Helen Jode

Stubborn, witty, sarcastic, joyful, dark, and mysterious. She has random mood swings and enjoys the most random things in life. She also is a people pleaser, and hates to see others in pain, unless they deserved it.

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Character Sheet

Name: Helen Jode

Age: 90

Gender: Female

Race: Tree Elf

Appearance: She stands at 6'. Her hair is a light red which makes her stand out from the others and it is always straight, her eyes a dark green and she has freckles on her cheeks. Her body is quite slender than most of the people she's met.

Personality: Nice, kind, sarcastic, rude, helpful, she can get mean sometimes, but not always. She's independent and does things on her own. She hates it when people ask her if she needs any help. She hunts for her own food instead of buying them from the market. She may come off a bit flirty, but she only does that to take advantage of people. She's very hard on herself when she doesn't do things correctly. She can come off a bit intimidating, but that's only to find the humans that killed her parents.

Fears: Unlike others, she doesn't fear death. She's afraid of water and Orcs. She doesn't hate the Orcs, but their looks are quite intimidating. She tries to avoid swimming as much as possible because being in deep waters makes her sick.

Goals: To find the humans that killed her parents and to kill any human that runs into her path.

Backstory(At least one paragraph)
Helen Jode is 19 and an elf. She lost her parents at the age of 5 in a fire and a complete stranger took her in and took care of her. When she turned 18, she decided to go and adventure. Helen is a hunter and her prime weapon is a bow and arrow. She treasures both of them very much and she's very skilled with them. Since she started adventuring, she doesn't have a home and all she does is travel home to home. Someone comes to her about her parents death say that it wasn't an accident, she goes out to hunt the people (humans) that killed her parents.
OOC Info
I do any types of role play and I'm trying to work on my writing skills.
How many years have you been roleplaying?
I just started role playing, so maybe about a week?
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