Rebecca Sayre

"Money is such a funny thing, don't you think?"

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{ "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" }

Rebecca Adelaide Sayre
"It's Becky. Seriously."

Age & Grade
Seventeen, she's a rising senior
"Sweetie, respect your elders."

Number of Years at Laurel

Sexual Orientation
Pansexual | Polyromantic
"Whatever. Just buy me stuff."


Family Industry
Mining. Her family own the largest copper mine in the world.


"What can I say? Some people are just born with it"
Intelligent Hard working Driven Confident Is very skilled for making people feel better - or worse - about themselves Dancing Keeping secrets Great liar Seductive Though she is very good at lying, she doesn't do it much, Becky's pretty honest Secretly a hopeless romantic

"Yeah, even I'm not perfect."
✦ Couldn't play an instrument, write poetry or draw a picture if her life depended on it ✦ Arrogant ✦ Selfish ✦ Stubborn ✦ Spoiled ✦ Antipathetic ✦ Naïve ✦ Over-trusting ✦ Irresponsible ✦ Usually thinks she knows a lot more and feels a lot better than she actually does ✦ Needy, though usually distant ✦ Perfectionist ✦ Falls in and out of love very quickly

She used to bite on her lips a lot, so she carries lip balm everywhere People with very dark eyes unsettle her Can't smell anything very well Allergic to most sea food Never removes her makeup, which mean her face is always smudged in the mornings The nickname "copper", used when she was little, is her all time favorite Is a low level NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) Can't pass anything that reflects without stopping to fix her hair

✧ Not achieving anything of importance ✧ Being lonely ✧ Never sticking to loving anyone ✧ Fire arms ✧ Dark streets ✧ Driving

Her mother cheats on her father, regularly. She is the only one who knows and never told because she's afraid her father will resent her. When she was young, she was held at gunpoint. Though the money the robbers took didn't even stand for 0.1% of what they had, this affected Becky deeply.


{ Selfish, Over-trusting, Seductive, Driven }
Have you ever heard the phrase “don't judge a book by it’s cover”? Well, it certainly does not apply to Becky. Her rich taste in clothing, her luminous blue eyes and her constantly held up hight blond head actually give a first impression that very much matches her personality. Even though the copper business is just a little older than her, her family has been knows to keep their social status through the most diverse means over generations, so that to say Becky is old money and has a completely distorted notion of what reality is is an understatement. She is used to getting things her own way, so this is what she usually insists on, and is certainly not accustomed to being denied anything. Basically, she’s a spoiled bitch. All the things and attention she got as a child is probably what influenced her NPD, which is light, but still there. She has a strong sense of superiority over others, and is chocked when people fail to see it. She believes she is special and, so, will certainly do something special with her life. Contrary to what it may sound like, she isn’t unfriendly or rude to anyone, even if she considers them inferior; actually, this is usually her favorite type of person. She likes to take people with less money or beauty than her own and turn them into her little “projects”, she is sure she can change everyone to a better self with her lovely influence. Although she is actually good at getting what she wants - it has always come very naturally for her, since she has watched her parents do it all their lives - she finds seduction is the easiest way. People already have difficulty not staring or not stuttering when talking to her, so giving them a little more than the usual attention is more than enough to get them doing whatever. It doesn’t concerne her she has to do this, because honestly, she would do most things to get what she wants. But there’s another side, a softer side to Becky. Whenever she first meets someone who seems to fulfill her standards, she will fall for them. This has happened a million times and will happen a million more. She is a hopeless romantic, and actually believes in the notion of soulmates. However, she always quickly loses interest upon coming to the conclusion that this one still isn’t good enough for her.

|| Dancing || Talking about herself || Shopping || Mathematic and Physics || Doing makeovers || Makeup || Shy people || Finishing projects || Dimples || Blue eyes || Stargazing || Jazz music || Hard workers || Birthdays (hers and others) || Bubble baths || Short-haired girls || Money, lots of it || Spicy food || Sweets || Big cars || History || Tea || South-american culture || Jewelry || Alcohol (mostly fermented beverages) || Being stared at

|| Being told "no" || Her mother || Rock music || Sour candy || Failing or being forced to give up || Being ignored || Arrogant people || Lazy people || Rudeness || Not being allowed to do something or go somewhere || Prudes || Motorcycles || Guns || Mornings, especially winter mornings || Small cars || Becoming old || Shrimp || Yellow and Green || Rodents || Dark eyes || Bulky people


There really isn’t much to say about Becky’s life. Since she was a child, nothing has really changed all that much. She was born into a family who has had a strong leadership in many industries throughout time, and that was no different with her parent. Owners of the largest copper mine in the world, located in the Atacama Desert, in Chile and heirs to great fortunes, her parents have always been able to give her the best of the best and still spend a decent amount of time with her. Being also people who were raised rich and spoiled, however, one could argue they didn’t have the best parenting skills. However cold and cruel her fathers was in the business world, she was the apple of his eye, and he would try and make her happy at every opportunity. That basically meant paying for every single thing she wanted and even for what she didn’t, but he also enjoyed taking her on his luxurious trips and teaching her about history and his business. Her mother, on the other hand, was one of the least maternal people she has ever known. She would constantly try to get her attention, but all she really cared about was jewelry and money. She absolutely despised babies and children, and her daughter was no exception, she wanted nothing to do with all the mess they made, so she’d always push Becky to the several babysitters and nannies she hired. She was alone with one of those nannies when a group of professional robbers broke into her house. Holding all the servants and Becky hostage, those people took most of the house’s precious items such as paintings, crystals, etc. It wasn’t a real big deal money wise, but since then the girl has been terrified of weapons.
As she grew up, the pampers from her father and watching her mothers behavior led her to become a rather superficial teenager. Her biggest concerns as a young teen always had to do with her appearance or social events but, in Becky’s eyes, that even had a positive effect; as she grew more careful about her looks and manners, her mother, starting to recognize a bit of herself in her and they connected, which only made Becky even more selfish and self-centered. One night, as she came back from a party with her boyfriend at the time, she saw male clothes scattered around the house, and though her dad had comeback early from his trip. As she climbed the stair, however, she found this was clearly not the case.
”You wouldn’t tell anyone, right, sweetie? It’s gonna be our little secret, just between us girls” her mother had told her, and as much as she wanted her dad to end every sort of relationship he still had with that woman, she didn’t have the heart to ever tell him. Since than, she has completely stopped all interaction with her mother and spends summers at Laurel so she doesn’t have to see her. Inside Laurel, there is really nothing she could complain about: the teachers have always adored her for her good grades and handsome donations, she always gets invited to the most expensive, important social event and is admired for her beauty amongst students. However, she misses her father a lot. She wants to make him proud, and the pressure to follow the family’s path is intense.

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Lindsay Ellingson

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