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a character in “Lands of The Centaurs”, as played by NemotheDroneAlien


(Sorry, can't find a pic)

Sebastian is an adult male warrior with a lean build. The skin of his human torso is a pale shade but slightly darkened by the warm light of the sun. His hair a light shade of brown and grows shorter than the hair of most centaurs. The color of his eyes is a dark chocolate brown with a warm but strong gaze. Sebastian's equine body is that of a dark bay arabian stallion with a white "sock" on each of his back legs. His medium length tail is also a dark bay.


Sebastian is a brave and corageous warrior, who will fight willingly for the ones he loves. Although fierce in battle, Sebastian is a soft hearted male and can be a bit playful and mystevious at times. He even will enjoy the company of young ones. Sebastian can be a stubborn centaur and a bit pridful, but his heart is in the right place, though his mind may not.


Sebastion carries a strong sword. Its blade is a deep silver, though has thin, slight streaks of red in color, not from battle. Sebastian keeps the sword slipped in a belt at his waist.


Sebastian grew up in a small western tribe that is not very known due to the low population. Sebastian was happy there and grew up with good warriors, but at an adult age Sebastian secretly witnessed a terrible murder. He had went hunting when the sound of a struggle caught his attention. When he had peered through the trees that covered him from sight as he investigated, Sebastian watched in horror as his own leader of his tribe slaughtered one of the warriors. Sebastian attacked his leader, defending his fellow warrior, only to lose the fight with the stronger centaur and couldn't save his warrior brother's life. The leader took him back to the tribe and lied to the centaurs to cover up what he had done and blamed Sebastion for the death of the other warrior. Sebastian was banished by the murderer himself and wandered Bagsedareth. He soon was fortunate to meet a female lone centaur, Briess and was accepted to travel with her, not speaking of why he was a lone centaur.

So begins...

Sebastian's Story


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Temjuin eyes opened to the morning light, feeling the warmth of the sun's rays hit against his body and face. It seemed a new day had dawned upon him and his little companion, Anang, the little filly he'd taken with him on him journey through Bagsedeth. With a quick stretch of his arms, legs, and his large body, he stood up from the ground before nudging little Anang from her sleep. "Anang," he said softly to her with another soft nudge, "it's time to wake up, the sun is up in the sky." Soon after the young girl began to open her eyes, squinting them slightly at the sight of the sun above in the sky.

"Morning," Anang said to him as she stretched herself out as well, slowly getting up from the soft grass she slept on. "So I'm guessing it's time to get going, huh?" her eyebrows furrowed a tad, her hair and tail gently swaying in the wind as it blew.

"Yes, we don't want to stay in one place for too long, don't know what would show up if we stay," he spoke to her, placing his hand onto her head, giving it a gently stroke. "Now let us get going," Temujin said, grabbing his weapon from off the ground and throwing it around his back. With not much effort he began to walk forward into a clearing, looking behind him to make sure the young filly was following behind him, and sure enough she was. Anang followed behind him close, as she usually would when they'd travel together, being any farther from him is something she didn't want to happen, there would be no way she'd be able to protect herself. A hand reached out, signaling her to stop where she was. "Sssh," he whispered to the girl, listeing to an odd sound coming from the distance, it seemed if something was being chased and heading their way.

"What is it?" Anang questioned him, a sense of worry in her voice as she spoke.

Temujin looked back at her, he wasn't sure himself on what it was, be he was sure they needed to move out of the way just in-case. "Let's move back a bit Anang, whatever it is we don't want to be in the way for it," once said, he turned himself around and gently grabbed her on the arm, leading both of them out of the way a few feet. Once at a safe distance they both watched in the direction of the noise, soon seeing a herd of deer running that way, but it wasn't just deer coming that way, it was also other centaur chasing it.

"Temujin! Look, other centaurs!" she happily said, her said swaying back and forth in joy. It had been a while since she'd seen any other centaur besides her and Temujin.

Temujin was wary, though, just because they were centaurs as well didn't mean they were friendly in anyway. "Let's not jump in and say 'hi' so quick young one, we should at least wait and see what kind of centaurs they are," his gaze went over to her as he spoke. Anang nodded at him, what he said was right, so she waited beside him till they could meet the three mysterious centaurs.