Quinn Layton

I guess it's better than a prison cell...

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Quinn Layton


Why they're at Rosebrookes sanctuary:
He purposely sent fire to his abusive mother and father for reasons explained in his history.

Pyromania, PTSD and depression.

He finds comfort in burning things, especially when he can't cope as well as trying to commit suicide after the recent events. He also gets flash backs to things his parents did to him and his sister and the night she was killed.



Burning things

Being stuck in the sanctuary
Not having any way of burning things
Having to talk about his past

His flashbacks
Not being able to leave the sanctuary

Listening to music
Playing sports
Playing video games

He can get angry and aggressive very quickly, a trait he has from his parents but can also be very caring and friendly.

His parents have abused him for as long as he can remember. Infact his first memory is of his father pushing him down the stairs. He was 5 when his little sister was born and had to help look after her. He became very protective over her but couldn't stop his parents from abusing her too.
The abuse continued unnoticed for many years and one night about a month ago, his parents had gotten extremely drunk. He would have left home already if it wasn't for his sister. When he got home, he saw one of the windows has been smashed and lots of shouting going on in the house, his little sister apologizing frantically looking petrified. His dad left the room and came back with a hatchet. Quinn tried to get the hatchet of his father but ended up being tied to the pipes on the radiator watching his little sister, only 12 being hacked to death by their father. He then left Quinn and his dead sister in the room and went to bed with their mother. Quinn managed to untie himself and tied his parents to their bed without waking them. He them took some petrol from the garage and covered them with it, them waking up and freaking out. He set them on fire and left, the house soon ablaze.
He has since tried to commit suicide not being able to cope with the flashbacks and was sent to the sanctuary after failing to overdose as someone found him.
For some reason. even when he was a child he sought comfort in fire, he used to steal lighters from shops and when he wanted to escape from his parents and everything else in life he would go to the forest behind their house and build a fire and it would help him cope.

So begins...

Quinn Layton's Story

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Quinn woke, sleeping though his alarm. He sighed reluctantly getting out of bed, leaving the warmth of his bed. He walked over to the radiator still in a sleepy haze. He couldn't be bothered to have a shower, like most days. His hair falls in black locks to about his chin, begging to get rather greasy. He didn't have time to shower anyway after being so reluctant to get out of bed earlier. After dressing into the clothes he had put on the radiator last night, a white v neck top and a battered and rather threadbare denim jacket. He then pulled on some black denim jeans and some well loved trainers. Combing through his hair with his fingers he looked out of his window at the sun rising over the horizon. He made his bed, taking the locket from under his pillow, he turned it over and over in his hand, it was a birthday present he had given to his little sister for her birthday this year after saving up the money from his paper round for months, inside was a photo of him and his sister together when she was a bit younger. He put the locket in his pocket before heading to breakfast, a lot of the food had gone by the time he got there but he didn't really care, he didn't care about anything anymore, not since what happened to his sister. Grabbing a tray he got some toast and a fried egg, taking a seat near the kitchen looking though the little window at the gas rings wishing he had a lighter or anything he could use create fire and give himself a break from everything.

Sky woke up sitting up in bed her stomach rumbled, she has been here a few days and has refused to leave her room or eat anything. She got out of bed into the chilly air, walking into the bathroom she turned on the shower looking at herself in the mirror, well the plastic mirror like the kind they give you in school when learning about reflection. Undressing she got into the shower the hot water warming her body making it feel like it was burning but she liked the feeling, it gave her something to focus on. She herd a banging at her door and she sighed getting and drying herself before pulling on some blue jeans, a blue and white checkered shirt as well as a cream coloured woolen cardigan. All her brand scars were hidden other than the one on the side of her neck, she moved her still damp hair round to cover it, putting on her favorite purple lace slouchy beanie style hat. Walking back into the main room she looked at the empty space on her bed.
"Celia it's time to get up lazy" She joked laughing a little. Celia, the girl she see's most of the time because of her schizophrenia and traumatic childhood got up and walked over to her smiling.
Her bedroom door opened, a nurse and two helpers at her door.
"Skylar, you need to start leaving your room, we've been lenient so far but if this continues we'll have to make you leave, also we advise you start eating, not doing so won't get you anywhere other than revoked and on a drip. So are you going to leave your room today?" The doctor said in a rather annoyed tone.
Sky shock her had the idea of meeting the other people setting her anxiety off. The two helpers took Sky by her arms practically dragging her out of her room before locking her door after her.
"It will be fine, I'm sure you'll get on with the other patients..." One of the helpers said.
Sky looked at the empty space beside her and whispered to Celia. "I'm sure they're not allowed to do this..."
"We have permission from your foster parents... the cafeteria is down that corridor and you don't have outside access untill you start taking your medication..." She said before leaving, the helpers following her.
Sky walked into the cafeteria, keeping her eyes to the floor, when she's anxious she can't look at people, she sits down at a table closest to the door unable to stop her feet tapping on the floor.
"It's on Sky, no ones looking at you I promise, and I'll get 'em if they do anyway..." Celia said to Sky, no one else able to see or hear her. "But please don't let them take me away by taking the medication..."
Sky smiled a little looking at the empty space beside her. "Of course I won't besides your the only reason I'm only slightly sane..." She joked. "If only they could see that your real..."
To anyone listening or looking over it would seem she was talking to herself.