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Kate Harris

0 · 149 views · located in Pennsylvania, USA

a character in “Left 4 Dead: The Campaign”, as played by fictiondoc


Name: Kate Harris

Age: 25

Gender: Female


Friends: TBD

Enemies: TBD

Love Interest: TBD

Family Members:
- Anna Harris - mother - deceased
- Roger Harris - father - deceased
- Mal Harris -older brother - alive
- Sara Harris -younger sister - deceased


Personality: Kate is a determined gal, she is not one to back down from a fight easily. She is loyal to those she trusts and loves her family with all her being, you cross her and she will let you know she isn't happy. She loves to laugh and always tries to smiles...even when life isnt the best

Equipment: Shotgun, flashlight, extra batteries, notebook, pen, small box of bandaids, pocket knife, family photo, and her mothers locket that she wears around her neck.

History: Kate's life was normal before the outbreak, she was about to start her masters degree in english. She skipped going to college again and headed home to be with her family. Her mother was the first to go, she had gotten attacked by a Hunter, Kate managed to save her by shooting him with her fathers shotgun, but it was to late for her mother. The Harris family buried her in the backyard, Roger was next, quickly followed by Sara, leaving just Kate. She decided to go find her older brother and see if he was still alive. She made it to Fairfeild and met up with a group who was trying to leave the far it has been a wise choice.


Other: Purple ;)

So begins...

Kate Harris's Story

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She had rammed her shoulder hard againest the side of the helicoptor when it had crashed, they all were lucky to have lived through that ordeal. But crashing in a helicoptor was the least of thier they had a horde out for thier bodies. Kate chambered another round in her shotgun, out of the group of four she was the only one with a weapon that wasn't a pistol. With out bringing the rifle up to her shoulder she fired and split a zombie in two, she chambered another shell, this time bringing her gun to her shoulder she hit a zombie in the head. "We need to move!" yelled one of the guys, he stood a few feet away with the female who looked to have several cuts on her body. "I second that motion!" she called back, before shooting another zombie.

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Dawn squeezed her eyes shut as Marcus shot the zombies in front of her. He helped her up, and she flashed a grateful smile. Her legs hurt like Hell. She nodded in agreement as Marcus shouted to the others that they should move. She slung her bag over her shoulder, and waited for Marcus to chose somewhere to go and she would follow. She definitely wasn't planning on leading.


Aaron kept up the radius around him, not letting any zombies touch him after that one clawed his hand. He knew it was bleeding a bit, and he also could feel that he had some cuts due to the crash, but nothing too bad. He heard the other guy say that they should move. "Agreed!" He yelled back after he heard one of the girls saying she that she seconded the motion. He shot another zombie, then starting backing up toward the others. He thought they should probably move toward the road, where abandoned cars were scattered everywhere. Maybe they could get one of them to start? He wasn't sure, but anything was better than staying where they were.