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Abayomi 'Prototype'

"You are now arrested by the government of area 51. Please surrender or I'll be forced to assault you. Trust me, it won't be pretty."

0 · 465 views · located in Earth

a character in “Land of the Damned”, as played by Scarlet Bullets


• Name: Abayomi “Prototype”
(Origin: Dutch. Meaning: To bring joy.)

• Age: 17

• Species: Human

• Appearance: Height 5’7, Weight 122 lbs.

• Personality: Almost like a robot with a temper… Abayomi is nothing more than a government weapon used to capture and/or kill supernatural people. She seems apathetic with everything that involves socializing and though she tends to get angry easily and expresses that with conflict. Very rarely will her emotions get out of control, only when speaking about her mother and/or father will she shows that she is a human in pain. She was never given the right to choose if she wanted her life to be this way, so with a small hatred with the government she is nothing more than a ruthless killer, though a scared child at heart. Never given freedom, there for, unsure how to respond with most people outside area 51. She at times comes off as a laid back marine, even for her age…

• Abilities: Though more of a skill, an ability of this little super soldier is camouflage. Think of the predator cloaking power or even a covendent elites cloaking power. There not invisible, sound can still be heard from them, and if they are moving you can sometimes see that something is off with the setting. Another is a genially altered ability, see being that she is to catch and at times kill supernatural things her body as been tested on, making her skin as strong as a marines common armor, so human weapons such as guns, bows, blades, will take a lot more effort to pierce her skin. With this ability this makes it so she can wear any clothing she wants, making her mobility as she wants with out the stress of armor. The last is the demonic eye ability. Basically this ability allows her to see things humans can not. Ghosts, or any other worldly thing that is unseen by humans, that resistance no longer effects her. She can see anything supernatural from miles away for they will flash red, making it easier for her to hunt the way she wants. Watch your back, watch the trees, this little girl may have you beat.

Abilities (in a nut shell): Cloaking, armored skin, demonic eyesight (angels unaffected by this).

• Weaponry: M4A1 assault rifle, attachments include optical scope, silencer, FMJ bullets, and laser sight. The L118A sniper rifle, attachments include variable scope.
The Five Seven handgun and last but not least, KA-BAR combat knife, for hand to hand.

• Relations: Every governmental person in area 51, mother dead, father imprisoned.

• Current Status: Human shelter (Government owned)

So begins...

Abayomi 'Prototype''s Story