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Law of X

The Ruined City


a part of Law of X, by Rhianoue.


Rhianoue holds sovereignty over The Ruined City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

500 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources: ((kind of but not really based on that. took the title is all.))


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The Ruined City is a part of Law of X.

12 Characters Here

Amber Einzbern [2] WIP
Neil Lennon [2] "The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend." {MWIP}
Julian Ackerman [2] "Whether your value your life or not doesn't matter to me; if I'm told to kill you, that's just what I'll do."
Ken Okita [1] "I'm, but one piece in a larger game."
Aviana JΓ€ger [1] [MWIP]
Noah Mercury [1] {Major WIP}
Beatrix Rome [1] 'This world is cruel, but I promise you; it's not as bad as you think.' {WIP}
Caesar Parker [1] "There are worse things than a lie... I have found... that it may be well to choose one sin in order for another to be forgotten." {WIP}
Yuki Fukui [1] "Sure, the world may be pretty terrible right now, but I didn't want to give up yet.{MWIP}

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12 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Isis Ourobouro Character Portrait: Julian Ackerman Character Portrait: Beatrix Rome Character Portrait: Yuki Fukui Character Portrait: Ken Okita Character Portrait: Noah Mercury Character Portrait: Caesar Parker Character Portrait: Amber Einzbern Character Portrait: Serkan Brutus Haemon Character Portrait: Amelia Rivendell Character Portrait: Neil Lennon Character Portrait: Aviana JΓ€ger
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Mission Zero; X's objectives in their mission this time are: (1) rescue any lives within the building, (2) take all resources possible, (3) kill any last survivors of the gang, and (4) destroy the building.

Location Of Mission Zero;
Despite the many buildings in the ruined city, there are a few that are still standing. This one lies in the very middle, being around fifteen stories tall, all filled with food, water, protection, money, prisoners, and the gang that goes by the name 'The Brotherhood.'

Information About The Target; 'The Brotherhood' is a smaller, but very vicious gang in the destroyed, nameless city. They are made up of around a hundred people total, and are armed with various types of weapons, but the majority is made up of guns. They're not a very intelligent group, mostly relying on brute strength rather than witty intelligence, and can be easily outsmarted if you can get past their aggressive offense. They don't deal with explosives and, when under attack, tend to split up into smaller groups from three to six, at the very most. They do not have a very strong defensive system, therefore the building can be easily entered, as there is very low maintenance. They had a habit of taking innocent women and children, but not men. Usually, the prisoners can be found on a higher level, making it a challenge for them to escape, if they dare to.

Information About The Setting; It is early April, in the unknown year in the future. The time is only around seven PM while X begins to start their mission, being an earlier time than usual. The weather is very cloudy. Whatever stars are in the sky are covered by the heavy, grey clouds, and from them, a violent rain pounds onto the surface. The wind howls, but it cannot be heard. There are occasional flashes of lightning and booms of thunder, but all this just appears to be background noises.

Assignments; Every member of X has a special talent, and that talent will be put to good use. It is only expected for X to have an organized system, which they do, for every mission. Mission Zero's assignments for each member is below.
  • Objective One: (One Group) Beatrix Rome, Amelia Rivendell, Noah Mercury
    β–·Beatrix, Amelia, and Noah will be headed for the top floors in order to release the women and children from The Brotherhood's grasp.
    β–ΊChallenge: How do they get them out without suffering any casualties?
  • Objective Two: (One Group)Yuki Fukui, Isis Ourobouro, Ken Okita
    β–·Yuki, Isis, and Ken will have to find their way around the twenty floored building to quickly find the supplies, gather all they can, and get out.
    β–ΊChallenge: How will the find the supplies quick enough before their bomb detonates?
  • Objective Three: (First Group) Serkan Brutus Haemon, Julian Ackerman (Second Group) Aviana Jager, Caesar Parker
    β–·Serkan and Julian will be laying on the most obvious entrance into the building which will be used as an exit for members of 'The Brotherhood' who are trying to escape.
    β–ΊChallenge: How will they ensure that no one will be left standing when/if some members manage to escape them?
    β–·Aviana and Caesar will be roaming freely throughout the building, finding random targets and killing them on sight, making it easier for the other pair on the bottom floor.
    β–ΊChallenge: None.
  • Objective Four: (One Group) Neil Lennon, Amber Einzbern
    β–·Neil and Amber will be secretly making their way to place the bomb on --- floor (up to decide) without getting caught by anyone.
    β–ΊChallenge I: How will they time the bomb's detonation for themselves, and the other members of X still within the building?
    β–ΊChallenge II: How will they manage to escape the bomb's radius (up to decide) with the others in time before the detonation?

Extra; Referring to the groups under the 'Assignments' category, they are who that character will most likely be around for the length of the mission. So if it only says 'One Group,' then that means that those few characters will be around each other most of the time, only under that category. Characters from different assignments may meet, of characters in the same group (and assignment) might be split apart, but to begin with, those are the other characters your character will be working with on their mission.

If anyone has any complaints about their character's role, please PM me ASAP that way I can change it immediately to your liking, if I decide to approve. If anyone has any questions, also please PM me or ask in the OOC and I'll answer as soon as I get the chance to.


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Julian Ackerman Character Portrait: Amber Einzbern Character Portrait: Serkan Brutus Haemon Character Portrait: Neil Lennon
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'To attempt the destruction of our passions is the height of folly. What a noble aim is that of the zealot who tortures himself like a madman in order to desire nothing, love nothing, feel nothing, and who, if he succeeded, would end up a complete monster.'
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Denis Diderot

β–‘β–‘β–‘The Dirty-Workerβ–‘β–‘β–‘


"Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest of all,
-----------to see life as it is and not as it should be."

-----------------------Miguel de Cervantes

----Location: Ruined City ; The Brotherhood's base ; First floor ; Main entrance
---------------------Feeling: Annoyed ; Tired ; Sane (at the moment)

Julian was on the first floor of The Brotherhood's base. Well, he was just outside the building, and look up at it with a blank expression that formed a frowned. He knew that the building would be exploding after Neil and Amber set up the bomb, but that didn't make him feel any more comfortable with it falling down.

The memory of the worst night of his life came back to him in that instant. Oh the pain... It messed with his mind, and his body was in pieces that night until it healed again in the morning. His mental state had been slowly deteriorating since then, and now he's on a line between sanity and insanity.

Julian's flashback ended a moment later and he found himself with his hand raised to his forehead, feeling dizzier than before. He shook this off though, and went into the building, pushing the large doors out of the way. This was the main entrance; the entrance that all the gang members would come crawling to in hopes of leaving the building before it was destroyed or before they would be killed, except that Julian and Serkan would be waiting there for them.

Julian looked over at his partner for this mission, Mission Zero, and said, "They'll be coming soon." He wasn't someone of many words, and that was about all he would say for the meanwhile. The rest of the while, he'd be killing any man, or even woman for that matter. It didn't matter which. Gender equality, right?

He began to hear screams, and the heavy steps of shoes on the ground headed in their direction. "As long as no one gets past us," Julian began, hunching over as his power, as well as insanity, began to take over. "It doesn't matter what we decide to do because the one and only goal is to kill anyone who tries to get past us. Easy enough." He murmured quietly with a horrible grimace on his face just as a two pairs of four, bloody red tentacle-like blades sprang from his back.

Julian had control over his own blood, and he used it to his advantage. Something spoke in his mind every time he was going to kill. Something excited him from the inside and told him words of violence, gore, and hatred. The insanity ran through his body just like his blood, and the soothing words whispered for him to attack anyone who dared to try and pass him.

At the sometime, Julian was trying to keep a leash on the monster inside of him. If he let go, who knew what would happen... He might even end up trying to kill Serkan because those whispers in his head were just that strong. He wouldn't let himself get out of hand. All he needed to do was to prevent anyone from escaping alive. That's it. He didn't need to do anything extra. Nothing else. That's all. Stay calm. Don't go overboard.

This worked, and he wiped that disgusting, terrifying look off his face. "Here they come..." He breathed as the first set of men came into sight.