Harmony Adara

"I woudn't do that if I were you."

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a character in “Leave Me Breathless”, as played by ChildOfNone


Full Name:
Harmony Willow Adara
”You don’t need to know my name.”

Nick Name:
Harm or Ada.
”If you don’t already know them, you have no business knowing them now.”

31 years old.
”Don’t you know better than to ask a woman her age?”

Harm has never told anyone this but she’s always dreamed of being a graphic novelist or just an artist. She dreams of having a stable home and giving her daughter everything she could ever need or want (without spoiling her, of course).
”I’ll get there. Sooner or later I’ll get there.

-Losing a Loved One
-Having Her Daughter Go Through The Same Thing She Did
-Being A Disappointing
-Falling in Love With The Wrong Man
[color=#]”Fear should be feared far more than anything else.”[/color]

-Dancing Without a Care
-The Rain

-Judgmental People
-Abuse of Any Kind
-Being Told What to Do
-Empty Promises
-Being Ignored

Theme song:


Harm smokes when she’s stressed out, nervous or too pissed off. Harm doesn’t hate men but sometimes she comes across as if she does; her defensiveness has just become a sort of habit, one she doesn’t even realize is in place. Another thing about Harm that people should know is that they really do call her “Harm” for a reason.
”Oh, I’m sorry. Did I offend you? Good.”

Harm takes her role as mother very seriously. She tries to be understanding, caring and as positive as she can. With people who’ve know her for quite some time, she’s friendly and very open towards them. Free spirited is also a word people use to describe Harm. She’s loyal, trustworthy and fairly easy to get along with. Like any mother, she’s very protective of her daughter but she knows not to smother her too much or she’ll just end up irritating her; Harm has always know when not to push things and when to pick her fights. Harm would be a the absolute role model of perfection if it weren’t for her other more darker qualities.
These other qualities would refer to her nasty temper. Now, it usually takes a lot for her to get angry but when she does… its best to clear the room. The only things that could ever trigger a quick temper for Harm would be guys trying to hook up with her or guys trying to hook up with her daughter (though some exceptions are made if her daughter actually talks about the guy in question as a possible love interest). Other than that there’s her potty mouth (on occasions), her inability to shut up once she starts ranting and her slightly violent tendencies (throwing things, hitting things, kicking, etc.).
”Don’t like what you see? Tough. What you see is what you get.”


Harmony grew up in a very strict household. From the very beginning her parents, Harold Lewis Adara and Loretta Marie Adara, had expected great things from her. It was one of the reasons why they were so uptight and demanding. At an early age Harmony was taught advanced level teachings and was expected to learn all of it without fail. This made it hard on Harmony seeing as she was only just a child. She couldn’t take time to play with other kids because she had to learn the basics of violin, she couldn’t play with regular dolls or toys because she had to learn her math’s and so on and so forth. Through the early stages of her life, more specifically her elementary years, she was home schooled by a private tutor. By middle school her parents decided that she would need to socialize more so as not to be a complete introvert. So they enrolled her in a well know public school.
It was in that well known public school where she had first met David Rye Johnson. At first she didn’t pay any attention to the boy or anyone else for that matter. Harm had lived her childhood practically without anyone so she hardly knew how to get along well with people. But David made it hard to ignore him. He’d pop up at the end of her classes and talk to her endlessly even though she never responded back. Then one day her walls cracked and she started warming up to him. They became the best of friends, practically inseparable.
Harm slowly started having feelings for David, slowly but surely. She had never wanted him to find out about how she felt but one time when he’d come over to the house he’d stumbled upon her diary and read it. Of course he found out through her writing that she’d come to love David very much. And he said that he had feeling for her too. Harm was so happy!
But of course, her parents didn’t approve of her closeness to David much less her feelings. They tried everything to keep them apart. But still, they found ways to sneak around and see each other. It was when she turned 15 that everything went downhill.
She’d told her parents first about being pregnant. They wanted her to take care of it but Harm refused to kill her baby. So they kicked her out. Disowned her without even a second thought. She had gone to David then, telling him the news about her pregnancy. She hadn’t expected him to suggest the same thing her parents had. It killed her on the inside when he said he would only offer to help her until she could find a place to stay. David’s parents were very understanding and caring during the nine months Harm was pregnant. Still, not even his parents could convince David to take responsibility. He left to live with his uncle on her ninth month of pregnancy. She had difficulty in labor but her baby was born big and healthy.
After that she only lived with David’s parents for half a year. In that half year she had worked jobs and taken any shifts she could get. She also found out that David wasn’t exactly the guy she thought he was. He’d had other girls during their relationship. That only broke Harms heart more but she pulled herself together for the sake of her daughter. Still, Harm worked hard in the years that passed until today. She’d raised Bobbi as best as she could and loved her enough for her and her missing father. Harm still keeps contact with David’s parents; on odd occasions, very rare, she sometimes hears a word or two of David. Harm never spoke a bad word against him to Bobbi. She always hoped that one day he’d want to at least meet her, so she kept all the bad things he’d done to herself.
”Life isn’t just rainbows and flowers now is it?”


So begins...

Harmony Adara's Story