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Jiangu Langzongse


0 · 114 views · located in Langzongse Manor

a character in “Langzongse Werewolf Pack”, as played by chikyuutenshi


Name: Jiangu Langzongse.
Gender: Female.
Lycan Breed: Hunsing.
Status: (Rank in the Pack, Fill out after being given one)
Marital Status: Single.
Date of Birth: March 15th,1979.
Place of Birth: Osprulin Forest.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Likes: Flowers,herbs,nature,the moon,the scenery,traveling,meeting people who'll accept her and care about her,family,friends,having someone lead her.
Dislikes: Being bullied,ganged up on, skunks.
Fears: Besides fearing about dying alone, she fears about being utterly alone too. She likes being around her own kind period.

Human Details
Age: 32.
Height: 5'10".
Weight: 120lbs.
Eye Color: Green.
Hair Color: Light Brown.
Distinguishing Traits: She has her ears pierced. Other then that she has an odd shaped birthmark along her lower back.
Personality: Dominant,She's the alpha. She loves making friends,and is looking for people who she can feel comfortable around and have a place to call her home. She's sensitive,caring,kind hearted,sinceire and easy listener. She doesn't realize she is a hopeless romantic too, it's because she tries not to think about that due to the fact she's never been in love or been in a relationship. The only love she had was for her family which to her, a pack is family. She's open to idea's,suggestions on how to be able to fit in to a pack.

Wolf Form Details
Class: Blood--Genetically Werewolf (Both of her parents were werewolfs and she was born from the result of that. (Her father however was bitten by her mother. So she can go from wolf form to human form).
Date of Bite: N/A (Since she wasn't bitten).
Breed: Timber.
Temperment: Dominant.
Distinguishing Marks: Her furs a bit lighter then the usual Timber werewolf.


Though she's really sweet and dominant. She use to be mroe submissive but due to what she had gone through, well a lots changed.
Once she accepts werewolves into her pack, she's kind and friendly to them treating them like family.
Outsiders she's more cautious over until she feels that their not a threat.
She's protective of her pack.


Green Scarf
Eye Glasses


Family Details: Mother,Father and her four brothers are all deceased. Her sister is the only family she has alive, although her sister's with a different tribe. Their not in contact. Her mother died from being poisoned. Her father went after the one's responsible, it turned out it was an enemy tribe which ended up causing her father to be ambushed and he lost his life too. Her brothers each died one by one during war with the enemy clan, though not all at the same time.
When Jiangu was 19, she was left with her mother and some of the other female werewolves in her tribe while the men went out for a hunt, which had the men gone for hours. It would be around then when they would be attacked unexpectedly. Jiangu with her sister and mother were left surprised. Although no one was hurt, or so they all thought,the enemy clan left claiming all they wanted was peace. Little did Jiangu knew was that it was all a lie. And after the enemy tribe left, it would be long afterwards when tragedy striked for the very first time. Her mother's food was poisoned and hours later, after her mother being very sick, would be when they realized what had happened and the cause of it, her mother was so ill over the next few days that led to weeks. And because they weren't certain of the kind of poison they weren't able to help her mother in time, even though they had gone for the medic, but it would be too late. Her mother died in her arms. Both her sister and herself were crushed. So was her father and four brothers to the point, no one was able to stop her father from taking off from the tribe. It was like all common sense had left her father, he wouldn't ever been seen or heard from again. Sadly news reached them as his body was found by her pack. It appeared to look like her father had been ambushed from attempting revenge on the loss of his mate.
By the age of 25 years old, her sister left the pack, wanting a change of scenery and to not be reminded of the loss of her parents. Her brothers were helping defending their pack, along with other werewolves. Her sister wanted no part and left the pack without a second glance back. It would be the last she ever heard of her sister, though she had a sense her sister was still alive. Last Jiangu had heard, her sister had joined a new pack that was further away, where she wasn't certain.
By 28, her oldest brother died in battle, leaving her with her three brothers. Though sadly fate just wasn't so kind for her. Another brother died five months later in a fight with the enemy.
At the age of 30, she was left with only one brother, after they had buried their youngest brother. And before she could turn 31, her last sibling died leaving her with only her all alone. She had wondered off with some of the female werewolves to come back and find a lot of the pack gone.

31, she had spent time wandering trying to find a place she belonged and could call home, which sadly she just hadn't found yet, now 32, she's still looking for a place to call home...unknown about her fate to change soon.

Though now she has recently found a purpose, becoming an Alpha. And hoping that more like her will come and have a purpose and a place to call their home.

So begins...

Jiangu Langzongse's Story