Mira Kazekage

"Never again will someone have my trust."

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Mira Kazekage
"Even after death, A solider is a soldier."


Nickname: Reaper
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Position: Girl #2
Physical Appearance:
Mira has about chin length black hair, with a single long bang that rests between her black eyes. She's about 5' 6" and weights 120lbs. Her skin is pale in color and she has an athletic build.
Sexuality: Straight
Hobbies/ Skills: Mira is an expert in combat, whether its sword fighting, hand-to-hand, or ranged. She's your girl. In her free time, she can been seen either reading or training. She also likes putting puzzles together, she just doesn't get the chance to very often.
Likes: Cats
Her scarf
Dislikes: Dogs
The enemy
Being left behind
Personality: Mira comes off as cold and uncaring because of her military training. In battle she is merciless and instinctive. She either doesn't care about other people's feelings, or just doesn't notice because she is so focused on something else. She is brave, protective, and strong willed, she would lay down her life for others in a heartbeat. She's also stubborn, refusing to give up even in the most hopeless situations. She keeps her emotions locked deep inside, never showing fear, sadness, or anything else considered weak. Patience is something she definitely doesn't lack, she can sit still for hours at a time. Because of her death, she has vowed never to trust anyone again.

Under that hard outer shell is a kind and caring girl with a loves for cats. If you have the patience to dig deep enough you can find her true self.


History before Death: Mira was born on a military base, where both her parents were stationed. She lived there until she was twelve, when her parents were killed in action. Then she moved in with her aunt and uncle, on her mother's side. Going to school for the first time and living like a normal person was a culture shock to her. She lived with them until she was eighteen, after graduating high school she returned to the military base and began her own training. Two years later she became a solider. One of the best. Until three years later, she was murdered.

Story of Her Death: Mira stood ready for action as the two opposite sides stood facing each other. Both were waiting for the other to make the first move. There had been talk of a traitor among the soliders, but Mira hadn't paid much attention. She trusted each and every one of her fellow soldiers with her life. Suddenly a shot rang out, it was from their side. But it wasn't aimed at the enemy, it was aimed at Mira. It hit dangerously close to her heart, but she managed to stay on her feet through sheer willpower. Before anyone could react, a second shot was heard, again hitting Mira, this time hitting about an inch away from her spine. This time she went down, but still alive. That's when the chaos began, angered their side started attacking each other. A few of Mira's closest friends got her to the medical station. Where she was shipped off to the nearest hospital.

She died three days later, hanging on just long enough to know the name of her killer. It was a man named Eric Anderson, one of the people she trusted most.

Relationship Status before Death: Single
Theme Song: Fall Apart-Icon For Hire
Other: Despite being at such a disadvantage, after the traitor was found out. Mira's side won the battle, fueled by the anger of losing one of the best, they still won the battle.


So begins...

Mira Kazekage's Story