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A young fae driven by competition and the desire to excel

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a character in “Land of the Forgotten”, as played by Luv-is-a-Bug



Name:: Lyra
Nickname:: Lyra (Leer-a)
Gender:: Female
Age:: 3 years
Pack:: Looking to join the Abysol Pack.
Status:: Loner for now, we will see what the coming days bring.
Ranking:: Loner
Personality:: Lyra is an energetic, competitive young wolf, a fae with great focus and determination. Her wit and athleticism are her greatest strengths, and helped her out of many sticky situations during their journey through the Gengi Desert. Cunning as she is, Lyra has much to learn about the world and other wolves, and would do well to compete less and listen more. Competition is in her nature, for she was one of the younger pups in her age group, and over time she’s become accustomed to competing for survival. She’s distrusting of strange wolves, quick to forget that not everyone is her competition, but fiercely protective of those she loves. Lyra does not form fast friendships, but lasting ones, and loves her pack mates as herself. Though she has spent a year lone and grown used to life without family, a part of her yearns to be part of a pack once more.
Body Build:: Lyra is a lean, long legged wolf with short, thick fur and angular features. Her slender muzzle, triangular ears, and piercing amber eyes give her a sharp, attentive look reflective of her personality, and her slight build has given her great agility and athleticism. Her long legs and large paws are apt for long distance travel, and her short but thick fur keeps her cool in the day and warm at night.
-Height:: Approximately 30 inches at the shoulder.
-Weight:: Roughly 110 lbs.
-Length:: 40 inches from nose to tail.
Sub-Species:: European Wolf
-Eye Color:: Red gold. Lyra’s eyes are red as the sun baked rocks among which she was born, and are reflective of her inner thoughts and feelings.
-Fur Color:: Lyra’s fur is a mix of red browns and stony grays, well suited to the rocky terrain she once roamed. In contrast to her red ears and legs, Lyra’s chest and underbelly are light gray, as is the underside of her muzzle.
Relatives: None
Offspring:: None to speak of.
Beloved:: Only the forest she roams.
History:: Lyra was born in a small, sparsely wooded forest several miles from the Gengi Desert. The game, like the trees, was scarce, and Lyra grew up hunting prey much smaller and faster than she, primarily jackrabbits and lizards. Life was sustained by a small lake a half mile outside the forest, a lake whose sustenance depended solely on winter rainfall. The first two years of Lyra’s life were challenging, for she was one of the younger wolves, but Lyra thrived on the competition. She was a quick wolf, mentally and physically, and able to outwit or outrun the wolves that stood between her and survival. But you can’t outsmart Mother Nature. As Lyra entered her third winter and water in the lake grew low, the wolves of her pack grew increasingly concerned. Where was the rain? As the weeks went by, panic set in, and Lyra’s pack began to ration water. Then came the fateful day when the water ran out, and all hell broke loose. A few days without water were enough to kill a wolf, and the pack knew it. The smart wolves, Lyra included, got away while they still could, setting off into the uncharted territory of the Gengi Desert. On the third day of travelling, the wolves came across a muddy riverbed and, through digging, were able to obtain the water needed to keep them alive. Several wolves died before they reached the next water source, and four more died before Lyra and the other three wolves reached their stopping point, a forest similar to the one they had left behind. The four of them found a small lake much like the one from their home land, and Lyra’s pack mates decided to make the forest their home. Lyra, sensing they would one day have the same problem as before, left her only family in search of something better. After another week of travelling, she reached the end of the desert and entered a forest greener than any she had ever known. She is still roaming the forests in search of a new family.
Relatives:: “I know not what has become of them.”

So begins...

Lyra's Story