at the insects. Thanking them later sounded lovely in theory, but the occasion was too impeccable. “Arigatou, minna,” she smiled with ascending brows. What would she do without them?

“A-Ahm…I’m okay, o-other than Hino-san, you’re the first familiar person I’ve seen today. I-I’m glad we get to be roommates,” she smiled while her shoulders took the opportunity to relax. “How are you? D-Did you meet Luna-san yet?” The witch asked. From what she could recall, Luna-san and Vahana-san were really close, so close that it was surprising to her since it was all so new to her, but when wasn't there something to surprise the witch at this school? Back to Luna-san and Vahana-san, Nariko figured they would probably try to at least meet before heading to their dorms. They were so kind to each other too, so Nariko figured this relationship couldn’t be considered a bad thing.

"I hate my life," Yuzuki yanked his dorm door open and slammed it shut before collapsing on his own bed to sleep.