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Jeremiah Justus

"I like to think we were put here as a joke. A really long, drawn-out one that someone forgot the punchline to."

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a character in “Lament and a Vivication”, as played by H3R0



Streetlight Manifesto - Forty Days
Image Song:
Bastille - Things We Lost in the Fire

The Vagabond
Too many to count and most aren't pretty.

Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Handsome in any way you try to look at him, Jeremiah is a good-looking young man and his body language shows just how much he knows it, too. His loose and untangled, choppy gold-strewn hair messily strewn about in no particular style is soft to the touch and easy to run a hand through--whether the hand is his or another's is an entirely different story. His lean build is enough to show off his body in an...unmarked way. There's no muscle, but also no fat or ribs. It's lean. Athletic. He's obviously very healthy and well-maintained. Well...when he's in the mood for it. He tries to keep his good looks in check, but when you're the type to travel around like he is, it's not uncommon to get some dirt smudged here and there or to go hungry for a day or two. Even still, his looks seem to be natural and unwavering, even in the dirtiest of situations. His skin is sunkissed, but not quite as tan as one might expect from someone who travels as much as he does. It's probably because he has naturally peachy skin that doesn't tan easily, nor does it burn too quickly, which is a relief.

The worst markings you might find anywhere are a few scrapes and bruises here and there from a couple close calls, but he's yet to sustain any terrible injuries. ...or maybe that's a bit of a lie. He does happen to have one scar that runs down his back. It doesn't appear to be a clean cut, as if from a knife or sword, but more of one that came from a whip. He doesn't talk about it and he isn't fond of showing it off. His ears, pointed at the tips, are usually hidden in the tufts of his messy hair, but the tips can usually still be seen poking out. The most prominent visible feature would have to be his amber eyes, bright and kind even in the worst of situations. Despite his ability to mask his emotions on his face, his eyes always seem to tell the story his mouth will refuse to tell.

Preferred Clothing:
While Jeremiah would usually prefer comfort over style, he does feel better about looking good than looking ratty. Since he's usually traveling around in the heat and the cold, his clothing style depends on how the weather is that day and he may often find himself unprepared for spontaneous changes, like rainstorms. He usually doesn't steal his clothes, so most of what he wears is ratty or old and worn and things that are good with helping him blend in with a crowd--unless, of course, he's trying to get the attention of those around him, then he might dress in bright colors or even a silly jester-esque costume. What he wears usually depends on the situation, his mood, and the availability at the time.

Contrary to popular belief, Jeremiah is not a bad guy--well, then again, that depends who you are. He can be your worst nightmare or your best guy friend; a hero to some, a bastard to most. And neither opinion would be completely incorrect with their beliefs towards him. Yeah, he can be a pretty bad guy, but he's not all bad. He has his reasons and he even has his many good sides, it just depends which face you're looking at at the time. At first glance, Jeremiah isn't anything stunning. With his cheeky smile and confident swagger, he definitely doesn't seem to be a bad guy. He has a very cheerful disposition and it's hard to catch him without a smile on his face. In fact, the only times he'll ever not be grinning is when nobody's watching, when he's on his own and nobody's looking his way, Jeremiah is not smiling. But most never get to see that side of him. The side most people see is this quirky guy who can't stop smiling, even as he's running from people who have a death wish on his name. To others, he comes off at optimistic and rarely has anything bad to say about anything. He's always good about looking on the bright side of a situation and he has an uncanny ability to cheer up even the saddest of people.

The one thing nobody can doubt is that Jeremiah Justus is a true trouble maker. He has a knack for getting himself caught up in the worst kinds of situations, whether on his own or just through his luck. He can't help but jump headfirst into a situation that's obviously bound to screw him over one way or another. And he has many different reasons for doing the things he does. He might do it to help some poor soul out or maybe he'll do it to make some bad guy's life that much inconvenient. Jeremiah has his own set of morals and he truly believes the bad don't deserve anything good in their lives. He doesn't exactly believe all people should be punished, but he strongly believes in good karma and bad karma, and he believes that good should come to those who are good and bad should come to those who are bad. With that said, he doesn't consider himself a good person. Although he's been known to do good, like give money to those in desperate need of it or save an innocent soul from being attacked by no-good ruffians, he's also well aware that he's done plenty of bad in his life and will never believe that any amount of good can make up for it. The thought of this makes him very resentful, but he's accepted it as truth and refuses to believe otherwise. With that said, that makes him a sort of hypocrite. He tells everyone that they can be redeemed and that whatever bad they've done no longer matters as long as they do good from here on out. He believes that's true for everyone besides himself. He's very hard on himself.

Okay, so Jeremiah might not seem like that bad of a guy so far, but there's a reason there's a warrant for his head. In fact, only a small handful of people would probably even consider him a guy worth saving. Most would consider him nothing more than a thief, a troublemaker, a no-good, double-crossing, aggravating little rat whose innards deserve nothing better than to be sliced open and laid out on a rusted, filthy dirty platter. He's accumulated many enemies over the years through his gambling addiction (although he likes to consider it a simple way to pass the time rather than an addiction). The best thing he's gotten out of this is the unreadable poker face and a whole bunch of angry people who've accused him of cheating on more than just a few occasions. The truth of the matter is...yes, he's cheated. Tons of times. Jeremiah hates the idea of losing so much and just absolutely loves those pretty pennies enough so that he's resorted to using dirty tricks many times. Needless to say, he's been caught about half of these times and the results weren't pretty. If he can't win a game, then he'll simply sneak into the person's room in the middle of the night and take them for all they're worth, disappearing before morning without the slightest hint of empathy.

That's not the only way Jeremiah gets what he wants, however. Oh no, he has a whole skillset of ways to get stuff. He's been known to swindled people out of their cash by throwing on a dramatic act, even in the middle of a market area or a city. He's been known to interrupt the everyday flow of the people to call their attention to him as he puts on a little magic act, even though he can't even use magic. They're all simple tricks and illusions that he's taught himself over the years, but they're usually enough to get peoples' attention. He can be quite the actor when he needs to be and it's not hard for him to catch the crowd's attention with the confident way he struts himself. Before anyone knows it, their wallets are missing and he's disappeared for good to move on to the next section of the city. Aside from that, he's also pretty crafty at convincing the ladies (and even some weak-kneed gentlemen) to take his good looks for granted. He knows just the right words to send a person swooning and he's been known to be quite the lady-killer, although he's never managed to keep a single one of them. That just adds up a whole other list of enemies who'd like to see his bloody head on a stake.

The biggest point to make about Jeremiah is his lack of truth. Whether it be in his words or in his face, he rarely ever shares the truth with anyone, including himself most of the time. He has yet to find someone that he trusts enough to share any personal information with, especially not someone to share his secrets with. He's a wanderer, one with many enemies but not a single friend. His poker face is not strictly reserved for games, but also for real life. Having a poker face doesn't mean he is expressionless, but that he is able to show a different expression than how he is feeling emotionally. He could of just seen something that tore him apart inside and, while a normal person may be breaking down in tears, he could turn around and grin just like he would any other day in any other situation, as if it didn't bother him at all. He also has a bad habit of lying compulsively, especially if it's to get what he wants or to get himself out of a situation. Lying, whether emotionally or verbally, seems to be the one thing he turns to in any situation.

Jeremiah will always regard his elders with the respect he believes they deserve, even if they seem to be the most rotten of people. He claims that if they are rude, then they lived a long life that made them up to be that way. He will listen to anything they have to say to him with utmost politeness, even if they're just rambling about their grandchildren or something else as trivial. Of course, this doesn't keep him from tricking them like any other, especially if they have something nice that he wants.

He calls females of any age "lady" or "madam," unless he's friendly with them--then he'll become more casual and call them by less official titles and will even insult them if he feels like it. To strangers, though, he tries harder to not act so rudely unless they treat him rudely, then they'll get attitude--unless, of course, there's something he wants out of them.

He is very active when he talks and emphasizes his words through gestures, even if he's laying down or just having a normal conversation. It's very much by habit and it's not something he thinks about while he's doing it unless someone were to point it out.

When Jeremiah feels like he's upset or on the verge of tears and doesn't want anyone around to see him sad or crying, he will instantly run a hand down in front of his face and then force himself to make a different expression. It may seem random at the time, or even annoying if the particular situation is a sad one, but he'll just keep doing that a few times over, making different silly expressions each time his hand goes over his face, until he feels like he's calmed down enough to maintain his composure.

Good looks
Nice smells
Getting caught
Tight situations
Being trapped

Claustrophobia - Fear of confined spaces.
Cleisiophobia - Fear of being locked up or imprisoned.
Scotophobia - Fear of blindness.
Gamophobia - Fear of commitment.

Sweet-talking. Jeremiah can talk his way out of any situation. You name it--he's probably been in it. And nothing's worth more than personal, first-hand experience. He knows people well enough to be able to figure them out pretty quickly. He can almost always figure out just the right things to say to get him out of a risky situation, whether it's something as trivial as getting out of a chore or something as dangerous as saving his own hyde.

Thievery. Being a bit of a kleptomaniac (or, well, maybe a little more than just a "bit" of one), Jeremiah is quite skilled in the ways of stealing. If there's something he wants, then one way or another he'll more than likely have it. He can be pretty ambitious about some specific items and might go out of his way for them, and he's slick enough to simply walk behind a random person in passing and take them for whatever they've got without them, or anyone around them, even having a clue about it.

Escaping. When all else fails: run. He's definitely not above running away from the enemy, especially when they're in angry mob form. Over the years, he's developed the ability to find the right places to hide away until it's safe or just be a touch quicker than the enemy--quick enough, at least, to slide out of their reach and into safety (or another crappy situation, with his luck).

A long, creative dagger with symbols carved into it that he came across in his travels. It may not seem like much, but it's very useful. Aside from that, however, he also carries with him an average sword with a black blade.

Fighting Style:
Jeremiah is a very quick and skilled fighter when it comes to the sword. He favors more defensive positions rather than any full-on offensive attacks towards the enemy and he usually stays more focused on getting away rather than defeating his opponent. He'd rather inflict minor cuts and scrapes here and there than any serious injuries. While he is quick on his feet and avoids more attacks than he initiates, he may sometimes resort to using small tricks to throw his opponent off--they can be small smoke bombs, cracklers, glitter, and other things.

Because of all the games he's played in his time, Jeremiah has developed the innate ability to pull oFf what he believes to be a near-perfect poker face, including no tell-tale signs of lying or falsehood. In relation to this, he's also very good at telling when someone else is lying.

Because of his love of old artifacts, he can usually tell when something is fake or if it's actually a real artifact. Although he can't tell with everything exactly, he's become pretty good at being able to tell the general age and authenticity of those types of things.

Personal History:
With an elven father and a human mother, Jeremiah lived a hectic, distasteful early childhood. Soon after his mother had him, his father left her. It was apparently for a noble cause and she never held it against him, even though his disappearance left them poor and hungry and forced to wander or beg for their food. To pass the time, his mother told him countless stories of his father: the adventurer. She would tell him all about the things his father accomplished in his lifetime. He was a vigilante, a proud chevalier, a man of his word who lived by the sword and did only good for the people he believed deserved it. She'd tell him fairytale-like stories where his father beat off twenty--no, it was thirty!--men at once just to save her from having her hand severed after being caught stealing food one day. Jeremiah's mother told him that his father was a good, charming man like no others and that she could only hope to see him again someday. She never quite told him why it was that he left them, but she made sure to tell Jeremiah never to hold it against him because it was for a good cause and for the sake of their safety.

Jeremiah, being young and easily influential, fell in love with these stories. He built up a proud image of his father in his head and began play make believe where he was this cool hero who fought off the bad guys and got all the women to love him. He dreamed of meeting his dad some day and decided in order to do that, he'd have to train and be just as cool as him, if that was even possible. Of course, this was all just a fantasy and despite being poor, Jeremiah had yet to discover the true cruelness of the world. When he was with his mother in town one day, maybe only six-years-old, he wandered off after seeing something that caught his eye. It was a sort of crown made for royalty--fake, of course, but definitely expensive. He knew he'd never be able to have it, but a man came up and bought it for him right out of the blue. Jeremiah had been so happy at the time that he hardly questioned why the man even bought something so ridiculously expensive for him, a little kid. The man then told him he needed to pay off his debt and, right there in the middle of people too busy to notice, took Jeremiah away.

Jeremiah never saw his mother again after that.

That was when things started spiraling downhill. Jeremiah was never fully aware of his surroundings, being tossed from one place to another. He was never told what was happening--all he knew was that if someone told him to do something, he had to do it no matter how hard it seemed. If he didn't, he was punished. There were others who seemed to be just like him--all young, scared, confused, begging for their parents. As a year passed by, Jeremiah realized he would never see his mother again. He was told that he was a working slave and that he was to do what he was told or he would be killed. He didn't doubt the man's words after seeing this punishment first-hand on another kid. The begging around him turned away from freedom and died into lifeless pleas of food and water. It was harsh and they were always traveling somewhere. In the winter, some died of frostbite and in the summer, some died of heatstroke; in-between, some died from starvation, fatigue, or rebellion. It all occurred quickly and in a daze for Jeremiah. One day, he'd been perfectly content with his mother and the next he'd been stuck being whipped hard in the back just because he dropped a box of fruit. The only thing he ever really held onto were his fantasies about how cool his father was and how his father would never let this happen and how his father would never die like this. After a few years, however, even those dreams began to fade. He still believed in his father, but he no longer believed in himself. If he was ever as good as his father, he would have escaped in the first week and freed the others. He was not a hero. He never stood up to those being beaten or killed. He never shared his food or his water. His father wouldn't want a son like that.
Eventually, at the age of thirteen, Jeremiah got his chance to escape. One of those towing them around had forgotten to handcuff him and all he had to do was walk out. If he was fast enough, he could get away. The realization occurred to him and he didn't hesitate to stand and start on his way out, stunned and confused. He passed by others who were too weak or tired to call him out and he considered letting them out. He could of done it. He could have freed every single one of them at the risk of one of the handlers returning and killing he did. He tried, anyway. He opened the doors of each room and he told the others to leave, but they were too shell-shocked or suspicious to listen and when he heard a handler returning, instead of pushing the others any further, Jeremiah simply panicked and left them all behind. The truth is, there was probably nothing he could do, but he blames himself for not trying harder.

Since then, it has not been an easy ride. Jeremiah learned to fend for himself and picked up many habits, debts, and deathwishes along the way. He's traveled countless places and met countless people--some of which he did good for, and some of which he did not. He's gotten his money through tricks, thievery, and gambling and, on some occasions, he's given his money to those who seem to need it more than him. He's stolen from those who seem to have too much. Any good he does anymore is his way of trying to make up for the bad he feels he did when he was younger, even though he doesn't believe he can ever atone for that.

He swings both ways *winkwink* (although he's definitely not the type to settle down and live a life) and he carries around a worn bag with him wherever he goes that contains all of his essentials. The bag has a messily stitched "J" on it to resemble his name. He also has a few smaller bags that he uses to carry his money or stolen items, usually hidden on his person. Also, when it comes to alcohol, he's a total lightweight. It's embarrassing.

So begins...

Jeremiah Justus's Story