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Asher Blanche

"Keep your enemies closer..."

0 · 399 views · located in Laurel, New York

a character in “Laurel Academy {Remake}”, as played by Avon



"I would tell you to fuck off, but that would be rude, wouldn't it?"


| Name |
Asher Edward Blanche

| Age & Grade |
Seventeen & Year Twelve (Senior)

| Years Attending Laurel |
This will be his second year.

| Sexual Orientation |

| Group |

| Power |
Illusion Manipulation


| Strengths |
arguments, playing piano, his powers (duh!), he can ride a motorcycle, dont-give-a-f*** attitude, humor, mysterious backstory, hand-making pasta, math and science classes, chess, following instructions, long-distance running

| Weaknesses |
emotionally-straining situations, empathy, the fact that his confidence is a lie, keeping up with time, his mother's early-onset Alzheimers, writing, really anything that has to do with organizing his thoughts

| Fears |
scary movies- Most people are afraid of scary movies, right? Well, not in the way Asher is affected. Scary movies will send him into literal panic attack mode, leave him with nightmares for weeks, and even possibly induce some bed wetting. He will avoid horror films until his dying breath.
losing his free will- Maybe this is something he would have been afraid of naturally, or maybe this stems from his kidnapping. Asher himself doesn't know. What he does know is that as soon as he enters a situation where he loses control, he loses his shit.
being outed as homosexual- Asher has admitted to himself that he is gay. He has always known, in a way. But he would never admit that to anyone else. Not yet. His conservative parents and sheltered upbringing led to a great fear of the consequences of leading such a 'taboo' life.

| Secrets |
He is gay & He was kidnapped at age seven and returned when he was twelve. Nobody knows what happened during this time, except him. He has never spoken about his experience to anybody, although his psychologist tried for years to get him to open up. He did not have his powers before this kidnapping.


| Personality |
Friendly, Humorous, Loyal, Confident, Cocky
Despite his rather traumatic backstory, Asher has always remained a relatively good person. To the friends that he has, he is respectful and thoughtful. He enjoys joking and making light of things, which is something he has developed as a sort of coping mechanism. He is a generally pleasant person to be around and it is common to hear that he is a fun person.
Asher is known for doing random extreme things with no explanation. For example, when he first began school at Laurel, he had longer hair. He shaved it off completely, leaving him bald only a few months into his first year at school. When asked why, he just shrugged. It was something that he did for himself and had no regrets about.
Many people think Asher is rude at first. This is because he is pretty cocky at first meeting, but those who have given him a chance will see that he will do anything for those that he cares about. He cherishes his friends, even if he doesn't let them know that.


| Likes |
winter time, cold weather, glasses, nose rings, movies, beer, having a good time with friends, comedians, creating things, playing chess, running, math class, watching youtube videos, rain coats


| Dislikes |
rainbows, the color orange, grapes, prejudice, ignorance, his father, flakes, reading small print, predictability, people who aren't creative, chipmunks, church


| Biography |
Asher was born to Lori and Dan Blanche in southern Virginia. His parents thought they were infertile and had no chance of having children, so when they were blessed with a little boy when they were both in their mid-forties, they were so unbelievably happy. Asher had a happy childhood, but his parents were strict. He attended church every Sunday and Wednesday until the age of seven and they spent a lot of their family time enforcing rules and teaching him manners. When Asher was kidnapped and did not return until he was twelve, his parents broke. His return covered the problems with a bandaid, but even Asher could feel the permanent rift that had been created.
When his mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers when he was fifteen, his family fell apart. His dad left and he had to take care of his mom until her early death. He was put into his father's custody. Now that his dad is in his early sixties, he wants to focus on retirement. He sent Asher to Laurel last year.

Played By: Avon
Dialogue Color: #796969
Face Claim: Anton Lisin

So begins...

Asher Blanche's Story

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Every year on the day before Summer classes begin, a bonfire is held. Now, thanks to a pyrokinetic staff member the bonfire is able to be massive, without much risk of it toppling over and harming students (usually). It is held a little ways off from the dorms on the beach by the lake, and the main bonfire is often surrounded by smaller firepits with different food options at each one. There is always, without exception, some form of alcohol and some form of drugs available, and the teachers tend to turn a blind eye to it, leaving not five minutes after students arrive. After all, many of the students have families too powerful to persecute them, and the school grants a good amount of freedom besides.

Music is played throughout the night, sometime alternating between speakers and student run bands if they request to perform. Dancing around the bonfire is common, and usually the bonfire is kicked off by a partner dance that by now all of the Yearlies have learned, even if they don't ask or get asked to dance. There has been drama started over the dance before, but it really just depends on how seriously one takes it- often times friends will dance together, after all. But everyone looks forward to Breadbowl posts afterwards about which dances meant something, who made what mistake, who snuck away with whom, etc. Nothing is kept secret for long at Laurel.

It is already dark out, with a full moon above and bright stars, the nearest city being too far away to outshine the night sky. Later on fireworks will be set off, and sparklers are resting all over the place for the amusement of students.

It is now about ten or so minutes before the bonfire "officially" kicks off with the first dance, but most students have already arrived and are sitting about the fires. Predictably, some are already stumbling over their own tongues thanks to the weight alcohol puts on them. Thus, the best and brightest of their age group prove themselves to still be young after all.

"Let's set the tone to a dramatic summer, shall we?"

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XXXXXXXXBrooklyn Winslet
X【 Rising Senior | Influential | #7d7d7d | HERE

"Yes, Mom... I know. My grades will be better going into senior year... Fine, I promise no principal visits... Okay, bye I love-" She hung up before Brooklyn finish. Brooklyn shoved her phone into her clutch, not wanting to take her anger out on the thing. Neither of her parents wanted to join Anthony and her on the drive to Laurel. Work is priority over either of them so it wasn't shocking that they weren't attending. Her older brother gave her a squeeze on the shoulder, attempting to comfort her. She gave him a fake smile before turning to stare out the window.

They parked on the outskirts of the party. Brooklyn admired the fire as it danced in the sky, reminding her of a ballet routine she did as a child. She attempted to get out of the car, but found it unlocked. Without saying a word, Anthony took her clutch and began to rummage through it. "I believe my therapist said we should begin the trusting phase of my rehabilitation." She said with a scowl, attempting to reach for the bag. Her brother frowned and help it out of her grasp. Damn him for being taller. "And I know you so that shrink can stick his doctorate up his ass." The last thing she wanted was for a fight to start. It'd take forever and she wasn't about to miss the first party of the year. Her brother sighed, handing her clutch and phone back to her. Brooklyn smirked at him as he got back into the car. Before driving off, he spoke to her, "I know you've got the doctors fooled, but please quit this. I'd rather plan your wedding than a funeral." Those words, while sounding cold to outside ears, meant the world to her. Anthony was one of the few people who cared and he cried when he first heard of her addiction. 'He's too good a person to get dragged into her shit' as she ran her finger down her phone that happened to have a hidden compartment that her brother didn't know about.

Strutting through the crowd, the people parted like the sea. Brooklyn commanded attention like the rightful queen she is and her rule could be called a dictatorship. Those people were just jealous like everyone is when they aren't deemed acceptable for her clique. Speaking of, she spotted her lovely group around the fire, minus Petra, her BFF. She quick shot off a text in her, Daniel, and Petra's group chat, smiling after reading Daniel's earlier text.

Peetie, I expect your presence soon. I might take Daniel up on that offer if you're a no show >:)

She moved closer to her friends, tucking herself under Daniel's arm. It would encourage the rumors that the two of them were together and Brooklyn would have a good laugh if it made the Breadbowl. Daniel might not like it so much, but he'd get over it. She gave him her most innocent smile, knowing he'd shrug it off. "Congratulations, I'm here! All of your lives just got better." Taking stock of who's arrived and who's yet to arrive. She had to get Thayer to take pictures of her tonight. She missed teasing him too. "So, what have I missed? "

lX【 Rising Junior | Power | #aa0909 | HERE

Drake wasn't the type to spend hours getting ready for a party. He normally threw on a clean pair of jeans, one of his many superhero shirts, and a pair of chucks. Now, he was going through his limited wardrobe to find something. Drake looked nice with his flannel and black pants. However, underneath was a Spiderman shirt, for luck. Tonight would be different than last year or the year before. It had to be. Drake was tired of being the awkward nerd who people thought they needed to protect him or take him under their wing. He did appreciate it since it's made him plenty of new friends, but he wanted to be the cool guy. While he loved Peter Parker, he wanted to be a Tony Stark, the suave cool one that everyone wanted to befriend. Although, if he was talking Avengers, he'd was more like Bruce Banner. Spiderman wasn't an original Avenger, but- 'Focus! If you go down that train of thought, you won't ever make it to the party.'

Only a few can sit through one of Drake's lectures on the history of comic books. One of them was his roommate, Asher Blanche, was one of the few who could tolerate it. He is his best friend at Laurel and now roommate. Drake hopes they'll get to hang out at the party. Drake remembers one time they- A buzz from Drake's phone brought him away from his reminiscing. A text from his friend and mentor when it came to photography. Looking at the time stamp, Drake grabbed his keys and phone before dashing out of his room. He completely lost track of time!
Drake was out of breathe when he finally made it to the fire. He leaned back on one of the many trees surrounding the area, scanning the area while trying to make air get into his lungs. He spotted Thayer and Keevan. Drake wished he remembered to grab his camera so they could get a lesson in, but this is a party so maybe they could just hang. He spotted Sean, but didn't feel like starting off the night with the guy. They had a shaky friendship that only started due to Sean accidently using his power on the guy. To this day, Drake doesn't know if they are real friends or not. Finally, he noticed the popular kids. Lance wasn't so bad and Daniel ignored him which was okay, but Brooklyn made it her personal mission to ruin his life. Drake would keep his distance from her. However, Lucy was over there so he dared to sneak some looks. He noticed her the first day she arrived at school. She was in his science class and Drake would admit he spent most of that class staring like an idiot. The material was easy to him and he wanted to offer help to her, but Brooke decided she was going to be her next mean girl. It was unfortunate, because she seemed like a nice girl and Drake hoped she wouldn't be one of his crushes that nothing came of. Call him naïve, but he still had some hope. He shot her smile when she looked his way before turning his head so he wouldn't capture the group's attention. Drake sent a text to Asher, wherever he was.

Hey man! I'm at the firepit, let's do something crazzzzy!!!

Asher would show up soon, but he had Thayer and Keevan for now. He filled himself a solo cup, taking careful sips so there won't be a repeat of sophomore year. He's been labeled lightweight ever since. He walked up to the guys. "Have room for one more?"

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[Sorry if this time skip seems a little bit abrupt, but in the interest of moving things along I'm going to jump further on in the night. If no one has any posts for that, then we'll skip to morning.]


A few hours have passed since the night's festivities began. The music is still playing and people are still drinking, but the night is looking to be on its way to winding down. Those with less energy have started to leave for bed, and thus those who are more inclined towards energy and chatter and whatnot are the ones who tend to remain.

Time: Midnight
Weather: Scattered clouds, comfortable temperature