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Legacy of the Dragon Soul



a part of Legacy of the Dragon Soul, by Oblivian.


Oblivian holds sovereignty over Elendia, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Elendia is a part of Legacy of the Dragon Soul.

11 Characters Here

Kyra [36] "If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that showed you tried."
Pristine [35] Light dragon wielder
Silvia GladeO'Rose [34] "Fernis...down boy. They're not for eating... Good boy. "
Shivir Nibelhiem [34] "A Knight, a King don't matter, everyone need breathe"
Yuzumi Kyuro [27] "I might just blow your mind."
Anise [24] "It's great to meet you, let me know if you ever need my help."
Sikes [22] "Sorry I can't, I sense to much negativity from you"
Kira Aqaia [19] "I don't friggin' care."
Kabal Pyragni [17] "This fire burns....always."
Nowaki [10] "Pretty, isn't it? ...Sometimes I wonder..."

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5 Characters Present

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Many events has been happening; their search for the pink haired woman turned out to be a failed and just ended up getting wet; Shivir finally registered them to the tournament, which made Yuzumi really excited; and now they're listening to the speech of the king, "Can this get any more boring?" Yuzumi thought as the king went on and on about something she didn't understand. Probably because she was daydreaming somewhere when the king started his speech.

She looked at the group and saw that they still need time to get comfortable with each other. Yuzumi mentally groaned at this, "Archery Team Tip #1: You and your team must be in terms with each other. A slight disagreement will be the death of all."

Her pink eyes turned back to the king which made her want to blow him off the stage and get this tournament thing started already. She started to get comfortable in her seat and soon she fell asleep after listening to a few blah blah of the king.