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A western society ravaged by unknown monsters is on the brink of extinction, but is only kept protected by a small band known as Hunters. Will much of the world be left intact by the time this war is over?

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Character Portrait: Lilith Magpie

"Look what you started, you're turning me heartless"

Character Portrait: Josephine Wyatt

"Trust is just a weakness, a weakness for people to exploit."

Character Portrait: Benjamin Lewis

"You should probably be nicer to the pigeons. They hold grudges."

Character Portrait: Darcy Lewis

"Where the hell do we go from here?"

Character Portrait: David Arthurs

for now I will stay alive

Character Portrait: Harlan Talbot

"You do what you gotta do."

Character Portrait: Arthur Talbot

"Everything I do, everything I am... it's for her."

Character Portrait: Addie Meadowsweet

courage is the small voice at the end of the day saying ???i will try again tomorrow.???

Character Portrait: Scarlet Ingles

"A year of lows spent so high, feeling like I could die."