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Alice Boulevard Darkholme

The lucent, the dim, and the somber..

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a character in “Lair Of Lunatics”, as played by Ozara Exodus



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Might as well start off about my name.

      .:NAME:. "Alice Boulevard Darkholme, born and raised by that enthralling name."
      .:AGE:. "Eighteen."
      .:HEIGHT:. "5"8, no cute little comments there."
      .:EYES:. "Very silvery and vivd."
      .:HAIR:. "Azure like a the wings of a blue jay. I love it that way."
      .:SKIN TONE:. "Pretty pale from being stuck in here, especially now that it's winter."
      .:GENDER:. Female
      .:RANK:. "Privileged, if we're calling it rank now."
    .:DISORDER:. Dissociative Identity Disorder. Or, commonly known as multiple personality disorder. She's had it since she was 8, and could hardly manage.
    .:SYMPTOMS:. She only has one "alter", which is the name of the other personalities with this disorder. Other effects of this disease that affect her are depression and hallucinations, mostly visual. She may also sometimes be found sleepwalking or have night terrors. Last but not least, there's the occasional anxiety attack.

    .:PERSONALITY:. Alice is observant, calculating, comical, and outgoing. She feels alive when she laughs, or when she's making a successful joke. She hates lingering on personal topics that draw out too much emotion. You'll notice she mostly revolves around keeping it light and even witty or combative. She'll draw you out of your shell if you give her the chance, and maybe humorously toy with you if you have a compatible personality that clashes well with hers. She sometimes finds herself thinking about things many don't. She doesn't stop asking at the first level of an answer. She goes further down the chains of logic. She can qualify as intelligent. She knows that answers thrive in the roots, not in the leaves or branches. But that's just first glance. Alice seems pretty accustomed, which may make you wonder at some times how she ended up there. Watching her closely, you may notice the glaze of frigidity in her eyes as she hallucinates something in the space behind you. Or maybe you notice her mood swings, swapping from passionate and dynamic to something from a depression commercial. It's all part of her disorder. She can be very disconnected and aloof, it all depends on the situation at hand. It's not hard for her to be warm and inviting until you come to truly know her. She's like a cyclone of circumstance. Getting down deeper, there's her alter.

    When you trigger her, she changes without awareness into a completely different person mentally, in case you weren't sure what her disorder exactly meant. She does this without voluntary choice. Her triggers range from an extreme argument to digging too deep in conversation about pasts. It's like her defensive side; like her protector when she can't handle the situation herself. Her altar, which she's named Ozara, is completely brutal and harsh. She's evasive, opaque, and bears serrated words. She's locked up and meets every word with a critical tongue. Of course everything listed here is far more profound, but there's only so much you can say in short paragraphs so I'll leave it at that and have the rest of it depend on your conversations with her.

    .:HISTORY:. When Alice was 7, her parents left her with a babysitter who was too negligent to properly care for her. While this babysitter stayed inside watching television, Alice was in the front yard playing with anything she could find. Rocks, flowers, that sort of thing. That's when a man drove up, and snatched her without fail or fight. How much could a 7 year old girl do to defend herself?

    He kept her for a year. They couldn't find her for that long. And by the end when someone tipped the police with anonymous information and this kidnapper was shot and killed through the window by a police officer due to the circumstances, Alice had forgotten everything. She had forgotten everything and simply changed. She developed this defensive, protective alter that drew her away from everyone. Her parents never dealt with her well, so they sent her here. She's been here ever since. Years of therapy haven't made a dent in her status.

So begins...

Alice Boulevard Darkholme's Story

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I rummaged through my drawers, a feeling of peace trailing through me as my fingers skimmed over the cotton shirts and other pieces of fabric. I pulled out a fitted black sweater-like shirt with long sleeves and purple skinny jeans for contrast. I slipped everything on and topped it off with my usual worn black boots, ashen and scuffed from age. My hair was messy and my nails were bitten raw, so I combed my hair and.. Well I couldn't do anything with my nails exactly. I insecurely stuffed them into my pockets and exited my room with haste, not prepared to miss breakfast. It was a lengthy walk to the cafeteria from my assigned room, but as long as I had the privileged suite, it was completely fine by me. I entered the cafeteria and a cloud of breakfasty aromas wafted through my nose like a burst of warmth. I promptly snatched my trey of food. Bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns sat delightfully on my plate as I carried them to a rather desolate table. I didn't keep myself waiting. Who was I gonna pause my day for? Yeah, uh no one. Happily. I pushed my azure hair from my face and ate, used to the average taste of the food here. I've been around this place for years. I've been locked up in the privilege revoked room before, too. More than once. My eyes trailed wistfully to a barred window, peering out to the very edge of this place where high barbed wire fences restrained us all. Even if I was finally better; finally able to leave.. Where would I go?