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Issam Hatch

Daaaamn, boy!

0 · 154 views · located in Chicago, Illinois

a character in “Le Disko - Blowout!”, as played by Maeve




Issam Hatch

What To Call Her-
Issam, but she's open to nicknames. Not before you've grown on her, though.

Role at the party-
Party goer/ friends with Gabby.



Description of Appearance-
Standing at 5'7", Issam is fairly tall. She has a lithe build but is no anoerexic. She has strong Asian ancestery. It shows in her face- slanted cheekbones, stubborn chin, small nose. Her large dark brown eyes are often outlined with mascara and eyeliner, her eyebrows neatly plucked to accent them. She has "pouty" lips and straight white teeth from years of braces. Her hair has no extensions, it's cut in way so the ends are much thinner. Her hair itself is a reddish-brown with redder highlights. It falls past her shoulders.

You can usually find her in tank-tops and skinny jeans; flashy jewelry and gold shoes are her thing. She doesn't care much for makeup, but as said before, you'll never see her without eyeliner. She wears dangly earrings and isn't afraid to stand out- she has a feel for old-time Hollywood.

Issam won't take shit from anyone. She hates people who lie and will call them on their bluff; she interprets it to mean they can't face the truth. Her attitude towards the world is rather dismal, however, she does enjoy life when she's with her friends. Despite her 'tough' appearance, her friends describe her as a good listener, but her one redeeming quality is the fact that she accepts people as they are. She won't try to change others. Her bark is harder than her bite. She'll come right out and say what she wants to say. You can trust her opinion, because she won't say it behind your back- she'll say it to your face.

Issam has her insecurities, but in truth she tries not to care what people think of her. She's her own person- a girl who's accent comes out strong when she's angry. But Issam rarely blows up over anything. She takes out all her anger on the court. Issam is more of a do-something person. She won't procrastinate, unless that work is homework. She can't stay still for very long and is a party girl at heart. She enjoys company, though if she says she wants to be alone, don't take it personal. It's the way she is. She's enthusiastic if presented with a challenge. She'll take any dare- from kissing the dork in the corner to prank calling the police. She tends to think about the now, not the consequences of her actions. She's a good actor and rather playful when she's in the right mood.

Issam was born in Asia, in a small remote country off the coast. At age two, her parents became citizens of the U.S., and as they did, so did she. Issam grew up in a family of five; her mother [a therapist] and father [a real estate agent] presented a strong and united front. She was the eldest, expected to be a role model for her younger siblings. The two youngest, twin boys, demanded all the attention at three years old. Issam was fourteen then and was just beginning to come into her teen years, physically and mentally. Boys were beginning to notice her. She got her first date at fourteen- she didn't want to discuss it with her parents because she knew her mother would make a big deal out of it. With a curfew of seven that she'd never come close to, Issam lost track of time on that first date. She was two hours late. Her parents freaked on her.

After that argument, Issam began to withdraw from her family more and more. She had nobody to turn to. Her friends were drug addicts already; her siblings were too young to understand. So when a junior boy opened his arms to her, she ran straight into them. She didn't see it coming until it was too late- what he wanted from her was something she wasn't willing to give. She managed to escape, but was frightened of returning to school. She spiraled into a deep depression, turning to drugs and alcohol.

That's when her coach persuaded her to try out for basketball.

Finally, Issam had a way to release her anger, her frusteration. She threw herself into the sport. Her teammates commented on how brilliant she was once she had the ball in her hands- teammates that slowly became her friends. For them, she drew herself out of her depression and focused more on her declining grades, raising them above average once more. She never really mended her relationship with her parents, but looks out for her younger siblings, closely. She doesn't want them to go through her experiences. It is with these incidents that she earned her compassion.


So begins...

Issam Hatch's Story