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Beauty is in everything, you just have to be observant.

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a character in “Legacy: Corruption”, as played by ChaosxChild13




"I am the spirit. The Earth's water is my blood, I feel every tremble, as one thing dies, and another rises.




The Spirit does not age, only the body that they reside in for the time being. For now, her physical self is 20 years old.



Faith does not think about sexuality much, but she doesn't mind being with either a male or female.

The Spirit

⌈Face Claim⌋
Emily Rudd



⌈Hair Color⌋
A dark, almost chocolate brown.

⌈Eye Color⌋
Faith's eye color is always changing, due to the Spirit being so in tune with the energies, and it's emotions, her eyes are always flickering through different cycles [mostly correlated to her emotions.] Blue normally means she's calm, or even sad, and green means she's excited, or even in deep thought. Black means she is enraged, livid, and angry.


118 pounds

⌈Physical Description⌋
Faith is small, and petite, normally her hair falls over her face, covering her eyes. She avoids making eye contact, for those who make eye contact could be sucked into her deep stare of a thousand years.

Inside My Mind



Faith doesn't believe in violence, she only believes in defense. She will never lash out without taking all sides of the situation into account.

Faith loves to be outdoors, under a tree reading a book. She feels alive outside, like her abilities are endless.

For being so spiritually awake, Faith is extremely intuitive towards people's emotions and what is going on around her.

"I believe those who say the least, and simply observe, learn the quickest." Faith enjoys observing, and getting to know her surroundings and those she spends time around.

Although she speaks in riddles, and cryptic messages, she means well. She just enjoys letting others figure things out for themselves. She will always lead you in the right direction if you ask her a question.

She loves to draw, write, read, sing and dance, anything that gets her energies flowing and keeps her creativity alive.

❖Journaling, writing
❖ Animals
❖ Long walks outside
❖ Being alone
❖ Herbal tea
❖ Alchemy: Creating certain natural remedies: ie: Pastes to protect skin, liquid to cleanse wounds, and deadly poisons.

❖ Negative Vibrations
❖ Liars: Being in tune with everyone, Faith can tell when someone is lying just by the flicker of their aura, this makes her extremely impatient and quite angered.
❖ Eating unhealthy foods
❖ Those with no respect for anyone, or anything
❖ Feeling anxious, or overwhelmed

My Abilities



Spiritual Sight
The ability to see, and speak, to spirits. Not only that, she has the ability to see auras. She also has the ability to pick out energies from a distance that might be on a person.

Astrial Projection:
User can separate their spirit from the bod by entering a trance, gaining access of travel on Astral Plane. Experienced individuals may control both presences, the Astral and Corporeal. May allow some users to more easily possess others, but may battle over conscious.
Weakness: She can only achieve this through meditation and concentration, if the concentration is broken she will slowly become in a "limbo" state, where she is spiritually away from her physical self and can not go back into her physical body.

Chi Manipulation:
The ability to manipulate the flow of one's metaphysical energy. Not only can she manipulate her own Chi, but she can also manipulate those around her if they do not have a heavy mental wall already put up.

There are 7 auras, each with their attributes and colors:

Muladhara (Red) - Deals with physical nature.
Swadhisthana (Orange) - Deals with emotion.
Manipura (Yellow) - Deals with self-energy and willpower.
Anahata (Green) - Deals with psychic healing.
Vishuddha (Blue) - Deals with intelligence.
Anja (Indigo) - Deals with mental communication.
Sahasrara (Violet) - Deals with awareness of illusions and obtaining a higher consciousness.

Weakness: Chi is often finite and can be used up quickly. Takes time to build up chi depending on the amount of physically concentrated masses of it.

  • ]Life-Force Ball Projection: Faith can shape her Chi into the shape of a glowing orb of energy that is capable of mass destruction to large areas.
  • Higher Consciousness: Being linked to one's consciousness, chi is able to allow one to be in their true mind.
  • Supernatural Condition: Channels one's chi within in order to push one's physical capabilities to superhuman levels.

Animal Communication:
The ability to bring animals to her side in combat, and simply speak with them in general.

⌈Natural Talents⌋

Alchemy: Faith is good with finding healthy natural resources to use for basic alchemy. This includes, making pastes to cover wounds, a certain type of poison, oil for healing, or whatever she might be able to find.

Cooking: Faith loves a good healthy balanced meal to get her energies revitalized.

Singing: Singing comes easy for Faith, normally she is humming old Irish hymns.

Journaling: The love to write spawns from her love to read books, obtaining knowledge and spreading creativity. She loves writing poetry, short stories, and one-liners.


Faith had a normal life until she turned sixteen and her soul became aware that she was not necessarily human. The Spirit had been living inside her, almost as if using Faith as a Vessel until her body were mature enough to handle and harness the power of the Spirit. Faith recalls many past lives on the daily, and has many Deja-Vu flashbacks, for the Spirit is remembering all the places it's been. Faith was in Ireland before the Spirit awoke inside of her, then she was drawn to Oklahoma.

So begins...

Faith's Story