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Decius Armator Perfluo

The operational commander of the Lavrentine military for the defence of the Principate.

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a character in “Lavrentia Rising”, as played by StrategosXII


Aliases: The Javelin of Lavrentia, the Secundus
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Faction: Lavrentia
Branch: Caput Mortis
Role: High Command

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 70kg
General Description:
For a Dzhali man, Decius is quite tall, with his face symmetrical. After all, he was mixed race, being a quarter Medinian. His nose bridge is wide, and his small blue eyes are cold and calculating. His skin is light, similar to that of the East Asians from Terra. He is well-muscled, but not too muscly, nor is he too thin. His body is generally well-toned, but his aversion to any short-sleeved shirts make it rare for them to be seen. His blond hair is thick and short, swept back, and padded with pomade. The most distinguishing feature of Decius is the deep scar across his lower left cheek, which to him is a mark of pride during his days in the Legionary Guard after being wounded in a fencing duel between members.

General Personality: Decius is a strict disciplinarian and has a natural air of authority about him. He is known to be cold and ruthless, but only if necessary. He is calculating, and despite having been rewarded with power by the Princeps after the civil war, he remains loyal and incorruptible because of his belief in the Lavrentine cause, and in the ability of the Princeps to govern the state and lead the troops, though if a plan deems to be inefficient or have unnecessary adverse effects in the future, he will not hesitate to stand up to the Princeps. For the most part, he is silent, deep in thought. Despite this, when put before a crowd, he is as much of a rousing and inspirational speaker as the Princeps is, being able to convince the crowd. This skill he used to bring soldiers into the Princeps' side during the civil war. He is also known to be an intelligent military commander, and an excellent administrator. The patience that the Princeps lacks is substituted by his. He was, after all, willing to hide the entire Lavrentine fleet for three whole months while the Coalition attacked. He is also a family man, and is very traditional when it came to serving his family and his state. Some may consider him Machiavellian, but he prefers the term 'pragmatist.'

Weapons: A personalised long-barrelled AP-7 with ornamental designs etched into the metal, as well as a VCB sabre variant.
Extra Equipment:
  • A copper locket from his parents. When flipped open, on one side, there is a photo of him and his parents, and on the other, a photo of his wife and child.
  • A black armband with a gold ornament from his days as an instructor in the military and a secret member of the Legionary Guard.


Decius Armator Perfluo was born Arnold Fliess, the eldest child to a large family of 4 children. His father was a half-Medinian, and his mother was a native Dzhalus. Both of them were quiet, but loved each other and their children very much. They were poor, but their father afforded them the best education he could afford. Unfortunately, both his parents, alongside his baby sister, were killed during a rebel attack on the Dzhali city he resided. The rebels were never caught, as the military arrived too late. He mourned with his siblings, but he didn't have time to mourn for too long. He had to carry on their legacy. He was forced to become the breadwinner by working at a marketplace by night and going to school by day. He was paid a small amount just so that he could feed his family. The corruption that was present in the government and in society began to show as he grew poorer and poorer every day. He saw that while he toiled, the rest of the people didn't have to do anything and instead spent their time committing debauchery.

One day, the rebels attacked the marketplace he worked at. Everyone fled, but Arnold was filled with rage and decided to stay and murder any rebel that set foot near him. He armed himself with a knife. As a rebel scout arrived, Arnold took him by the neck and slit his throat, covering his mouth as he silently lay the bleeding man inside his stall. The military arrived late and fought the rebels. When one soldier was shot down, Arnold dragged the soldier to safety and took his weapon, defending the marketplace himself, and scoring two hits on two rebel militants. He was congratulated by the military, and the soldier he saved apologised for the slow movement of the military. The grinding, rusty gears of the late Dzhali bureaucracy had gripped the military and prevented it from expanding and rapidly deploying. He promised he would change that... somehow.

Upon graduating from high school, he joined the Dzhalus Military Academy as a cadet. His high grades allowed for him to be transferred to the officer program, and once again graduated at the top of his class. Seeing the potential within him, he was put at the forefront of the fight against the rebels, and witnessed firsthand the slowness of the troops' deployments. No matter how hard he trained his men for rapid reactions to rebel attacks, he just couldn't accomplish his tasks. He wrote a manifesto which made it to the top ranks of the Dzhali military. His request for the formation of a rapid reaction strike force was created, and he became head of the entire battalion. Eventually, he was designated to the classrooms of the Military Academy. This was when, at the age of 23, he discovered the Legionary Post, which was a website composed of several writers who believed in what he deemed to be a righteous cause: the reformation of Dzhali society. He spoke with the owner of the website, who went by the pen name Princeps Augustus. He was invited to a secret meeting. It was shady at first, but when Arnold saw who the Princeps was, he was astonished that he was two years younger than he was. Larus Basil was his name. Arnold, Larus, and ten others swore a blood oath, and declared the creation of the Legionary Guard. From then on, he became one of the founding members. His code name in the Legion was Decius Armator Perfluo, the Director of Action. All his students were indoctrinated into the Legionary belief, slowly but surely, until there was an entire secret society within the military dedicated to the Legionary cause. The youngest students he had would eventually form some of the first Legionnaires. Larus knew that the Legion would not succeed in the political climate. It may be a massive organisation, but it was not rich, and corruption could easily overtake it. For the next seven years, Arnold would build up support for the Legionary in all branches of the military, and with authorisation from the brass, formed the specialised grenadier units, the Caput Mortis.

When Larus launched his coup when Arnold was age 30, the former was Christened as Laurentius Augustus Basileus, Princeps of the Dzhali People. Arnold, meanwhile, was Christened as Decius Armator Perfluo. However, part of the military remained loyal to the legitimate government, alongside some of the rich in the nation who had formed their private armies. Unfortunately for the Republicans, the more ground the Legionary Guard gained, the more money they could have to pay off the private armies to reduce the amount of threat they had to face. It was first a guerrilla warfare with whatever weapons they had. It seemed like the galaxy was against them when the Arkadi began arming the Republicans. However, a foreign power who rivalled the Arkadi struck a deal with the Legionary Guard. Soon, the Legionary had enough weapons for their army of trained workers and peasants.

The first true conventional battle for Dzhalus occurred on the rural outer rim of the Dzhali Capital Region. Laurentius, with the help of Decius, won a major tactical and strategic victory that shook the foundations of the Republican cause with the use of the very first proto-legion and the I Caput Mortis Theme. Whilst Laurentius proposed to attack the Capital head-on, Decius opted for a tactic of winning over the rest of Dzhalus, waiting for the Republicans to commit an atrocity whilst in a state of shock and terror. The Republicans had hold of a nuclear warhead, which they used to destroy one of the false operating centres of the Legionary rebellion, causing a hundred thousand civilian casualties. This turned the entire nation against the Republicans, and even some of the former fighters and officers were disillusioned and joined Laurentius instead. Laurentius found it to be despicable to let his own people be killed, but Decius told him that there was no real way they could have countered the nuke. They could have invaded the Capital, but their army was too weak, and it would have caused the rebellion to fail. The nuke would have still been used either way, and many more would die after the Republican counteroffensive. Decius was almost sacked, but Laurentius came to the conclusion that he was right. After a mock court-marshal, Decius was found to be innocent. After the Republican defeat, Decius was removed from the position of Director of Action, now renamed into the Director of Peacekeeping, and was elected by the Principal Council to be the Chief of Staff for the entire military. He studied ancient and modern military doctrines, and came up with the doctrine of the Dzhali Armed Forces. He built up its navy first, then professionalised the military. The only true political soldiers left were the Caput Mortis. However, he eventually helped come up with the Legions, who were supposed to be Dzhalus' finest warriors and administrators. The project was launched a year into the conquest of Dzhalus. In peace, Decius studied Arkad's military doctrines and actions carefully. He perfected his military doctrines tactically and strategically, and by the time the other nations were integrated into what became the Principate, Decius already began the implementation of his dream.

When Arkad invaded, Decius and Laurentius came together once more to discuss how they would deal with the Coalition threat. When the talks concluded, it was also decided that he would be the chief of operations for Operation Aegis: the Defence of the Principate.

So begins...

Decius Armator Perfluo's Story