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"Not like I am unsatisfied with the situation."

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a character in “Last Wish”, as played by TwistedSong


"To be forgotten, to be eliminated and to be sended to certain death by someone you thought he was a goody... fuck, yeah, it's painful enough for me wanting to crush that guy."




Boy #2

Physical Appearance:
One brawny guy with black skin and long silky black hair, true enough one gangster to be afraid of. He has one piercing on his lips, wears green earrings and often has his collar around the neck. His eyes always seem sharp and dangerous like the eye slots of a snake; looking through people as if they were books. That appearance was also influenced by the make- up he wore, black around his eyes, as if he wanted that his surroundings kept distance with him. He is approximately 6"1' feet tall and weights 150 lbs which is mostly the fault of his muscles. Aside from that, he is also a quick responder and has a slender but atlethic body which is definitely needed seeing his lifestyle and so called work.

This guy is a serious playboy who would go to bed with anyone as long s/he has the face and body, so yeah, he is bi.

Hobbies/ Skills:
Obviously coming from one hell of a family, he had never the chance to go to school or learn whatever for the future. With other words, his parents let him go without really hoping him to be something. However, it did not made Zak dumb all his life long, he learnt from different books he had 'found' and made use of that knowledge for something else than legal bussiness. That's how he managed to go through with his living expenses, having tricky strategies in his illegal bussiness and really knows how to use his disadventage and made it into his selling point. Talking was never one of his strength -- if he started, it would probably end into a fight. His main skill is probably math -- he can count things very quickly, even more if it has to do with money. Speaking about his hobbies, well, it is pretty much unhealthy. There are always stupid girls around who are somehow attracted to bad guys like him (and his money) so that's the reason he'd never be bored by only work in his daily life. Other than that, he loves to collect such unusual things like his collar and also valuable spruce. One unseen side of his, that is surprising is probably his love to appearance. He really attach great importance to clothes, make- up and hair -- never he would set one foot out of his room if it his outer appearance isn't perfect. That's his one and only secret hobby: Fashion.

Truth to be told, he is a bad guy. You can't say that he is 'not a good guy' anymore seeing his behavior -- it's just too weak. Zak never really appreciated any living being -- he was just fierce and cruel, only having money and results in his head. However, although he was someone working under the boss, he never had any place for thinking about failing. Someone as proud and selfconfident as Zak would never consider to fail anyway -- and also he was indeed a loner, a one man fighter. Indifferently he saw other peoples hope also hatred -- Zak couldn't trust any single of them anyway. Anyhow, he does have a heart, something you can't deny. There was that time he had trust someone, and that was also the last time, seeing the result of him trusting is his death. Zak was not someone who accept things easily and is quite stubborn in that matter -- however, he knew the fact that he was a bastard, one jerk out of many. He knew that he was the same as the others. If you see him like that, he probably appear very illogical, still it was like that. But, don't understand wrong, he does citicize them quite often, in fact, he couple of times ended up in a fierce fight with one of his fellow ganster. He couldn't keep his opinion for himself, that's probably why he was hated by many. Anyhow, he is one honest bastard, who doesn't give a shit to other people. Or so he appear to be.

History before Death:
Coming from one of many families who are ruined and broken, far away from rich countries who'd help such bastards like Zak, he learnt to be independent in an early age -- or let me change my way to express things to make it even clearer: He had to learn to be independent in such a young age. Never depend on somebody, never trust somebody and never let someone see your weak side. Those three principles were his policy back then, as he was still one of many dirty orphans in the street, who only lived on because of them stealing things and challenging their fortune in everyday life. It was normal for someone like him quickly found death -- however, god appearently had other plans with him. The absolute turning point in his life were, as he unluckily bumped into one gangster, who quickly began to terrorize the young Zak, bullied and couple of times broke some of his bones. Who would have known that it wasn't misfortune which was brought to Zak's life. In fact, they had found the hidden talent of Zak quite amusing. Unlike many, Zak was not someone who gave up to someone easily, never accepted the situation as it is and fought back.

Day by day, he got stronger and more sly -- it was then when Zak met the boss who was two times bigger than himself. His bully wanted his boss to teach that 'cunning boy' one hell of a lesson, however, his boss denied it and even took Zak into his custody. There, his carrier as one of the countries most wanted ganster began. It was impossible to count how many lives he had taken and how many families he broke apart. Still, the feeling of guitly was hanging on him like glue, following his every move and lessen his cruel acts. Anyhow, it wasn't able to stop his activities. It was dangerous to show weakness -- he had to be cruel in order for him to live. Quickly, he found his comfort with the situation, having those 'entertainment' around which contains most of women and alcoholic drinks. Indeed he tried to accept that life he 'chosed' and didn't complain much seeing his position still questionable. However, in that case he really missed the count -- Zak already counted to one of the most precious 'tools' of the boss which brought quite the problematic troubles. With his intelligence though, he had seen through the traps they lay out for him -- accept of one which caused his death.

It was then, when they 'picked up' some slaves in the poor south countries for the black market. Zak was assigned to one village dubious far from every other source of living. One village, which existence was doubtful enough for him to raise objections. Something that he shouldn't have done -- as the betrayal of one of his 'friends' had let him feel secure enough to be such a dumbass and fall for their trap. Then there he was, Zak, in the middle of a desert, alone without water and food. His pride had fallen after such long time -- he removed his leather jacket, one precious belonging and watched the sun burning his skin, throat and whole body. Sweat was ruining his precious make- up and let him pant, bagging for rain which didn't come. And so he died, starving and dry with only one tear of regret pouring hopelessly down to the sand.

Relationship Status before Death:
There is no real relationship status if we are talking about Zak. He doesn't really date anyone, only flirting with them to satisfy his own needs. Never he had thought about such thing as 'affection' and 'love'.

Theme Song:
Hey, Cruel World
The Gun Show

He never trusted anyone, that's true. However, this one friend of his was closer than anyone -- he trusted him more than anyone. That's probably hurting more than one precise stab into the heart.

So begins...

Zakaan's Story