Spencer Fischer

Fuck it. I'm sick of being second best.

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a character in “Le Disko - Blowout!”, as played by Artik


Spencer Fischer


You can call me: Spence, Fish, Goldfish.

Age: Seventeen

Gimme' More!
Baseball & Swimming
Smelling good
Flavored Vodka
Rain / Storms
Video Games
Causing trouble
His hair being played with

Shit no!
Always being number 2
Authority figures
Getting caught
Overly serious people or conversations
Pompous Assholes

What else you wanna' know?
Spence is the nice guy gone bad. Raised a jock, he was destined to be the next hot shot at the school, but that was before Rick took him under his wing. A junior while Rick's a senior, he looked up to the guy, prom king, football captain, and dating the head cheerleader. He had it all. Spence jumped at the chance to be friends with him, but instead of passing the torch as graduation got closer, Rick kept all the glory for himself. Baseball and Swim team captain still wasn't Football captain. Dating the dance team captain, wasn't dating the head cheerleader. Spence was never good enough and as time went on, and he realized what was happening, he grew bitter and resentful. What was once a fun loving, hard working, and loyal friend became something else entirely. Now, Spence's determination, charm and wit are what get him by; and he plans to put it to good use to get back at his 'best friend'.

So begins...

Spencer Fischer's Story