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Land of Ocaknia: Song of Sin

Land of Ocaknia: Song of Sin


In a land where there are a lot of demons. Sirens fear them for the king of the lands who is wanting to gain ultimate power has been getting his followers to capture sirens to use them to trap men's souls of his enemies. Only few haven't been caught.

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Ever since she could remember she had been born under two different ways. Half siren and half elven. At first her abilities as a siren were not a problem therefore she never had to worry about causing the opposite gender to fall in love with her. It didn't happen until after her father had died a fire had happened in their shack along the ocean where she had been raised by her father a local surfer/beach bum. But she had a happy life. However she never knew her father loved her mother only due to having been under a spell for it seemed all too real of a love. She was out of touch with her mother, they never got along after her troubles began. Her mother wanted her to join her in the ocean but Sin didn't want to be siren at all. Especially when she started making boys fall in love with her. It was like they had no will of their own anymore. It had scared her and sadly she had caused death already due to the fact the one's who fell victim of her out of control abilities often fought with another not caring if it brought death to them for they thought they were protecting her.

She wanted nothing more but to get rid of her abilities but sadly couldn't. Over the years that had passed she tried to control them better was always an on going battle. Then she fell in love with an elven male. She thought things could be different. But sadly too he would fall victim. Though she really thought he was in love with her. They lived together for awhile happily until somehow an almost near death experience had snapped him out of it. He realized she had trapped him under some spell and grew to hate her. Blaming her for being so cruel he vowed to hunt her down and kill her.

Sinorea "Sin" has been on the run since. With her ex chasing her wanting to kill her. Perhaps he made some friends who consider her a freak since she had been picked on all her life growing up when she had caused people to die. So could be angry relatives or anything else related to her victims.

Somehow she comes across injured and a demon guy finds her and saves her. (That's where I want to start this rp with. Though it's been awhile that she was saved so we could start it with her being unconcious and finally coming to in the home of the demon guy who rescued her. Hopefully people will want to play this)

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Grains of sand squished in between her toes as a giggling voice could be heard. Smiling the sun light shined down upon the young girl as she busy worked at brushing away dark black bangs from her face. The girls expression looked somewhat disturbed that filled with worry.

"No don't tell me you found me again..."

The young woman said as her eyes suddenly widened in fear. Had he found her? She had thought she had escaped from him the last time. Fear continued to rise in her chest weighing her down. Panting she wiped the tears that threatened to fall down her cheeks.

"I will always find you Sin. You ruined me...and I have come to make you pay. Pay with your life and soul."

The strange man replied covered in tattoo's and piercings as he glared at her. The elf held a cold stare at her full of hatred. However he wasn't actually an elf but a drow being. He glared at her with so much coldness. Slowly he inched towards her his hands outstretched with clenched fists as he cracked his knuckles as if preparing to strike her at any moment.

"You can't run and you can't hide. Now come take your punishment."

He threatened as he raised his fist high and brought it down fast intending to strike her hard in the face. Was he going to punch her?' Sin screamed and...

flinching she suddenly bolted up right drenched in sweat as she woke up from her horrible nightmare. She didn't know how much more of this she could honestly take. Shaking Sin clutched her body as her heart raced beating faster then it honestly should've done. Trying to get her mind off what caused her to worry a lot, she didn't want to break down in tears once again. Shaking Sin looked around her surroundings after having such a nightmare. It was just a horrible dream like many other nights. She was alone in some woods having made herself shelter for the time being.

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Character Portrait: Sin


Character Portrait: Sin

"I dare not sing. For if I do it will ruin all fate of all men."


Character Portrait: Sin

"I dare not sing. For if I do it will ruin all fate of all men."

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Character Portrait: Sin

"I dare not sing. For if I do it will ruin all fate of all men."

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