Law or love

Law or love


Parents are disgusted that there sons are gay, and have tried everything to change them, but nothing worked. Then a correctional facility called cloudy opened. The kids sent there are supposed to learn to be straight, but fall in love with one another.

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Cloudy youth is a facility said to be one of a kind. There are 2 huge bedrooms, a rec room, a sport room, a hiking trail, a race track, a fighting arena, a cafeteria, and 3 average bathrooms available to the teenagers. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, but someone needs to know where you are at all times.

Need at least 1 and up to 4 wardens and 8-16 kids (may change)

Template for the characters

Teen or warden:
(If teen) Seme/Uke:


Appearance: Tan with dark green eyes, black hair, slightly muscular but cute. Usually wearing shades and either a leather jacket or a cloak.
Teen or warden:Teen
Background: living with a familly that never wanted him, and called a monster all the time, Zero kept quiet and to himself, making himself seem like the cool guy. When his parents discover he was gay his familly tries to kill him and then send him to the facility when it backfires. Zero is still alone even there.
Like:meeting people, relaxing, making others happy
Dislike:someone hurting a friend, being called a monster, family
Strength:nice, cute, cool, good with a weapon.
Weakness: will lose temper quickly if a friend is being threatened or harmed.


Toggle Rules

1.have fun.
2.Need you to submit this information about your character.

Teen or warden:
(If teen) Seme/Uke:

3.No godmodding

4.Teens need to do any loving or sexual acts away from the wardens or will receive punishment from them.

5.Wardens don't know where teens are all the time, and please don't make them appear for no reason.

6.Be nice to others

7.My character Zero is fair game if you wanted to know.

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Re: Law or love

Hey there, Zero. Saw your RP a couple days ago, so I did some research into gay conversion camps because I know they're a thing.

Suffice it to say that getting away from the watchful eye of the wardens won't be as easy as you want to believe. Conditions in these things are closer to concentration camps, where the teens are put in chain gangs to "pray away the gay" and put in squalid conditions. In Jamaica, teens outed by their families are forced to squat in the sewers.

Here's one person's testimonial: ... rsion_camp

I'm not saying you shouldn't go ahead with this RP, but please treat the topic with the gravitas it deserves.

Re: Law or love

Interested - I'll drop a character sheet here tomorrow. :D

Edit: never mind, I didn't realize this would be "yaoi" based. I feel yaoi fetishizes and commodifies gay people. I can't really be involved in it, sorry!

Law or love

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