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Lavrentia Rising

Lavrentia Rising


The wheel of history turns endlessly. Civilisations rise and empires fall. Lavrentia rises from the ashes of the past nation, destined to either conquer or fade into obscurity. In this time of turmoil, who will you fight for?

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We learn from history what we do not learn from history.
– Georg Friedrich Hegel

Nobody thought that a war as devastating as the Lavrentine Wars could ever come into fruition. Many believed that total war would be a thing of the past, given the invention of even more devastating weapons of mass destruction that could make the powers of the galaxy complacent. Yet, the rise of the Lavrentine Principate was completely unnoticed. Its core was a backwater planet, a former colony of the mighty Arkadi Republic filled with corrupt and foolish politicians alike. Nobody thought that the balance of power in the galaxy could ever be threatened so much by such a weak and seemingly primitive nation. For many years leading up to the rise of Princeps Laurentius Augustus Basileus, the nation of Dzhalus was scarcely mentioned in international news. Yet, this all changed when the Princeps took advantage over the chaotic state of Dzhalus. Through a short civil war, the legitimate government, despite being supported by the Arkadi, was ousted and replaced by a semi-democratic autocracy which was known for its highly moralistic values. Nobody called the Princeps' bluff when he took power and stood for international peace and the banning of WMDs. For the first few years of his reign, Dzhalus prospered into a regional economic powerhouse. One by one, the nations in Dzhalus' region fell into debt until they were, in essence, annexed to Dzhalus. The Princeps limited Dzhalus' own power, and created the regional government, Lavrentia, which began to develop its own culture until the region was effectively united into a single empire, not under Dzhalus, but under the formerly landless Lavrentine Principate.

Under the guise of peace, Lavrentia developed its weapons manufacturing industry. Being slightly more secluded than other nations, Lavrentia created and hid a large fleet and an equally massive army. Some world powers were at awe, but others were fearful. In the course of a month, less than half a dozen backwater planets were unified under a powerful leader and turned into economic powerhouses. Among the fearful powers was the Arkadi Republic, seeking to return the status quo. It knew that Lavrentia would one day expand and become a threat to the peace being enforced by them. With the destruction of Dzhalus' old order also came their loss of influence via the Galactic Federal Union, an international organisation for instilling peace in the status quo, and the destruction of Neodemocratism in the region, a new religion dedicated to the godlike worship of debauchery. Hence, Arkad, with permission from the Galactic Federal Union, formed the Coalition, joined by the Republic of Mars, Pluto, and Bakten, with monetary support from Terra. Lavrentia knew of the impending Coalition invasion. Its grand strategy had been prepared since the Princeps' youth: the defeat of the Arkadi, the destruction of Neodemocratism, and the conquest of the stars. He would accomplish it, or die trying, for Lavrentia is destined for only conquest or death. After so long, war would once again rage across the galaxy. Millions of lives will be lost in the coming war. Blood will water the fields, the stars will tremble, and the earth will tremor in revolt. For no matter the age or no matter the place, man will remain constant in his deeds.
* * *
As some of you may understand, this is science fiction RP set in the far future. In case some of you are interested, I'm willing to put up an entire OOC section of how the world came to be like this near the start of the 4th Millennium. This is no dystopia, nor is it a utopia. It is simply the galaxy with its many nations, mankind still remaining divided. Care not for singular heroes. Care not for the empire vs republic, autocratic vs republic spectrum. There is only grey, for there is only war. With whom do you stand with? For whom will your blade fall? Will it be for the Principate of Lavrentia, well-disciplined and orderly? Or will it be for the Coalition, which upholds freedom and democracy above all? Well, in any case, we will begin in the middle of the first stage of the first battle: the Battle of the Derfogle System between the Principate and the Coalition Fleets. According to intelligence, the grand Coalition fleet, one of the largest ever assembled, of 50,000 ships arrived within several million kilometres of Derfogle three months ago and arrived in system half a month after that. For two and a half months, the Coalition's supply lines were stretched thin as the 50,000 ships spread out. The First Fleet, being informed that the most well-armed planet on the outskirts of Lavrentia was Derfogle with its population of 10,000,000, was equipped with 25,000 ships and ordered to fight at the vanguard, which was assumed to be at Derfogle. The Second Fleet was sent to pacify the least industrialised planet, Athapor, with 10,000 ships; the Third Fleet to pacify the second least industrialised, Vishnupol, with 15,000; and the Fourth Fleet to guard the rear and protect the supply lines with 5,000 ships. Yet, there was no resistance in Derfogle; only in Vishnupol and Athapor, where each fleet encountered small flotillas and engaged in skirmishes. Half a month into the occupation of Derfogle, however, the supply lines were cut and the fleet rearguard of 5,000 eliminated by an overwhelming amount of ships. In a matter of a day, the First Fleet was alerted to the situation of the supply lines. Before they could send out the order for the crews and ground forces to pull out, many of the soldiers on guard duty were massacred while the rest were driven to defensive positions. Undermanned, many of the ships from the First Fleet were abandoned as the order to retreat was given. Yet the order came in too late as the First Lavrentine Fleet with 20,000 ships arrived on the outskirts of the Derfogle System. While a guerrilla war raged on the ground, a set piece battle had begun in the heavenly void above.



An orderly, moralistic nation with an emphasis on the military. It has a strong economy, and setting aside the military, its greatest pride are the workers. It has a strong emphasis on the tactical and strategic geniuses, though they also rely heavily on technology for calculations.

THE LEGION- The Legion serves as some of the most elite forces in the Lavrentine military. Named after an ancient military unit, the Legion fulfils its role as the heavy assault infantrymen of the Principate. The Legions were the brainchild of the Princeps himself, the direct evolution of the pre-civil war party and paramilitary organisation also named the Legion. They are genetically engineered to be faster and stronger than a regular human. They are hard to produce. They were borne from the civil service wing of the Legionary Youth, mostly orphans and unwanted children. As members of the Legionary Youth, they were inducted early into Legionary philosophy. They were master mathematicians and engineers, as well as master public managers. In the twelve years of the Lavrentine Principate's existence, there have been twelve full-sized Legions of 6000 men each, and thirty undermanned half-strength Legions. In the campaign, however, only the first four Legions were allowed to participate: I Legio St. Michaelis, II Legio Templi, III Legio St. Georgius, and IV Legio Equites. Despite having 24000 active Legionnaires, they are still scarcely deployed, with only the IV Legion Equites, the first fully mechanised Legion, being the only one present in Derfogle. It has been a popular rumour that the next rulers of the galaxy on the Princeps' behalf will be the Legionary governors. They are able to own land, but most have not been given the rights to reproduce.

THE THEMES- The Themes are the backbone of the Lavrentine ground forces. Each Theme has 12,000 soldiers. Each planet under Lavrentia must contribute at least 20 Themes. One of the biggest contributors to the Theme System is Derfogle with 50 Themes, second only to the 57 Themes from Dzhalus. Despite being less equipped and less trained than the Legionnaires, they are still a military force to be reckoned with. The backbone of the Lavrentine Theme, however, is the grenadier force. Since there is no dedicated tank force, the mechanised grenadier corps, made of the III and V Themes, is equipped with the 50 tanks at Derfogle's disposal, as well as 300 A/IFVs. There are an extra 12 Themes called the Caput Mortis, who are trained like Legionnaires, but operate as black ops or highly specialised mechanised cavalry forces, and are distinguished by their black panoplies and skull-like masks.

THE FLEET- The Lavrentine fleet, like other fleets in the galaxy, are the backbone of the military. Composed of warships and supply ships, the 35,000-strong fleet is smaller than the Coalition fleet, and significantly smaller than the entirety of the Arkadi fleet. However, that does not mean that the Lavrentine Fleet is weak. Being a militaristic society, Lavrentia has perfected the art of modern warfare without the use of complicated technologies thanks to its skilled officers. They focus on more conventional ships with directed energy beams, missiles, and close-range artillery, though they have the occasional carrier.


A massive alliance of militaries from various nations assembled by the Galactic Federal Union, and lead by the Arkadi Republic in an attempt to liberate the citizens of Lavrentia. It has a strong emphasis on the usage of technology to do most of the tactical and strategic decisions, as well as calculations.

THE ARKADI MARINES- The Arkadi Marines are some of the best soldiers in the galaxy. Heavily trained, they are known to be adaptable to both conventional and unconventional tactics. Being perfect counter-guerrilla operators, they were first stationed in Derfogle. During the massacre, only five hundred of the 100,000 Marines dent by Arkad were killed as the rest were on high alert. They are equipped with good exoskeletons that gives them a boost to strength and stamina thanks to injectable drugs whilst acting as extra armour. They are possibly one of the most ancient and proud units in Arkad, having been born during the First Republican Era three centuries ago before being conquered by the Medinian Empire. Each Marine endures a year of hard training and indoctrination, turning them into effective killing machines.

THE GRAND REPUBLICAN ARMY- The main invasion force of 800,000 soldiers. A large amount of them were massacred during the occupation of Derfogle, sustaining almost 100,000 men dead, while another 50,000 were sent to defend the ships in case a set piece fleet battle occurred, putting them at a slight numerical advantage over the defenders. They are well-armoured and well-equipped, but not as much as the Marines. In their ranks is the distinguished Fifth Cavalry Division, numbering 10,000 men, 200 M2 tanks, and 50 support vehicles. Another distinguished force is the Third Airborne Battalion composed of elite paratrooper infantry. What makes the Grand Republican Army special is that it is an Arkadi force, but it has been integrated into the GFU Peacekeeper Force, allowing the GRA High Command to make use of the militaries of the different nationalities comprising the Coalition. All in all, there would be a million soldiers, including the foreign volunteer divisions.

THE COALITION CARRIER FLEET- The backbone of the Coalition military might. Composed of 50,000 ships, over 80% were from Arkad. Arkad itself has almost 100,000 ships at its disposal. It has a lack of capable naval officers, and therefore relies heavily on technology as well as simulations to conduct its operations. The fleet relies heavily on carriers, as the name suggests. Each carrier houses fifty smaller ships that either inflict damage to enemy capital ships or engage in dogfights with similar ships on the enemy's side. However, they are slower than the average capital ship due to their smaller engines, but very deadly if they get close.


EXOSUITS: Armour that covers most of the body. This is used mostly by Arkadi Marines and Caput Mortis grenadiers to help increase strength. The Arkadi exoskeletons are bulkier and can increase the strength of the wearer more than its Principate counterparts, and can inject enhancement drugs into the system. However, the Caput Mortis panoplies are more compact, reliable, and less likely to be hit and destroyed in a firefight.
LEGIONARY BATTLESUIT: A specialised exosuit that's more armoured than the regular suit. This is the regular armour of the Legionary, and can deflect rounds of up to 15mm in diameter, low-energy infantry laser weapons, and blasts from plasma explosions (cannot sustain a direct hit from a plasma buster). They are recognisable due to their menacing, mechanical appearance. A much tougher version of the armour, the Dreadnought Variant, is significantly up-armoured, and is used in boarding operations and urban combat. This variant is distinguished due to its bulkier size and heavier range of weaponry.
ARKADI M18 CARBINE: A highly accurate carbine, though it is prone to jamming when dirtied or dropped from a significant height. It is the regular assault rifle for any infantryman. It, however, does not have a fully automatic setting, and is usually fired in burst mode or semi-auto. It has a 6mm calibre.
LAVRENTINE AC-9: An accurate bullpup assault rifle that's known for its reliability. It is inspired by a foreign rifle from an Arkadi rival. It has a fully automatic setting, but this is rarely used in favour of the more easily-to-control burst fire setting. It comes in two variants: a 6mm and an 8mm calibre.
ARKADI M20: A machine gun from the Arkadi with a 6mm full rifle calibre. It has a rate of fire of 900 rpm.
LAVRENTINE AG-9: A machine gun variant of the AC9, with a full barrel and firing rifle-calibre 8mm bullets. It has a rate of fire of 1200 rpm, but with lesser penetration than the Arkadi M20.
MARKUS ARMS PISTOL: A .45 calibre pistol used by the Arkadi as a sidearm.
AP-7: A 9mm calibre blowback pistol from Lavrentia. There are variants with longer barrels for longer range, and variants with larger chambers for longer 9mm rounds. All have grips that can have attachable stocks, and all variants come with a fully automatic firing option.
ARKADI PINNER: An accurate 7mm rifle with a 5000m maximum range.
LAVRENTINE BAR: An accurate 8mm rifle with a 4500m maximum range.
VCB: The vibrating combat blade is designed to be able to have increased penetration whilst cutting. It comes in two variants: the sabre variant used by commissioned officers and ceremonial guards, and the combat knife variants.
HANDCANNON: A semi-automatic bullpup rifle that shoots out 20mm tungsten core or explosive rounds at supersonic speeds, but with minimised recoil. Some Lavrentine variants called the Bolt Rifles are significantly smaller and uses shells that are fin-stabilised with short-range rockets that accelerate the shell after it leaves the barrel, though this variant is rare to see.
PLASMA BUSTER: An infantry grenade launcher-like anti-tank weapon. It throws a heavy shell filled with heated plasma gas at 300m/s. The blast radius is 8 metres, and the plasma coming out of the shell's ti can penetrate at most 900mm of armour. Despite its usefulness in combat, it is not produced as much due to its weight and the weight of the shells and their chargers.
BEAM RIFLE: Long-range laser weapons in low pressure combat zones.
CAPITAL SHIPS: Capital ships are massive armed starships that can warp-jump at speeds faster than the speed of light. Their usual long-range weapons consist of high-energy lasers due to the nature of space warfare, where battles may begin at ranges of a million kilometres or more. They have short-range conventional artillery, missiles, and plasma cannons (can only be used at distances between 5-10,000km).
WALKERS: Bipod or hexapod machines that are heavily armed. In the case of bipods, they have heavy weaponry and lighter armour that can allow them to sprint. These are used in mountainous terrain, as well as certain urban combat zones. Hexapods are tank-like with heavier weaponry, and are equipped with legs and 'feet' that can help it climb steep inclines. However, these are hard to produce, and are rarely seen in the battlefield.
TANKS: Still the king of battle, tanks are still similar to their 21st Century counterparts, but have thicker armour, better weapons, and greater mobility. The Arkadi variant is the Mark 2 Libera, which is heavily-armoured and more suited for combat in plains or urban areas. It carries a 130mm gun. The Lavrentine tank, the Autokrator, puts more emphasis on mobility, frontal armour, and terrain adaptability. It carries a 125mm gun.
FIGHTERS: Small ships that can operate in atmosphere or in space. They are slower than capital ships, but they are the most mobile force that can be deployed during a set-piece battle. They try getting close to enemy ships before bombarding them or using lasers to wound the structures. Or, they could be used to protect allied capital ships against other fighters.
HE-EMF: The High-Energy Electromagnetic Field is a massive area-of-effect weapon that essentially acts like a no-fly zone. It has a radius of 40km in all directions, and disables any electrical machines, forcing tanks to be stranded and exosuits to be abandoned. In some cases, the HE-EMF can be set to its highest power, which can permanently destroy anything mechanical, but this is rarely used. It is expensive but very useful in combating mechanised forces.



HIGH COMMAND: (1/2 available) The overall commanders of operations of the military from each side.

ADMIRALS: (0/4 available) The leaders of each fleet. There would be two admirals per side. For Lavrentia, the first admiral would be the one that arrives on system after hiding, and the second admiral would be the one that attacked the supply lines and rearguard before entering Derfogle. For the Coalition, the first admiral is the one in charge of the heavier ships that were supposed to bombard the planet, but are now assisting the rest of the First Fleet under the second admiral.

SHIP CAPTAINS: (unlimited slots) Individual commanders of single ships or small flotillas.

PILOTS: (unlimited slots) The pilots of fighters. They take great glory and honour in their battles.

HIGH GENERALS: (0/4 available) The main leaders of the ground forces. Again, two for each side. For Lavrentia, the first general, called the Legatus, leads the Legions, and the second leads the entire planetary force of Derfogle. For the Coalition, the first one leads the Marines, and the second leads the Grand Republican Army and the rest of the foreign volunteer forces.

HIGH COMMISSIONED OFFICERS: (unlimited slots) The leaders of individual units, be they divisions, single Themes, or Legions.

COMMISSIONED OFFICERS: (unlimited slots) The leaders of smaller units from platoons to companies.

NCOs: (unlimited slots) The leaders of fireteams or squads.

SOLDIERS: Individual fighters who take orders from their leaders.

Note: the character sheet is just meant as a guide. You may design it as you wish, but you must include the information I'm asking for in this format. Or, you may use what I have given you.

Code: Select all
[size=120][b](Full Name)[/b][/size]
[b]Faction:[/b] (Lavrentia or the Coalition)
[b]Branch:[/b] (Legion, Theme, Fleet, Marines, GRA, Carrier Fleet)

[b]General Description:[/b] (Give me at least a paragraph here)

[b]General Personality:[/b] (You may let this develop as the RP plays out)
[b]Likes:[/b] (Optional)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (Optional)
[b]Hobbies:[/b] (Optional)

[b]Weapons:[/b] (Maximum of three weapons; preferably one rifle, one sidearm, and one VCB)
[b]Extra Equipment:[/b] (Personal stuff your character carries around)

(Put a brief biography of your character)



1. No godmodding, metagaming, the basics. Basically you can't use information unavailable to your character, nor can you be an immortal, omnipotent being.

2. Please try to post a minimum of a paragraph. Make it as literate as possible too. Even if you're no native English speaker, try your hardest to at least make sense and correct your spelling.

3. You may have multiple characters, as long as you can promise to be able to use all of them.

4. Try to be active, because being active is the key to having a roleplay survive.

5. This is a PG roleplay, so sex can be assumed, just not acted out or explicitly shown.

6. Respect everyone else in the OOC section.

7. Keep OOC things in the OOC section, but three-sentence OOCs per post in the IC will be tolerated as long as it is encased in parentheses.

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Character Portrait: Decius Armator Perfluo
Character Portrait: Bouhen ag Badjhoud
Character Portrait: Flania Scar


Character Portrait: Flania Scar
Flania Scar

"You think that an order will stop me from doing it? Well, considering the situation I should say yes, and go back with my tail rolled up, but... no."

Character Portrait: Bouhen ag Badjhoud
Bouhen ag Badjhoud

High Comissioned Officer, of the theme Themata 'Mercator.'

Character Portrait: Decius Armator Perfluo
Decius Armator Perfluo

The operational commander of the Lavrentine military for the defence of the Principate.


Character Portrait: Flania Scar
Flania Scar

"You think that an order will stop me from doing it? Well, considering the situation I should say yes, and go back with my tail rolled up, but... no."

Character Portrait: Decius Armator Perfluo
Decius Armator Perfluo

The operational commander of the Lavrentine military for the defence of the Principate.

Character Portrait: Bouhen ag Badjhoud
Bouhen ag Badjhoud

High Comissioned Officer, of the theme Themata 'Mercator.'

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Character Portrait: Decius Armator Perfluo
Decius Armator Perfluo

The operational commander of the Lavrentine military for the defence of the Principate.

Character Portrait: Bouhen ag Badjhoud
Bouhen ag Badjhoud

High Comissioned Officer, of the theme Themata 'Mercator.'

Character Portrait: Flania Scar
Flania Scar

"You think that an order will stop me from doing it? Well, considering the situation I should say yes, and go back with my tail rolled up, but... no."

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