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Gabrielle Samuels

"Love and evil share every letter but one."

0 · 461 views · located in Chicago, Illinois

a character in “Le Disko - Blowout!”, as played by Gentletouchxox


Gabrielle Samuels

My name is: Gabrielle Marie Samuels

But I am known as: Gabby, or just Gabrielle

I am this many: 18

My place at the party: Party starter.

I like: Love, happiness, peace, music, and escapes.

I dislike: Fighting, anger, unrest, liars, and manipulators.

The song I can't live without: Eminem- Spacebound

I am known to be a bit like this: Usually chill attitude, but can get really upset if something bad happens. Not quick to judge, very energetic. Sweet person, has a slight bit of a darker side that most don't get to see. Never liked people that are too fake to make a true statement. Always hated people that lie. Doesn't usually ignore someone unless they've done something over the top that is disturbing. Loves to sing, songs that most people would call for "emos", and she hates when people say that. Loves music with a passion, her favorite artist is Eminem because he speaks his mind and doesn't care about the reaction he gets. She wishes that she could be like him, tell the whole school and anyone else what was really happening, say fuck them all, and walk away and never turn back.

If you were to describe me to a blind man: Long blonde hair, grey eyes, creamy skin. Long, long slender legs, pink lips, bright smile. Very flexible, and overall breathtakingly pretty, has the envy of most girls. Typical cheerleader, as most would say.

What most people don't know about me: Has terrible self esteem, and she isn't living up to her own expecations. She feels like she doesn't deserve to be where she is, that no one should look at her in any other way than disgust. Rarely can get truely happy, and loves getting high to escape from all the stones that world throws at her. Can't wait to leave home and be away from everything that her parents have placed her in the middle of. Used to try to overdose, but she realized that if she did so, she would be the girl that everyone already expected her to be; the one that thinks her life is terrible and she thinks she isn't pretty enough and does something like suicide just for the attention. Everything that she does is talked about and turned into a dirty rumor or a sick lie.

What's going on behind closed doors: Hell in a house. Her mother and father screaming at each other, pushing, fighting. Trying to get Gabrielle on their sides. Trying to make their own daughter chose between them. Her mother is trying to take everything she can get her money-greedy hands on in the home; the plasma, the cash, everything. Gabrielle literally being pulled by their dirty hands. If only they listened to her instead of trying to talk over her. She hated both of them, went to bed shaking with anger and disgust at them. Scared to have children after all the stuff she's seen between her parents.

Who I love: To her, the only person that will be faithful. She knows nothing, only that he has been beside her through everything that's happening between her parents. To her, he's been faithful since the day they got together. Their love feels like the most stable thing at the moment.

So begins...

Gabrielle Samuels's Story