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The mysterious Storyteller and owner of Le Cirque d'Ames

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a character in “Le Cirque d'Ames”, as played by Luv-is-a-Bug


Original Name: Vienna Martin. Most have taken to calling her Vi, but she answers to both.

Performance Name: During performances, Vienna is referred to as Caissier d'Histoire, literally meaning “Story teller”.

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Circus Act: Story teller. Her part in the circus is similar to that of the ringmaster, but closer to a narrator. She tells the story of the circus, leading the audience through the acts.

Personality: Vienna has made a namesake as mysterious, strangely dark Story Teller of Le Cirque d’Ames. Her vocal capabilites are unmatched by anyone in the circus, and audiences are often captivated by the tales she weaves. It is she who leads them, guides them through the circus, voicing the fantastic feats of performers. She varies her narrations from act to act, for some are more upbeat than others, but retains a cryptic tone throughout the show, puzzling audiences. When she first took ownership of the circus, spectators heavily criticized her for the dark atomosphere of her circus. Vienna, as usual, cared little what others thought, and smiled as she offered the following explanation:
"The point of a circus is more than to entertain. It's to make people think. What good would I be if I spoke only of sunshine, of blue sky? Have you not also wondered of the rain, the gray clouds?"
Her commanding presence and unshakable confidence, learned through years of performance, have made Vienna a capable and well respected leader. Unfortunately, she's never quite grown up, and isn't the most responsible of owners. Performances are the only things she takes seriously, for performance is all she knows.
Off stage, she trades her mask of mystery for one of humor, and is frequently found with other performers, distracting them from their work. She's intentionally cryptic before the crowd, but finds upholding this persona exceedingly difficult, for doom and gloom are not in her nature. As owner of Le Cirque, she's made it her business to know anything and everything of her performers, knowing more of them than they would like. But those hiding dark pasts need not worry, for she rarely discloses the secrets she uncovers, keeping them to herself. She herself has a fair share of secrets, secrets expertly disguised by a mask of confidence and larger than life personality. Years of performing have allowed her to hide her feelings of inferiority and neglect, and she expresses said feelings only while in character. Somewhere inside the fearless, dramatic Vienna is a lonely girl pleading for her father's attention, but outwardly she's the picture of calm; a girl who, despite her lack of organization, has it all together.

History: Vienna is the daughter of Ame and granddaughter of Bernard, the founder of Le Cirque d’Ames. Being born in the circus is many kids' dream, but Vienna found a life on the road impossibly lonely. Though she knew her father loved her, he was constantly attending to different aspects of the circus, his first priority being keeping the show out of debt. Vienna had her pick of which act she’d like to be a part of, but found it impossible to choose, deciding instead to follow in her father’s footsteps and tell the brilliant tales that made up Le Cirque d’Ames. Vienna resented the fact her father never told her about her mother, who was rumored to be the greatest tightrope walker the circus had ever had. It seemed no matter how much Vienna asked her father, no matter how hard she tried to get close to him, he was always more interested in the other performers. Of course, she never told him this, choosing instead to hide her pain and project the image of the confident performer she eventually came to be. When Vienna’s father died 6 years ago of a heart attack, she became owner of Le Cirque d’Ames.

Crush: No.

Boyfriend or girlfriend: Nope.

Appearance: Vienna is a tall, willowy young woman-- long limbed and deceptively fragile. A long neck, high cheekbones, and heart shaped face give her an aristocratic appearance, a sharp contrast to her coarse sense of humor and hardy living style. Her hair red brown hangs to her mid back and, due to its numerous layers, is nearly impossible to pull back into a ponytail, meaning it’s usually hanging around her face. Her eyes are strikingly green, and the charcoal black eyeliner she rims them with add to her mysterious appearance. The only wrinkles on her face are at the corners of her eyes, the tiny lines evidence of numerous smiles; though how many of said smiles are faked happiness and how many are sincere is hard to say.

So begins...

Vienna's Story