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Alexander James RayHeart

Hapless Engineer with a heart of gold.

0 · 483 views · located in Vampirica

a character in “Last Hope for Humanity”, as played by Gothicsyn


Physical Description
6’ 1”




Blood Type
0 Neg

Hair Color
Dark Blonde

Hair Length
Shoulder Length

Eye Color


Alex is generally friendly and easy to trust, though doesn't handle conflict overly well. He has recently experienced a break up, though the break up will trouble him less than his former girlfriends death along with everyone else on Earth. He is smart though unlikely to be the smartest guy in the room, and has a mind that likes to solve puzzles.

Equipment & Abilities
Technical Minded, just perfect for the Chief Engineers job.

Historical Background
He was born in a small town in Yorkshire, England. He graduated from High School, and has worked various jobs since then. He is essentially the geek hidden in the corner, far more prone to playing video games than causing trouble.

{{To be updated later}}

So begins...

Alexander James RayHeart's Story


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0.00 INK

Alex stirred his head aching as he stretched he yelped his hand striking something hard between him and the end of his stretch. Slowly he sat, the room was dull, a strange purple and black haze covered the walls. He slid to his knees and looked around more, a fair amount of space, a block raised off the ground in the corner, had it had a mattress it may have been mistaken for a bed.

He stood now moving to inspect the wall, it was in-fact it seemed some kind of matter, definitely not a metal of any kind. He stepped away now looking around, suddenly the illumination in the room increased startling him a little.

"What in the ..." He muttered "I should be, in hell maybe?"

"You are not," Replied a voice

Alex suddenly felt a sense of dread tumble through him, he looked for the direction of the voice and yet it eluded him.

"So I am?" He started, as he did so a portion of the wall began to slide away revealing the scene beyond. The vast darkness beyond wasn't hard to figure out he was on a ship, in space! He felt his heart skip a beat or two now as he edged toward the new hole in the wall. He noted there seemed to be no glass, but the air wasn't rushing out along with his body. A grey sphere was slowly beginning to slip into view as Alex looked on.

"Is that?"

"Earth"The voice replied "Or what remains, just over two hours and seven minutes ago a global event destroyed all life as you knew it, the surface is now irradiated beyond the human tolerance and is no longer habitable by your species,"

"So you saved all one of us," He sighed darkly "And what did I do to deserve your mercy?"

"I was able to transfer approximately 100 of your species aboard, they are currently also in the process of adjusting to their fate. For the moment I am keeping them confined to their chambers, you on the other hand I require your assistance to repair damage to several of my systems to make life aboard me viable for you all" The voice replied.


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The door to Alexs' chambers slid open now revealing a corridor beyond. He made his way to the door and looked out, the corridor was made of the same material as his quarters. It didn't take much for him to come to the conclusion that this material was in fact the very hull of the ship. He placed his hand against it and could a warmth, he looked back into his quarters now.

"So where are you? Who are you?" He stated finally addressing the most pressing question on his mind.

"I am,"The voice paused "Everywhere,"

"That answers that then," He muttered darkly

"I am the ship, I serahneslaniska, so they say," The voice replied firmly "I am what you consider an artificial intelligence, except I did not start this way. I was humanoid once, those that built this ship needed a mind to power it,and the rest we will get to," The ship replied

"So... Sarah, what is it you need me to do?"Alex replied deciding to tackle one thing at a time, and it was clear that time would be a factor to them.


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0.00 INK

Panels in the wall would glow leading Alex through the ship, as he followed he tried to take some kind of mental map. It didn't take long until a door opened to a box he could only assume was a lift of some kind, as he stepped in the door closed behind him and the box hummed in reply despite it feeling like it wasn't moving.

A few moments later the door slid open and the lights continued to lead him forward. Alex followed silently for a way more before the door opened to a mass of swirling panels and a huge circular device in the centre that pulsed with energy.

"This is my singularity core, all my power is derived from this point, however there is an issue in my relay systems hat is preventing me getting power to some areas of the ship. I only have sub light engines and the shields are barely holding back the radiation spill from Earth." Sarah began as he watched the swirl and pulse of the core before him.

"Not really sure how you'd expect me to fix technology I have no clue about," Alex replied softly "You are so far beyond us"

A moment passed and a panel beside him flashed, a schematic of the ship and then faded into the power distribution systems, as he looked them over it wasn't long before he found the pattern. As he looked over display before pointing to various points, the panel beeped and red lines slowly began to go green.

"Whilst in orbit I had a chance to scan your internet and convert some of my issues into a method you could understand, I am happy that you are able to correct my power issues, I am now re-routing power through the proposed relays." Sarah stated firmly.


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0.00 INK

"You need to hurry Alex, the others are beginning to wake, the ones from their cryogenics are beginning to wake too" Sarah stated firmly causing Alex to look up from the panel.

"How long before life support is no longer viable?" Alex asked quickly now whipping through the various screens, each time he skimmed over the information, reading the readouts became just a little bit easier for him "Your synaptic uplink is now stable, we have approximately 21 hours of life support remaining"

Alex scratched his head in thought for a few moments now "If we can't re-route life support, can't you rebuild it? You said you have the ability to build as we need it, we only need new passage ways for the air to flow, then we can cannibalise the current life support systems to keep us alive."

"This is an acceptable solution,it will take seven hours and nine minutes to build the new vents," Sarah replied, Alex nodded and made his way toward the door "Good then I need to head to Environmental, is it safe now?"


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0.00 INK

"All humans who were brought aboard, I was able to retrieve possessions based on home data in their communication devices, all possessions and more are stored in the cargo hold, access however is currently restricted, until repairs are complete. Perhaps you would be more comfortable cataloguing your travels, ensuring the crew are happy and recording their thoughts?" Sarah replied

Alex was staring blankly at the screen, having somehow managed to cobble most of the repairs together, the last one was going to require him to get seriously creative.

"This last one can't be remotely Sarah, I'm going to need direct access to the power grid down there, on the upside environmental is stable, has anyone else woken yet? What are your current power levels?" Alex asked into the air while remaining to stare at the huge red void of power toward the aft of the ship.

"One and she is currently on her way to speak with you, she seems confused as to my intentions in sparing those I have,"Sarah replied

"Dragging a hundred plus humans from the planet, a willing to save the race? I'm sure your intent was to spare us being cooked alive, but not everyone is going to adjust well Sarah. We weren't made to be up here like this, not yet. We aspired to it, but we weren't there yet, we just need to refocus her attention."Alex's voice was quiet a train of thought more to himself than an actual answer.

"Human behaviour is erratic, and unpredictable," Sarah replied.

Alex laughed softly and nodded "Aye we are a strange breed that's for sure, so back to my original question"

"To access those levels you will need to enter a Zero-G environment, currently this is not possible" Sarah replied.

Alex stared at the screen and sighed "Of course it isn't, the power conduits to that section are external and that's why I cant access them from here,"